Vava Baby Monitor Review

VAVA baby monitor reviewWhether you’re now pregnant and looking for safety measures for your upcoming baby or you’re trying to upgrade the baby monitor, the Vava video baby monitor unit is a worthy consideration for you.

Vava isn’t a famous name but when it comes to their baby monitor models, it’s certainly gaining popularity as well as is confirming to be a fair value for your hard-earned money.

The Vava baby monitors are attractive-looking that highlighting that this’s a high-quality gadget to trust on. The minute you open the box, you will get all the components to set up the baby monitor unit. Moreover, they provide a manual guide to instruct you exactly how to set up and install a Vava baby monitor in your baby’s room.

The monitor of the model is extremely sleek as well as it takes on a contemporary innovation. For a few people, the monitor’s design isn’t vital but, for some other people, a slimline structure that looks pleasing in the house is more desirable than an ugly looking one.

Setting the VAVA baby monitor is quite easy as we have mentioned earlier. For this, all you need to do is to just take both the camera and the monitor out of the box as well as plug both of them in the place where you prefer them.

Try to place the camera at an angle from where you can get a vivid sight of your baby). Both the camera and the monitor will pair automatically once you turn them ON so you do not need to spend time connecting them manually.

You can easily stand this VAVA monitor utilizing a kickstand for the comfort of use. The contemporary design makes a piece of extremely user-friendly equipment with readily accessible self-explanatory buttons.

Here, we have tested and reviewed the new video baby monitors from Vava, focusing on their ease of use, reliability, and safety. So, let’s have a look at the VAVA baby monitor review below…


What Is A Vava Baby Monitor For?

VAVA baby monitor review

A Vava Baby Monitor unit is a wireless, small gadget that you need to set in your baby’s room to monitor every action of your baby when you are not with your baby. This device also sends you real-time alerts in case there is any unusual noise or movement in your baby’s room.

This unit’s monitor even comes with a built-in microphone that helps you to hear what the baby is up to even during the time you are not being around the baby.

This Vava Baby Monitor is ideal for keeping the babies safe & sound, as well as will help to keep track of your baby’s every movement.

How to Use A Vava Baby Monitor?

VAVA baby monitor review

The Baby Monitor from Vava is extremely comfortable to operate.

The monitor comes with a plush, soft fabric that is comfy to hold as well as easy to modify. The monitor is even a snug fit to ensure your baby stays safe & sound.

To operate the Vava Baby Monitor, first, you’ll need to set it on a steady flat surface.

As soon as you plug the device in, the VAVA baby monitor will be turned on as well as allow you to select your preferred language, enter the parental password, etc. Then you’ll get to see live video of the baby from anywhere.

Here are a few simple steps that will help you set and use the VAVA baby monitor in your baby’s room safely…

  • Place this Baby Monitor from VAVA on a steady and flat surface in your baby’s room
  • Plug the Baby Monitor in and then wait for the monitor to power on
  • Now select your preferred language as well as enter the parental password.
  • Finally, see the live video of the baby

The Baby Monitor from VAVA is a wonderful way to keep the babies safe & sound. This monitor comes with a range of around 300 ft, so you are sure to hear any disturbance or noise that may be occurring in the area of your child.

Getting Started With VAVA Video Baby Monitors

VAVA baby monitor review

As per the manufacturer, this VAVA video baby monitor unit comes with high-quality monitoring technology for babies that offers parents complete peace of mind as well as an ideal user experience.

You can calm your kids by communicating with them without even entering their room using the intercom process. The in-built thermostat of the monitor shows the temperature of the baby’s room.

Moreover, installing the VAVA baby camera is extremely easy that even an adolescent can install the camera. You can simply place the camera on a shelf in your kid’s room or you can use an adjustable tripod to find the proper angle. That’s all!

You can even get an additional wide-angle camera lens in case you want, although the default camera lens is pretty enough to keep an eye on your baby’s crib.

However, the wide-angle camera lens is useful in case you wish to have a second camera to monitor the whole room though. The additional lens cost only a few dollars.

Whatsoever, here is how you can get started with the VAVA baby monitor to monitor your baby…

Charging And Powering The VAVA Baby Monitor

At first, connect the adapter of the monitor to a power outlet and the monitor.

Unplug the device as soon as the power indicator turns off, this indicates a full charge.

Now press the device’s Power button to power ON the monitor (As soon as the monitor is turned ON the power indicator will display a green light)

Powering The Camera Of the VAVA Baby Monitor

Connect the unit’s camera to the power source using the Micro-USB cable as well as the camera adapter.

