How To Use White Noise For Your Baby | 5 Best White Noise Machine

If there was anything at all by any chance that would help parents put their babies to sleep quickly, it would have sold out immediately.

Well, what if there was something that could help your baby get some shut-eye without too much hassle? Would you be willing to pay the price to get your hands on such?

White noise machines can help your baby sleep using sounds that are calm, soothing, and made to put your little one to sleep easier at night. A white noise/sound machine could have lullabies, nature sounds, or even sounds like that of the environment of the womb.

Newborns may not need a sound machine since they sleep easily and do not even need any form of sleep training. Parents could use white noise on babies past the newborn stage, but what white noise sounds are most effective for putting your baby asleep?

Having spoken to parents, played with a few white noise machines, and done my research, here are the best white noise sounds for putting your baby to sleep.

Keep reading till the end to see some commonly asked questions by parents and guardians who want to explore using a sound machine.

What Is White Noise And How Does A Sound Machine Work?

The simple definition of white noise when it comes to babies is any type of noise that can mute out the noise in the baby’s immediate environment. White noise helps remind the baby of the conditions in the mother’s womb.

The baby is not yet used to the world outside the womb and may find it hard to adapt easily. Sleep may also be affected, hence the use of, machines that can create sounds that mimic the mother’s womb.

Baby camera monitors like the VTech VM-350 baby monitor offer cool features along with a selection of lullabies which are also a form of white noise.

Below are the pros and cons of using white noise as a way to put your baby to sleep:

Benefits of White Noise

1. White noise makes sleep better for babies:

While this is the most obvious reason, it is also the most important reason for getting a sound machine. If your baby falls asleep in an environment that is somewhat noisy outside of naptime, chances are that he or she would get accustomed to white noise easily.

2. White noise blocks out immediate noise

If you stay in a busy neighborhood or have your place located close to a busy road, white noise would help make naptime easier. For families who may have twins, a white noise machine could help block out the cry of one child while the other falls asleep with less disturbance.

Risks of White Noise

1. Possibility of hearing and developmental problems

There is no need to panic, as the problems talked about here only occur when the white noise machine has volume settings louder than what the baby’s ears can tolerate.

Pediatricians advise parents to place the white noise machines 200 cm away from the baby’s crib and have the volume settings lower than the maximum. That way, the sounds come across as more soothing and calming.

2. The baby could become reliant on white noise

Just the way we can become hooked on a certain substance, babies can also get hooked to white noise machines and the different sounds they produce. The absence of white noises (sleep sounds) like the sound of rain and lullabies could have your baby unable to fall asleep if such sounds are absent.

However, you can wean your child, off these sleeping sounds gradually. That is discussed further in the article.

What Noises Help A Baby Sleep?

When it comes to putting a baby to sleep, you could use white noise or pink noise. White noise is more common and even ships among the features in many baby monitors today.

After reading one of your favorite bedtime stories to your child, turn on the white noise machine at a volume lower than the maximum setting and leave your baby to sleep.

Here are some of the best white noises for making your baby fall asleep;

1. Heartbeat sounds: The sound of a heartbeat is one sound the baby was constantly exposed to while in the womb. A sound machine may have a track that plays what resembles a heartbeat in a loop for the duration of the night.

2. Lullabies: Lullabies are usually sung after reading bedtime stories to your little one. Most WiFi baby monitors that sell today have in-built lullabies that parents can play using the baby monitor app on their phone.

3. Abstract sounds: Such sounds could include the sound of a hairdryer, running water, and singing birds. There are numerous apps and videos that one can download for a continuous loop of these sounds.

Is A White Noise Machine A Must For A Baby?

Yes, it is a must if you want to help your baby transition faster from crying to sleeping better at night. Newborns may not really need a sound machine too much, but once you notice sleeping might be becoming a headache, it is time to get that machine.

Any e-commerce site like Amazon and Buybuybaby would have these products. You could also add a sound machine to your baby registry, as it would soon come in handy.

How Do I Introduce White Noise To My Baby?

