Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor

For expectant moms and dads who want to bond with their unborn baby, that is possible. Fetal Dopplers are designed to help you achieve just what you want. If you are still undecided as to what fetal Doppler you should get, we suggest that you consider Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor.

What is Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor is a personal sound amplification device that is designed to allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat while he or she is still in the womb. Aside from hearing your unborn’s heartbeat, this device also enables you to hear your baby’s kicks and hiccups.

This baby heartbeat monitor promotes an intimate bonding for mom and dad with their unborn child. It includes two sets of earbuds, so mom can share the moment with her husband or with another family member who are as enthusiastic as her in welcoming the new addition to the family.

Aside from sharing the earbuds so others can feel the life inside you, you can plug the other earbuds into a computer and record the sounds and share it with others via social media. You can also keep it, so you can listen to it later when your baby is older. The sound is a timeless keepsake that will always make you smile when you listen to it.

Aside from this, Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor includes a digital download of Personalized Lullaby Music for your little angel. This sweet music will help your baby relax and calm down.

Benefits of Using Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor

2_grandeA fetal Doppler or baby heartbeat monitor is a very important and useful tool for pregnant moms. Thus, it is necessary to choose wisely when you plan to get one because some devices are packed with powerful features while others lack it. Here are some benefits that you will enjoy when you get a Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor.

Reliable And Efficient – The fetal Doppler does what it is expected to do. It allows expectant parents to listen to their unborn baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups.

Safe – Womb Music fetal doppler is very safe for home use. This device is FDA and CE certified. In addition, it does not use radiation to monitor the baby’s movements or heartbeat, only sound waves. This baby heartbeat monitor is safe and non-invasive. Thus, you do not need to worry when using this.

Allows you to record and share the sound – Womb Music allows you to record the sound into your computer so you can listen to it with your baby when she or he is older. You can also share the recorded sounds to your family, friends or relatives wherever they are via social media.

Extra – Womb Music Baby Heartbeat Monitor includes a personalized digital download of personalized lullaby music. It has your child’s name on all the songs. This item is worth $20 value that you will only get free when you purchase this fetal Doppler.

Recommendation – Womb Music monitor is recommended after the 16th week of pregnancy. A baby’s heartbeat monitor is detectable between 8 and 16 weeks but only in ideal conditions. However, as your baby grows, it will be easier for you to find his or her heartbeat. That is why some mom can hear their baby’s heartbeat at 8 weeks, while others only hear it in the 12th week or after the 16th week. It is also recommended that you use prenatal gel to reduce the static caused by moving the probe or monitor around your belly.


Customers who purchased Womb Music for their pregnancy or as a gift to someone is expecting is very impressed with its quality and performance. They are very happy that they get this brand because it works perfectly. Here are some reviews from verified customers.

“I almost never write reviews.. However in this case I thought I NEEDED to. This little gadget is amazing!! I bought some gel to use with it, and at only 10 weeks pregnant found the baby’s heartbeat loud and clear after only about 3 minutes searching. The dual headset addition is amazing.. My husband and I are able to listen to our baby’s heart beat together.. And I can also share those moments with family who want to listen too. I am SO glad I decided to buy this!!!” Jessica Phillips wrote about her Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor experience.

“Took less than 5 minutes to find the heartbeat at 11 weeks! I’ve been so worried lately and the peace of mind this product provides is worth every penny! I was even able to record the heartbeat and share with my family within minutes, it was a very simple process and I’m so glad I took and chance and purchased this item!” one Amazon Customer wrote.

Overall, Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor is a great find. It produces clear sounds and comes in a compact and easy design, which makes it very portable.

Ratings: 4.6/5


For parents who wanted to get a fetal Doppler to bond with their unborn child, this device is for you. Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor is equipped with powerful features that make it reliable and efficient. If you need a baby heartbeat monitor, you can never go wrong with Womb Music. Get this device here.