Now slide the Power Switch on the camera to power it ON. Ensure the power indicator is showing green light.

Don’t place the camera & power cord within your baby’s reach.

Only utilize the power adapters given in the box.

Pairing the Monitor And the Camera

As soon as you switch on the monitor & camera, both of them will pair automatically.

However, to add further cameras, you need to press the “Pair” button (find at the camera’s bottom part), press the “Menu” button, and thus, the monitor will pair automatically with the camera of this unit.

Placing the Cameras

Place the cameras 1.5 to 2 meters or 4.9 to 6.6 feet away from the baby for safety reasons and also for a more acceptable view as soon as the device is in night vision mode at night.

Wall Mounting Cameras

Decide the place to mount this camera (make sure to select a place that is beyond your kid’s reach)

Then insert the screws (not included in the box) to install on a wall

Wide-Angle Camera Lens (Not Necessary)

The aluminum camera lens hood has been given during the manufacturing of the camera


To install the wide-angle camera lens (not included), just rotate (counterclockwise) the given lens hood and remove it. Then you can install your new camera lens by rotating clockwise and fix it in place.

What You Should Look For In A Baby Monitor?

VAVA baby monitor review

Baby monitor units are helpful devices to have. Many parents believe that a baby monitor is a boon for them and they can’t imagine their life without a baby monitor.

Baby monitors let you talk to, see, and hear your kid, so you rest assured you won’t miss out on any precious moment ever. They can even deliver you peace of mind when you leave your baby in a separate room or allow you to observe your baby once you go out.

From sound quality, video quality, and also picture quality to compelling technical sensors and components, there are plenty of things you need to consider before purchasing the best baby monitor for your baby.

However, do not forget that there’s no right/wrong option as soon as it comes to buying a baby monitor. It is completely up to your needs and preferences.

Although characteristics vary from one model to another, baby monitors have a minimum of 2 monitors: the camera, which is installed in your kid’s room, and the parent’s unit, which you’ll have control of.

Some models can be mounted onto the wall (recommended) and some thoroughly clipped to the cot’s side (not recommended).

Let’s have a look at the features you need to look for in the best baby monitor.

Talk-back Technology – This allows you to speak to the baby via your monitor.

360° Adjustability – The adjustability of the camera will let you see the baby from any angle possible. This is handy, especially in case there’s over just 1 kid in the room.

Temperature Sensors – This tracks your baby’s room temperature and can be helpful if you are anxious about your kid overheating. Most baby monitors even let you control the room’s temperature.

Optional Battery Or Mains Operations – This lets you either plug in the monitor or uses the battery. It means you do not need to depend on a spotty WiFi connection solely.

Sensor Pad – A few baby monitors come with an extra sensor pad to be placed under your kid’s mattress. This sounds like a warning when your baby stops breathing or moving for a considerable time.

VOX Mode – A few baby monitors come with an eco-friendly alternative that only triggers the display screen of the monitor in case your baby makes a noise or moves.

App Connectivity – A few smart baby monitors can be linked to an app that lets you see & talk to the baby even from a distance.

An Infrared Night-VISION & Lullabies

The lullaby songs on your kid’s unit can comfort them when your baby drifts off to sleep. And night vision helps you to check on your baby without switching on the room’s light and disturbing your baby’s peaceful sleep.

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Overview Of Vava Baby Monitor

VAVA baby monitor review

  • Technology: Non-Wifi FHSS technology with 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Manufacturer: Vava
  • Screen Size: 5″, IPS monitor display
  • Range: 480 feet to 900 feet range
  • Camera resolution: 720p HD quality video baby monitors
  • Cameras: Features 1 camera but supports around 4 cameras
  • Battery life: around 24 hours on the eco-mode
  • Warranty period: 12 months
  • Vava Baby Monitor Price: $179.99

Baby Monitor from VAVA is the across-the-board best non-WiFi HD video baby monitor that you can buy in 2022 and predict the most value for money.

The battery life of this unit is impressive as well as comes with super cool video quality and image quality with its cutting-edge IPS-display screen. All the other baby monitors either utilize an LCD or VGA display.

This effortless-to-set-up baby monitor is a non-WiFi high-quality option that consists of a temperature display, tilt, zoom, and pan capacities with a 720p high-definition screen for video.

