Where To Place A Baby Monitor For Your Baby’s Safety?

where to place a baby monitor As per the U.S. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), since 2002, 7 deaths and 3 near-suffocations have been reported from the cords of baby monitors.

This’s why it’s suggested to not set the baby monitor on the baby’s crib. Never do that unless it is a cordless baby monitor.

In case you do not have the choice of having a wireless baby monitor, then ensure that your baby monitor is placed at least 3 ft away from your baby and the monitor’s cords are thoroughly secured as well as out of your baby’s reach.

A great choice is to tie the cords of the monitor to the wall as well as cover them with a cord cover available on the market. In case you can’t do it, then do not buy corded monitors — the fewer cords, the better and safer for your kid.

However, there has even been belief on digital baby monitors that get connected to Wi-Fi, emitting harmful EMF (electromagnetic frequency) radiation near your infant.

As per the WHO, there has not been any clear evidence that wireless devices cause damaging health effects, so such monitors should be good as long as you’re keeping them at a secure distance.

The guidelines stay the same whether you have a inexpensive budget baby monitor or a high-end wireless baby monitor. The best place to set up the baby monitor for you is a place that offers the best angle and view of your baby and is also safe for them.

So, let’s now find out where to place a baby monitor safely to reduce the harmful impact of the device on the baby.


How Close Should The Baby Monitor Be?

where to place a baby monitor

The essential thing to do is ensure the baby monitor is placed at least 3 ft away from your baby’s crib, play area, or bed.

Install your baby monitor as far away as possible, and tie the cord properly so your baby can’t pull it to play with it.

Moreover, ensure it exactly isn’t over the baby’s crib or anywhere over the kid’s head. And never place a baby monitor inside your baby’s crib no matter whether it is a corded one or a wireless one.

This is because baby monitors radiate signals, as well as those signals, could be dangerous to your infant. Specialists are still assessing the threat of exposure to electronic devices for infants and the impact on their brain development.

Baby Monitor Placement: Differences Between Newborn And Toddlers

where to place a baby monitor

Your baby’s age plays a vital role in where you should place a monitor. Newborns are less likely to play with the gadget.

Alternatively, an inquisitive toddler will wish to check what it’s.

Keeping the baby monitor higher on a top shelf or the wall stops curious toddlers from playing with it. The height is not an issue with newborns, the most important aspect is your viewing angle.

As soon as you’re placing a monitor for an infant, a vertical angle typically offers you the most suitable vantage point.

Once your toddler can stand, you can lower the angle of the camera a bit. You will be capable of seeing if your kid is awake and whether they’re getting into any misdeed or not.

For a newborn baby, it is most useful to have the monitor placed in a vertical place near their crib to offer you an adequate view of the baby sleeping.

For Toddlers, a little lower angle of the camera will be most useful so you can better see your toddler once they’re awake. It’ll even be better in case your toddler tends to play alone in the bedroom.

Things to Consider While Placing Baby Monitors

where to place a baby monitor

Along with setting the baby monitor at the accurate angle for the camera and microphone, you even wish to think about the baby’s health & safety.

Electromagnetic radiation and electrical cords are possible threats you want to prevent.

So, here are the things you need to consider while placing the baby monitor in your baby’s room.

Health & Safety

Baby monitors can be small, smart-looking gadgets, but they release a small amount of EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

Study shows baby monitor cameras placed less than 3 ft away or closer to the baby may emit the same electromagnetic radiation level as a cell phone tower as soon as you’re standing 500ft away.

And, another safety consideration is the cord of the monitor. Not all baby monitors are cordless, and in case yours features a cord, it’s a possible safety threat. Additionally, in case the wire is too close to the baby, there’s a chance of strangulation or choking.

Microphone & Camera Angles

where to place a baby monitor

Most modern baby monitor units feature cameras, with classic microphones.

Here, the camera offers you an extra sense of ease, but only the minute it’s angled properly.

You need to place the monitor where it has an unrestricted view of the baby.

Baby monitor units are also different from viewing angles. A few deliver a more exhaustive view than other units. Keep o changing the position of the camera until you’ve got a vivid view of the place you wish to monitor.

In case your monitor features remote viewing processes such as zoom, pan, and tilt. It is a little more straightforward to fine-tune the camera’s viewing angle.

Baby monitor units without these operations need to be adjusted manually. It takes some time, but it is essential in case you wish to monitor your baby sleeping continuously.

NOTE: A good tip to remember. You should place the baby monitor higher for infants as well as lower for toddlers. It’ll offer you the finest view of your children throughout their growing stages.

Where To Place A Baby Monitor 

You’ve got only a few choices when you’re searching for the best place to fix your baby monitor.

In case the baby monitor is wired, you need to set it close to an electric-powered outlet but also far away enough that the baby can’t grab those messy cords.

Mounting A Baby Monitor On The Wall

where to place a baby monitorWhere to place the smart baby camera? The baby monitor wall mount is the best location.

It provides the camera a wide range of coverage of the baby’s bedroom as well as is high enough that your kid can’t reach the camera or cord.

Just ensure you clip the cable to the wall. This is generally best for baby monitor units that have a small pan, zoom and tilt feature.

It may even be a required installation for the latest generation of intelligent monitors that follow your kid through the night.

You can easily mount your baby monitor camera on the wall using these 5 easy steps.