Allowing your baby to adapt to something new is no small matter, least especially something that could affect sleep. For parents looking to introduce these sounds that aid babies in falling asleep faster, here is how you can go about it;

1. Select sound machines that have are low-pitched in nature but produce a steady sound.
2. Start from the lowest volume going up.
3. The level of your white noise machine should not be louder than your baby’s cries.
4. Let the white noise machine be situated next to the crib or hanging over the crib , but never inside the crib.
5. Experiment with the sounds to see which is better and works best for your child. Different babies have what excites each of them and help them sleep faster.

What Noise Is Best For Your Baby’s Sleep?

White noise is not the only noise used to make babies fall asleep, but it sure is the most popular of the bunch.

Aside from white noise, there is black noise, brown noise, pink noise, and many others which could be a bit tricky to explain.

The most preferred noise for putting your baby to sleep would be white noise, although some sleep experts tout pink noise as a better option.

Pink noise is said to be more gentle and calming with examples being falling rain, rustling leaves, and wind.

Pink noise and white noise are your best choices, as there are sound machines that play white noise sounds. There are also apps for streaming services that have curated playlists of pink and white noise to make your baby fall asleep deeper and faster.

Whichever you pick for your baby at the end of the day, make sure you keep the volume below the maximum volume. Pink noise and white noise are your best bet.

Type of NoiseExampleGood for putting baby to sleep
White noiseWhirring fanYes
Pink noiseRain fallingYes and even better than white noise
Brown noiseWaves crashing on the beachEqually as good as white noise
Black noiseComplete silenceNo research yet to show.

Is White Noise Recommended For Babies?

White noise is recommended for the purpose of putting your babies to sleep easily. While sleep aids can help block out noise, especially in the home, parents should adhere to the medical advice that comes with using a sound machine.

The American Academy of Pediatricians examined fourteen white noise machines made for babies. Studies found that all the white noise machines tested surpassed the approved noise limits of 50 decibels.

The dangers of sound machines going about their volume and distance limit could cause hearing damages for your baby. The recommended volume for a white noise machine is 50dB, and 200 cm away from the baby’s crib.

Anything exceeding those parameters makes white noise potentially harmful.

Are White Noise Machines Bad For Your Baby?

White noise machines are not bad for your baby. As long as pediatricians are concerned, white noise machines are a great way to put your baby to sleep.

However, prolonged usage could make your baby dependent on white noise.

As stated, the most important rule is the two D’s; distance and decibel. Once you can work with this set of parameters as stated in the previous subheading, there is no cause for worry.

When Should You Start Using White Noise For Babies?

Use white noise if you notice your baby is experiencing difficulties in sleeping.

There is a condition called baby colic where the baby keeps crying despite numerous efforts to soothe and calm the child.

A white noise machine may help with better sleep.

When Should You Stop Using White Noise For Babies?

There is no “best” time to stop using white noise for children, as no two children are the same.

However, as the child gets older and becomes more aware of his or her surrounding, you might want to start weaning them off the sound machine.

Parents would want to start weaning their wards off white noise machines anywhere between twelve to eighteen months of age.

Is White Noise Or Pink Noise Better For Babies?

Pink noise is simply white noise with the higher frequencies reduced. Pink noise is said to resemble the sound of the wind, and some pediatricians tend to recommend pink noise over white noise.

Pink noise is better for putting your little one to sleep, as pink noise is more soothing and less disturbing to your child’s sensitive ears.

Pink noise could also help your baby achieve a longer and deeper sleep than they normally would with white noise.

To add to that, some studies on pink noise show that regular sleeping with pink noise can aid both short and long-term memory of your baby.

This is not to completely write off white noise, but in a stand-off of which is better, pink noise is the better option.

Should You Keep White Noise On All Night For Babies?

White noise should not be kept on all night when it comes to babies. White noise should not even be kept on all night for adults who decide to use it also.

Whether you decide to use nature sounds, rain, or ocean waves, do not keep the device on all night. Once your child falls asleep, switch the sound machine off.

Do Babies Become Dependent On White Noise?

Some babies may become dependent on white noise to sleep and may find it difficult to even have a nap without the white noise machines turned on.

In fact, there are some babies who could become so dependent on white noise, that silence wakes them up.

To reduce dependency on white noise machines, parents should not use these machines all day long.

Let the baby get used to some of the noises in their immediate environments like the barking of the neighbor’s dog, and car horns.