People were engraved by its 24-hour battery life as well as loved that this monitor lets you switch between audio-only and video mode and zoom in around 4x as well as get a closer look of your baby. The 5″ display delivers an extremely clear picture of your baby all the time thanks to the long battery life of the unit

You even have the option to buy extra cameras as well as connect them easily to the same device so that you can monitor your children from all angles or monitor multiple children from different places at once.

With 7 volume levels as well as a noise indicator light that works even at times the screen is not on, you can be assured that you’ll always be mindful of what’s going on with the baby when you use the VAVA baby monitor. Here are a few highlights of the VAVA baby monitor…

What’s In The Box Vava Baby Monitor

Wondering what is in the box of the VAVA baby monitor? Here is everything that’ll be incorporated into the baby monitor package from VAVA:

  • Parent monitor uni
  • Baby camera unit
  • Two USB cables (for the parent monitor unit and the camera)
  • Baby Monitor & Camera
  • Monitor Adapter along with type-C USB Charging Cable
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Camera Adapter
  • User Guide
  • Quick-Start Guide

Features of VAVA Baby Monitor

Vava Baby Monitor comes with a camera to capture high-resolution photos & video as the camera remotely rotates around the baby’s room.

It even comes with an in-built nightlight to make it effortless to see even in the dark at night.

This Baby Monitor from Vava comes with an in-built microphone that permits you to listen to your baby all the time.

Vava Monitor comes with a rechargeable battery and it lasts for around 12 hours straight.

The Baby Monitor from Vava is effortless to use as well as comes with a user-friendly interface.

This is wireless as well as attaches to the baby’s crib so that you can keep your eyes on your baby from anywhere in the home or even outside of the house.

The Vava Monitors is a split screen baby monitor device, which works in a way so you can see more than one place at once

In case your baby begins to crawl/run around the room, you can easily attach an additional camera lens to extend the view to around 110 degrees.

The large 5 inches 720-pixel display on this baby monitor from VAVA delivers a sharp image with 10X more detail than an ordinary 240-pixel display baby monitor.

Choose from 5 popular lullabies in the device to help your baby sleep quickly without being around.

Multiple Camera Process

In case you’ve got more than just 1 baby, this baby monitor has you completely covered. This VAVA baby monitor provides you the capability to connect around 4 cameras at once to the baby monitor. It is amazing how this monitor can grow along with your family!

Size And Picture quality

You will like the monitor’s size and the large 5″ color display screen. When you will switch the monitor on, you will certainly be amazed to see its display quality (in a good way). It’s so much clearer and crisper than any other baby monitor available on the market now.

It is so clear because this monitor utilizes 720×1280-pixel HD IPS. This means the monitor uses the most pleasing color as well as viewing angles ever among the other major kinds of display panels. This’s why the quality picture is crystal clear, as well as it’s essentially a High Definition monitor.

Dual Screen Function

With this dual-screen video baby monitor unit, you can manage to monitor 2 kids or more without swapping between devices or screens. You do not have to inspect them every now & then and disturb their peaceful sleep.

The Baby Monitor from VAVA comes with dual screens as well as is very helpful for families with over just 1 kid, or those who need numerous viewing points.

It delivers high-quality images on both screens. In case you have twins, you can access them at the same time whether in the same place or a different place.

You will never need to stress about switching cameras in the middle of doing any work to have a look at both kids at once.

Zoom Features

With this baby monitor, you can easily pan & tilt the camera around 110° up & down, as well as 270° left & right. Also, you can put the device on auto-pilot mode to circulate your baby’s room for all-around visibility of the room. Then it will scan the entire room automatically back & forth.

And with the VAVA baby monitor’s zoom-in feature, you can zoom in anytime to check every little activity of your kid in the room. You rest assured to find even the pacifier when it gets lost.

With this zoom-in feature, you can anytime zoom in and check what your baby is doing, and whether your baby is trying to eat something that your baby shouldn’t. So, it is a great feature to ensure your baby’s safety.

Crisp & Clear Real-Time Image

The large 5″ 720-Pixel display is 3X more precise than earlier baby monitor models from VAVA. This unit is full in color by day as well as greyscale infrared image at night to check all the sheer movements of the little one vividly.

VAVA Hacking Is Not Possible

This is because the VAVA company baby monitors use an encrypted FHSS (Frequency-hopping spread spectrum) radio signal, and thus, the risk of hacking as well as security breaking is minimal.

Somebody can’t hack into this baby monitor through your Wifi connection, as they will need to be within the signal range. Moreover, they will need to be capable of decrypting the signal which is certainly not a matter of joke. So, rest assured to get the safest monitoring.

