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VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor prides itself with its audio quality, digital signal, and superior features.

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VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor boasts of its top-of-the-line audio quality, digital signal, and superior features. Unfortunately, just like Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor SCD510/00 this baby monitor lacks the video feature. However, for parents who want the simple and basic functionalities of a baby monitor, this device fits their needs perfectly.

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Excellent Sound

IMG Source: amazon.com
IMG Source: amazon.com

This monitor eliminates echoes and any forms of background noise. It is relatively free from interference.With this device, you can listen in as your baby sleeps without interruptions.This gives you peace of mind as it assures the security of your little one.

The device produces a hollow sound at normal volume. Meanwhile, higher pitches cause distortions. The trick to enjoying the best audio quality is to lower the volume.


IMG Source: amazon.com
IMG Source: amazon.com

This device uses the DECT 6.0 Digital Technology that guarantees clear and seamless transmission. It also transmits a secure encrypted signal, which is one of its strongest suits. Most baby monitor reviews tackle the range and clarity of the sound, but they often time overlooked security, which is an essential factor to consider in digital communications. Security at its finest paired with excellent sound quality makes VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor stands out from other audio baby monitors.

Talk-back Intercom

There’s nothing more reassuring for parents than to soothe their crying babies and ease their discomfort when the need arise. The talk-back intercom feature allows you to sing a lullaby, or talk to your baby in your calm, soothing voice to ease him back into dreamland even if you are in another room.

Most audio and video baby monitors in the market already offer this feature, so this is nothing new. But, V-Tech offers excellent sound quality, which brought the talk-back intercom feature to a whole new level.

Vibration Sound Alert

Experience convenience with the vibrate alert feature of the Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor. Instead of creating a startling crackle whenever your baby makes any unnecessary sound, the device will alert you with gentle vibrations.

This, again, is not an all-new feature but has become one of the reasons a lot of parents favor this audio baby monitor over others.

Operating Range

The common denominator in audio-dedicated baby monitors is perhaps the focus on its core functionalities. It has no video or accessories and does not need a Wi-Fi signal but offers the basic features that every parent needs in a baby monitor.

That being said, the operating range of Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor reaches up to 1,000 feet. So, you can monitor your baby and be somewhere else in the house at the same time. The device is lightweight and extremely portable so you can carry it around easily and comfortably.


vtech baby monitor
IMG Source: amazon.com

Another great feature that Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor offers to its customers is its affordability. Not everyone is prepared to take out a wad of cash when purchasing devices such as this. Not going beyond $40 for baby monitors might sound like a bad idea, but with the Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor it’s possible to combine quality and affordability plus extra.

With the extra features you get from this device on top of its core functionalities, it’s definitely a good buy. Not an investment in its regard, but a great way to spend less for more.

Other Features

The Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor may be basic, but it does every task expected of a baby monitor. Here are some of the features listed for the device:

1. 5-Level Volume Indicator – The parent units show graphic bars to monitor the status of the sound and noise in your child’s bedroom. This feature is especially useful if you feel the need to place the baby monitor on mute and still monitor your child.

2. Night Light – Provides calming light in the background when your baby wakes up. Unfortunately, the night light has to be switched on before you leave the room as it does not have the auto feature.

3. Backlit Display (Parent Unit) – You can still see the graphic bar indications on your screen even in the dark.

4. Adjustable Mic Sensitivity – Only pick up sounds that reach a certain decibel (set manually.) It may be adjusted depending on how loud your baby cries.

5. Out of Range Alert – Get alerts when you’ve reached or if you’re reaching a blind spot. In this way, you’ll never lose any minute in monitoring your baby’s safety.

6. Battery Life: 18 hours – One full charge can leave the device active for about 18 hours, which saves you time and energy in charging from time to time. You can easily monitor your battery level on the screen of your parent unit.


VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor has received impressive reviews from its customers, who are very satisfied with its excellent audio quality and performance. Not to mention the value they get for an affordable buy. Most of the audio and video baby monitors produce intermittent signals and noise issues,but Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor has successfully resolved these problems. In addition, having two parent units made it more convenient for both parents to monitor their child.

Eternal Howl, a verified VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor buyer adores the talk-back feature that calms and soothes her baby from any room, and the range of operation that makes it more convenient to use for any parent. Meanwhile,J. Fehr, another verified buyer is impressed with the monitor’s capabilities, describing it as a “well thought-out engineering.”

Rating: 4.4/5

VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Monitor offers you the basic functionalities of an audio baby monitor with extra security features. It is affordable, efficient and flexible. So, if you want a reliable baby monitor that won’t rip-off your budget,this device is for you.

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