1. Test the audio & camera angle

Even before you try to mount your video baby monitor in your baby’s room, ask someone holding it in the spot you prefer to set the monitor.

It allows you to make sure that you’ve got a vivid sight of your infant, and the device’s microphone picks up every noise in the room.

2. Mark the place where the screws will go

Mark a small “x” or dot sign on the wall where you are planning to drill holes to put the screws and set the monitor.

3. Drill holes

Carefully drill little holes in your wall for the screws. Try to drill and make a hole exactly in the middle of the marks to make sure the device is level in the wall.

4. Screw the base

A few Monitors that permit wall mounting features, that even come with bases. So, you need to screw the base of the device into the wall even before you attach the monitor unit.

5. Connect the unit to the base

Maximum bases come with a clip or other kind of locking tool that securely hooks the monitor to that base.

Installing The Baby Monitor On A Shelf

where to place a baby monitor

It will depend on the fact where your shelf is placed, and whether or not you are getting a clear view of your baby’s crib.

The shelf can be a secure place to install your baby monitor as well as it is convenient too.

The monitor is not permanently mounted, thus, you can move the monitor around as required.

Most parents have only one baby monitor, particularly in case the camera comes with remote choices.

These baby monitors are costly, however, only one monitor will be adequate thus, such monitors are cost-effective. As soon as it is sitting on your baby’s room’s shelf, you can effortlessly take it with you wherever you visit.

You need to place the baby monitor at least 3 ft away from your baby’s crib for security and examine if any wires and cords are hanging outside or not. If you notice cords or wires hanging loosely, make sure to cover them or hide them as soon as possible.

Using A Dresser Or A Changing Table

where to place a baby monitor

A dresser or a changing table is one more safe option.

Maximum dressers are sufficiently tall to provide you with a clear sight of the baby’s crib. And same goes with the changing table as well.

Using a dresser to fit your baby monitor, you can place the device for a view via the bars. Some monitor models have extensions that allow you to angle the unit above the baby’s crib.

In case you choose to use your changing table, be cautious where you set the device. Placing it very close to the diaper pad often makes it effortless for your kid to knock that unit down onto the ground.

Baby monitor units are long-lasting, but they aren’t designed for regular falls. You even do not want your kid to be capable of reaching any wires and cords.

Can I Mount The Baby Monitor On The Crib?

where to place a baby monitorMost parents decide to install the baby monitor on the crib. Especially when it is their first baby monitor.

Most babyproofing specialists will advise you not to set a baby monitor in a crib for safety precautions.

It may go wrong in your baby’s nursery if even a small mistake is taken place.

First, it will be easier for your baby to reach the monitor as well as its cords or wires. That is extremely dangerous for your baby. Due to this, your baby may try to play with the monitor cord and end up inviting bigger danger.

Second, most babies start playing with anything that comes into their hands. So, you need to make sure that the monitor is not near your baby so that your little one never gets the chance of playing with devices like this one. And if you do so for a little time, you should then use a baby monitor clip or you can use a stand.

Finally, maximum baby monitors emit radiations. Just like other electronic devices in your house. It’s expected. But, it isn’t recommended to allow your kid to sleep beside such radiation.

Experts do not know what it is doing to their developing brain. Thus, it is better not to fit a baby monitor on your baby’s crib.

When setting a baby unit to the baby’s crib, there are several precautions you should take. It is possible to mount the baby monitor to a crib safely but not at all recommended for your baby’s health safety.

Where Not To Place A Baby Monitor 

where not to place a baby monitorThere’re some places you should not place your baby monitor.  We have already discussed that the monitor should not be within 3 meters of your baby.

Moreover, the monitor, cords/wires should not be within the baby’s reach. So, here are the two places you should never set your baby monitor.


Do not attach the baby monitor unit to a bassinet. It is an uneven surface as well as too close to the baby.

Unstable Surfaces

Avoid installing the baby monitor on an unstable surface. A baby video monitor is durable but these can’t handle frequent falls. But when you put them or place them on an unstable surface, they are likely to fall.

FAQ Where Do You Place The Baby Monitor

Following are common questions on where to position your baby monitor

Where Should You Hang A Baby Monitor?

where to place a baby monitor

The best place to set a baby monitor is the wall mounting system.

You can wall-mount the camera remotely in a corner near the baby room’s ceiling: this is a more basic mounting system.

Do not forget to check the baby monitor angle.

How Far Should The Monitor Be From The Crib?

Baby monitor units, in particular, radio video monitors need to be set at least 6 ft or 1.8 m away from the baby.

This is the minimum security distance advised to limit electromagnetic radiation exposure. And see your baby sleeping peacefully.

Where To Put The Baby Monitor Cameras?

While installing the baby monitor camera you must confirm that it offers a vivid picture of your baby. The perfect distance is 6 ft or 1.8 m away from your baby.

How To Hide The Baby Monitor Cord?

To hide baby monitor cords or wires, you either need to buy a cord cover or simply fold curl the cord and tie them neatly.

Bottom Line

Smart video baby monitors help you see your infant even if you’re not near your baby. It’s a great gadget to have, however, you need to think cautiously about where the device should be placed.

If you fail to place the baby monitor in the right place, then it will bring more hazards than helping you out. So, be careful and think about your baby’s safety first and set a baby monitor accordingly.



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