Easy Monitoring

The LED noise indicator as well as an exterior thermostat help to keep you updated accurately on your baby’s wellbeing; set to the most elevated to warn even the most solemn sleeper or set to a low volume to listen to only loud sounds using 7-volume levels in the monitor.

Up to 24-hours Battery Life

In-Built 4500 mAh battery (rechargeable) lasts for 12 hours in display mode as well as for 24 hours when the display is turned off for whole-day monitoring of the baby.

More Durable Wireless Connection

The baby monitor from VAVA provides smooth video within 480 feet to 900 feet range in your home, to keep your loved one in view always no matter whether you are near or in case you are in the kitchen or the study room

Pros of Vava Baby Monitor

It is among the few non-wifi baby monitors that give your HD videos & images, 720-pixel High Definition. Moreover, unlike wifi baby monitors, the video relay is real-time without any delays whatsoever.

It comes with immense power storage, 4500mAh batteries, as well as it can last around 24 hours if the eco mode is on.

Its type-C USB charger offers you a fast charge, quicker than most other baby monitors available on the market now

Vava baby monitor has a larger screen of 5″ with IPS (which is better than an LCD). The screen is larger than Infant Optics’ 3.5″ screens. It’s made of top material thus, it can’t be easily broken if you drop it mistakenly

It’s hack-proof as this device uses FHSS (Frequency-hopping spread spectrum) technology as well as doesn’t need an internet connection to relay videos and images.

Here are the other pros of this device:

  • 480 feet to 900 feet working range
  • 7-level volume control lets capture noises when your kid makes noise
  • 4x zoom
  • 90-degree easy rotatable antenna
  • The auto-circulating sight of the entire room
  • Two-way talk
  • Pan & tilt
  • Around 4 cameras paired with One monitor
  • Black & white night vision feature
  • Working wide-angle lens

Cons of Vava Baby Monitor

Presently, Vava doesn’t have a substitute for the screen/handheld unit

Its cable is shorter than many other babies monitors available on the market now

It doesn’t have the VOX mode feature

While it backs around 4 cameras at once, it doesn’t help split-screen viewing for 4 cameras.

Vava Baby Monitor Review

In case you’re shopping for a baby monitor unit that comes with all the bells & whistles that you need and prefer to have, then do not overlook the Split Screen Baby Monitor from VAVA.

And in case you want two cameras, excellent night vision, as well as a split-screen feature then you should get the new advanced VAVA baby monitor.

A few people had heard of and knew about the VAVA brand a few years ago however, it’s becoming famous as it surpasses many of the top brands available in the market now.

This baby monitor unit from VAVA is certainly a keeper, particularly in case you need to have multiple cameras advanced baby monitor model.

It’s also perfect for parents who prefer to have audio-only baby monitors, however, want the choice of a fantastic camera whenever they wish to have it. That is how the VAVA baby monitor’s standby mode works, and parents around the world are loving it!

Parents around the world also appreciate the talkback as well as the sensitivity of the VAVA baby monitor’s sound sensor. It is well made, as well as has easy teachings, and is also priced just right for precisely what you receive from the device.

Set the VAVA Baby Monitor easily as it is as simple as just plugging the cameras in (we have mentioned a step-by-step guide to set up the VAVA baby monitor. Please check that to know how to set the device up.)

Here are a few in-depth review opinions on the VAVA baby monitor. Please go through the in-depth review of the VAVA baby monitor to see whether it is worth buying or not.

VAVA Baby Monitor’s 7200-Pixel 5 Inches HD Display

This Vava Baby Monitor unit comes with a camera quality of 720-Pixel 5 inches High Definition display that keeps your babies completely safe & sound in the baby’s nursery.

With its effortless-to-use interface, it will allow you to see what is going on in your baby’s room without having to enter the room.

The Vava video Baby Monitor unit is a wireless, small device that connects to your baby’s room, and sends you real-time alerts in case there is any kind of unusual noise or movement in your baby’s room.

The baby monitor even comes with an in-built microphone, so that you can easily listen to what your infant is up to when you aren’t in the baby’s room.

This Vava Baby Monitor unit is ideal for keeping the babies safe & sound no matter what and will assist you keep track of your baby’s every move and sound.

Health & Safety Of The VAVA Baby Monitor

The VAVA baby monitor’s camera connects easily to the parent unit via a wireless 2.4GHz FHSS (Frequency-hopping spread spectrum) connection.