How Long Should You Play White Noise For Babies?

Play white noise only to calm your baby down during naptime and bedtime. Do not play white noise throughout the day, as this could make your baby dependent on it.

If you decide to have the sound machine running in the background, turn the volume really low.

How Do I Wean My Baby Off White Noise?

Some babies may become dependent on white noise, but there is no cause for alarm.

To wean your baby off white noise, gradually turn the volume down after naptime or bedtime.

Do this when the baby is deep in sleep, usually 20 to 30 minutes into sleep should be deep enough to turn down the volume of the white noise machine.

Do this continuously for two to three days or more until your baby can sleep well without the sound machine next to the baby cot.

Can White Noise Hurt Your Baby’s Hearing?

White noise may hurt your baby if you do not use the sound machine in accordance with medical advice offered by pediatricians. Using the sound machine otherwise may be detrimental to your baby’s hearing.

The American Academy of Pediatricians recommends that a white noise machine should be placed at least 200 centimeters away from the baby’s place of rest. The volume should ALWAYS be turned below the maximum volume on the white noise machine.

5 Best White Noise Machines For Your Baby

Having explained all there is to know about white noise, pink noise, examples, and how to use pink noise in line with medical advice, here are our top five sound machines;

1. Sweet Dreamers, Ewan the Dream Sheep, White Noise Machine

This white noise machine boasts a rich selection of sounds ranging from the mother’s womb, a heartbeat sound, to a vacuum cleaner and rainfall sounds.

Super cute and cuddly to amuse your baby, you get a plush nightlight with a pink glow that simulates the environment of the womb. This nightlight has a twenty-minute timer so you do not have to step out of bed to deactivate the timer.

  • Sounds are volume adjustable
  • Great options for pink and white noise sounds.
  • Pink nightlight glow and twenty minute shut off timer is great.
  • Not portable

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2. Dreamegg White Noise Machine, D11 Portable Sound Machine with Night Light for Baby

Combining a noise blocker, a night light and a sound machine into one product is no easy feat. The Dreamegg sound machine ships with customizable brightness, timer, and volume levels.

The sounds include ocean sounds, vacuum cleaner, cricket and fan sounds. This device is cordless, guaranteeing you of portability when you need it.

  • 11 soothing sounds and 32 volume levels
  • Adjustable night light to make feeding easier at midnight.
  • Child-lock friendly, portable and rechargeable.
  • None

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3. HoMedics Deep Sleep Mini Sound Machine – White Noise Sleeping Aid

Sounds that soothe your baby to sleep, coupled with portability and meditation even for adults sounds like a steal. Select from brown, pink, white noise, and nature sounds to aid your baby in transition to sleep.

  • Long battery life and a rich variety of sounds.
  • 30, 60, and 90 minute built-in timer.
  • None

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4. Easysleep Sound White Noise Machine with 25 Soothing Sounds and Night Lights

With 25 soothing sounds to select from, a range of volume levels and timing options, this sound machine is number four on our list. The compact design makes this one of the best choices for portability, and can be powered via USB or AC.

  • Over 25 non-looping sounds like waves, bonfire, train, piano and lullabies.
  • 32 volume levels with auto shut-off timer of 60, 120, 180, 240 minutes.
  • Highly portable with memory function to remember your personal settings tailored best to your baby.
  • None

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5. Yogasleep Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

If the automatic shut-off options have never appealed to you as a parent, then this is the sound machine to get. Parents have come to accept the high-quality acoustic sound, though this product is a bit on the bulky side.

  • Option to choose tone/sound.
  • Fan-like sound that plays consistently through the night.
  • Lack of songs

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Sleep is vital for babies, but making your baby sleep deeper and faster should no longer be a thing of worry for parents.

There are numerous sound machines like the HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine in the market to provide you with relaxing and soothing sounds on the go for better sleep during the night.

Ensure you have the sound machine settings on a low volume where you can still hear your baby’s cry. Adhere to the recommended distance of 200 cm away from your baby and do not play the machine continuously overnight.

Lastly, experiment with different sounds to discover what excites your baby and puts them to sleep fastest. Be it nature sounds like leaves rustling, ocean sounds, find the type and pitch that works best for you. Remember, no two babies are the same.