This means that an EMF (electromagnetic radiation) will be continuously emitted from this camera to obtain an audio & video feed for you in the parent unit. We suggest you t install the camera at least 3 feet away from your kid for this reason.

Electromagnetic radiation is very harmful to your kid’s brain development, that is why always make sure to install the device at least 3 feet or more away from your kid.

Battery Life Of The VAVA Baby Monitor

In case you utilize the standby mode, then VAVA can offer you around 24 hours of straight battery life, and for this, thanks to the in-built 4,500mAh battery power supply.

When the display mode is on, you can easily count on the device to last for around 12 hours straight. So, if you want long-time monitoring, you need to use the eco-friendly mode of the device.

Temperature Monitoring Feature

We have already said that the camera calculates the temperature of the baby’s room, right? This alerts you in case the temperature of the baby’s room gets more than 95° or even less than 32°.

That is a weird range, assuming that a kid in a 90° room is overheated as well as a baby in a 40° room is cold. A smaller degree for signals would make a lot more sense, however, it is nice to be capable of monitoring the temperature of your baby’s room.

Display And Zoom Of The VAVA Baby Monitor

As stated above, the VAVA baby monitor comes with an IPS display (better than an LCD) screen that’s very effortless to use with the display indicating a high-resolution video or image of the baby. VAVA’s 5″ IPS display screen is way better than most other baby monitors available on the market at this time.

Nevertheless, Vava’s high-quality and super clear display even shows the strength of the signal, level of zoom (levels), night vision mode activation, room temperature, time, battery life, mute, alarm, and also talk-back features.

The VAVA baby monitor camera comes with a wide 270° pan up to 110° tilt as well as it lets you zoom around 4 times.

AC Power Sources For Camera

The VAVA baby monitor camera needs to be plugged into a power source because it’s only AC powered. No battery will be in use here. Thus, you need to plan as soon as you place the camera in your baby’s nursery or baby bedroom since you need to place it near an outlet in the room.

Two-Way Talk Feature

One more fabulous feature of the VAVA baby monitor is that the device offers you a talkback feature. It is quite like a walky-talky, thus, if your kid has already started speaking, you can talk to your kid but not at the same time. However, if you do so, none of you will get a single word.

Nevertheless, maximum parents generally use such two-way talking audio baby monitors only to hear their baby crying, then calm them with their voice, then hear again, so it is fine if you can’t talk at the same time using the VAVA baby monitor.

Range Of The VAVA Baby Monitor

You can go around 900 feet away from the camera with the parent unit and still you will get a connection between the monitor and the camera. Now, that is counting on a wide-open area, which not everyone has.

Nevertheless, the range is quite good for a standard house. So, no matter whether you are in the kitchen or the study room, or the bathroom, you can vividly hear and see your baby in the baby’s room.

Night Vision Feature

As we have already mentioned before, this camera comes with a night vision feature. There are a total of 12 LED lights that are high-intensity and built in to assist in capturing the images even at night. These lights are prominent at night, however, not disruptive or obvious.

What’s apparent is the power light of the device that remains green as soon as the camera is on. Many kids aren’t disturbed by it since it was far away as well as they’ve got a night light whatsoever, Nevertheless, you will find it quite annoying in a completely dark room.

These new cameras no matter if you purchase them with their split-screen monitors or individually have a modern technology named IR-CUT.

This makes the night vision feature quite clear. Often it’s so clear that you need to check your baby’s room to ensure you did not leave your baby’s room’s light on by mistake.

Dependability of The VAVA Baby Monitor

As for reliability and quality, this VAVA baby monitor unit is a top-notch product. If your kid knocks down the cameras it will not break so easily. Both the camera and monitor display are strong enough to last a long time.

However, that doe not mean you can drop the camera and monitor often and still it will survive. No matter how strong or durable the device is, you need to make sure that the device does not fall often. Otherwise, assume to buy another device soon.

Privacy & Setup Of The VAVA Baby Monitor

And a short note on the privacy of the VAVA baby monitor: as none of the pictures or sound goes online, as well as you do not have to link to your WiFi connection to operate the device, you do not have to bother about someone hacking this device’s content via WiFi. This device uses a secured 2.4GHz Frequency-hopping spread spectrum connection.

And the other truly nice usefulness of the manner the cameras and monitor connect is that it’s quite easy to set up the device. You do not have to enter passwords or connect them to the internet.

To set your VAVA baby monitor up, you need to do the following:

  1. Charge your monitor first (you can operate the monitor while it’s being charged, even for the very first time)
  2. Then plug in the cameras in your baby’s room
  3. Finally, push as well as hold the “PAIR” button of each camera for around 3 seconds to turn it on

And Done! That is it. You must see the sight from both the cameras on the screen with no additional steps. After that, you need to tweak settings by simply navigating via the menu given in the parent unit. You will need to have the manual handy for the first time since some of the menu icons are not clear.

Audio & Video Quality Of The VAVA Baby Monitor

The sound, as well as picture quality on this VAVA Baby Monitor, are perfect. The videos are clear & bright. The nighttime image is quite good as well.

The camera has a 720-pixel sensor that performs well during the day as well as in low light circumstances. The parent unit, on the other hand, is a 5 inches monitor that is completely suited to show the high-resolution images and videos of the baby’s room.

The VAVA baby monitor is a class apart as soon as it is compared with other Plug and Play baby monitors.

Returns And Warranty Of The VAVA Baby Monitor

VAVA baby monitor is so secure in its quality that it delivers a 30-day of Returns Policy (no questions asked), along with an 18-months warranty, as well as a 12-months completely free warranty attachment in case the customer writes their product on Thus, a potential 30-month warranty is given with the VAVA baby monitor!

CAUTION Of Using The VAVA Baby Monitor

VAVA baby monitor review

The camera lens, as well as lens hood, are tiny parts, so you need to keep them away from your baby’s reach always.

It is NOT a toy. So, don’t allow your kids to play with the VAVA baby monitor whatsoever

This device isn’t made for service as a medical camera as well as its use shouldn’t replace adult care.

This item isn’t made to substitute for the proper care of kids. You should check your kid’s activity often.

Please carefully review the operating range as well as the condition of the camera at the first installation, as well as regularly after that.

Here are other things you should be aware of:

  • Unplug the unit during heavy lightning storms.
  • For indoor usage only so do not take it outside
  • Test the unit’s camera before using and also after changing the location of the camera.
  • Don’t block any openings of ventilation.
  • Clean the unit’s camera using a dry clean cloth only.
  • Please keep microphones at least 1.5 meters or 4.9 feet apart from the camera.

Does VAVA Baby Monitor Worth Your Money?

VAVA baby monitor review

Given all the features of the VAVA baby monitor yes, this unit is worth the money.

Although just like every other product, the VAVA baby monitor to has its share of minor disadvantages.

With its reasonable price and plenty of advanced features, you should go for it. Yes, indeed, VAVA is not a well-known brand but when it comes to producing baby monitors, VAVA has amazed several parents around the world.

So, if you are planning to buy a new baby monitor or want to upgrade your old baby monitor within budget, then you should give the VAVA baby monitor a try.

Moreover, the VAVA baby monitor is so secure in its quality that it delivers a 30-day of Returns Policy. So, you can easily return it if you do not like the product. I do not think you will have to as the VAVA baby monitor is truly a good product to try.

FAQ Vava Baby Camera

Following are the common questions asked on this device

Is The VAVA Baby Monitor Safe?

Yes, the VAVA baby monitor is safe to use. As soon as privacy is concerned, none of the pictures or sounds goes online of the VAVA baby monitor.

You do not have to link to your WiFi connection to operate the device, you do not have to bother about someone hacking this device’s content via WiFi. This device uses a secured 2.4GHz Frequency-hopping spread spectrum connection. So it is safe.

However, when it comes to health safety then yes the VAVA baby monitor emits EMR but which device does not? So, if you are considering buying a baby monitor then EMR emission should not be the barrier.

Does The Vava Baby Monitor Use Wi-Fi?

No, the VAVA baby monitor does not use WiFi capabilities to operate the monitor. So, it is one of the safest baby monitors on the market now.


The VAVA video Baby Monitor unit is an immediate competitor to well-known baby monitor manufacturers. This baby monitor from VAVA offers more or less everything you need in your baby monitor.

Not only that, the VAVA baby monitor is offering many features within a tight budget. So, when you need an advanced baby monitor on a low budget, go for the VAVA baby monitor. And trust me, you will not regret your decision of buying the VAVA baby monitor.

Since the Vava baby monitor is attractive-looking and offers a high-quality device to blindly trust, why not give it a chance?

The minute you will open the monitor’s box, you are sure to get all that you need to set the baby monitor unit up for you. Furthermore, they deliver a manual guide with the product to instruct you on how to set the baby monitor up as well as install this Vava baby monitor in the baby’s room.

It is one of the best baby monitors available on the market at this time!