The 8 Best Travel Beds For Toddlers In 2022

As a family, traveling would be something you would do with your spouse and your kids more often than not if you can afford to.

Talking about kids, you may have a fifteen-month-old child with you or even a toddler. If you can’t take the crib to the woods or your vacation spot, how will your child sleep?

This is where toddler travel beds come in. Toddler travel beds are the best choice you could have when it comes to providing a sleeping experience for your child that emulates their crib at home. A travel toddler bed is significantly cheaper compared to your standard crib, hence making some parents adopt them as crib replacements altogether.

So what are you waiting for? Sit back and have a great read, so you do not make the wrong purchase when it comes to travel beds for your kids. Plus, we also answer some of your pressing questions at the end of this article, so make sure you read till the end.

Toddler Travel BedsRatingCheck ProductDimensionsMaterialPrice
Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed With Safety Bumpers
4.9Click Here To Buy62 x 39 x 12 inchesVinyl$$$
Regalo My Cot Portable Travel Bed
4.7Click Here To Buy48 x 24.5 x 9 inchesAll steel frame with a canvas bed liner$$$$
Intex Twin Dura-Beam Standard Raised Pillow Toddler Bed
4.6Click Here To Buy75 x 39 x 16.5 inchesHigh-strength polyester fibers, cotton jersey$
The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed
4.7Click Here To Buy15.9 x 10.2 x 7.2 inchesDurable BPA-free PVC$$$
EnerPlex Kids Inflatable Travel Bed
4.8Click Here To Buy66 x 44 x 13 inchesDurable BPA-free PVC with comfort top flocking$$
AeroBed Air Mattress
4.7Click Here To Buy16.4 x 13.1 x 9.2 inchesPolyester$$$$$
Sleepah Inflatable Air Mattress Set
4.8Click Here To Buy61 x 40 x 12 inchesFabric$$
Living iQ Inflatable Kids Travel Bed
4.7Click Here To Buy66x 42 x 8.5 inchesGrade-A Vinyl$

Best Toddler Travel Beds In The Market

If you have a trip to plan and have no idea which toddler travel bed to purchase, this article is definitely for you. Having gone through several reviews from e-commerce sites and scouring baby gear blogs, we have compiled the best travel beds for toddlers.

Without wasting further time, here is a list of the travel toddler beds worth spending on for the most value in return.

1. Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed With Safety Bumpers-Best Overall Travel Toddler Bed

This inflatable bed promises you safety and comfort for your children after those long road trips where everyone needs to lay back and recharge. With four safety bumpers at all sides of the inflatable bed, the chances of your child rolling off are slim to none.

The re-inforced vinyl has a thickness 40% greater than that of its nearest competitor, making this toddler travel bed virtually puncture-proof. The weld seams are well reinforced and have a heavy-duty air valve to reduce the likelihood of air leaking out.

The velvet flocked mattress is different in terms of smoothness from some inflatable toddler travel beds that are usually rough. When unpacked, this toddler travel bed inflates in just thirty seconds. The bed is lightweight at a mere eight pounds, with a lifetime guarantee. You also get an extra-large travel bag as standard, with an electric pump included.

To wrap things up, this product is lead and phthalate-free and is free of BPA with a maximum weight capacity of 310 pounds.


(i) Product dimensions: 62 x 39 x 12 inches
(ii) Product weight: 8 pounds
(iii) Product thickness: 4 inches
(iv) Maximum weight capacity: 310 pounds
(v) Assembly required: No
(vi) Material: Vinyl


• Inflatable in just thirty seconds.
• Plush removable mattress that fits standard crib sheets and blankets.
• BPA, phthalate, and lead-free, and exceeds all standards for child safety.
• Includes an XL travel bag, repair kit, and an electric pump.
• Extra thick with strengthened air seams and a heavy-duty air valve to prevent air leakage for better quality and use.
• Large dimensions with a high weight limit.
• Added bumpers mean you should have no fears of your child falling out of bed.


• The pump is not compatible outside of the USA.

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2. Regalo My Cot Portable Travel Bed-Best Lightweight Bed For Toddlers

The Regalo my Cot portable toddler bed is highly durable and lightweight. Portable toddler travel beds for toddlers do not get more convenient than this. An excellent alternative to a toddler air mattress, this portable toddler bed is suitable for kids between the age of two to five.

Built with a steel framework, this portable toddler bed is fitted with a sturdy canvas and a fitted sheet for additional comfort. The cot is 48 inches long and can hold weights up to 75 pounds. The included sheet is machine-washable.

This portable bed has been certified by two respected bodies that issue certifications to baby gear such as baby cribs and organic crib mattresses. These are the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and the American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM).


(i) Product dimensions: 48 x 24.5 x 9 inches
(ii) Product weight: 6.25 pounds
(iii) Hardware visible: Partly hidden
(iv) Maximum weight recommendation: 75 pounds
(v) Materials: All steel frame with a canvas bed liner


• Lightweight, easy to set up with a foldable design for improved portability.
• Includes a washable fitted sheet
• 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.
• Rectangular shape perfect for traveling, outdoor camping, and vacations.
• Suitable for children from ages two to five years.
• Large sleeping surface
• Available in various finishes such as Royal Blue, Navy, Pink, and Grey.


• Some finishes like Navy Blue may cost more than other options.

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3. Intex Twin Dura-Beam Standard Raised Pillow Toddler Bed

If climbing in and out of your previous toddler beds was an issue for you, the Intex Twin DuraBeam toddler bed handles that. Thanks to its elevated sleeping height, and the included sleeping bag for better storage and transport, this is one excellent alternative to the first two products.

There is an in-built pillow and a built-in 110/120V pump for easy inflation when you need it. The Fiber-Tech technology means you get a toddler bed that is firm and as stable as it can be.

Overall, this is one affordable travel bed for toddlers which does not compromise on features but strikes an outstanding balance between price and features.


(i) Product dimensions: 75 x 39 x 16.5 inches
(ii) Product weight: 10.2 pounds
(iii) Material: High-strength polyester fibers, cotton jersey


• Built-in pillow provides support and firmness.
• Change the firmness with the simple twist of a knob.
• There is a duffel bag included for storage and transport.
• Built-in high-powered electric pump for easy inflation and deflation.
• Fiber-Tech technology offers enhanced support, comfort, and stability.
• The elevated height design makes it easy to get in and get out of the inflatable bed.
• 300 pounds is the maximum weight capacity.


• Nowhere is the warranty on this product stated.
• No safety bumpers.

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4. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed -Best Budget Travel Bed For Toddlers

An inflatable toddler travel bed designed not to make the slightest squeak means your child would have an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Although this fantastic product is an inflatable bed, it fits perfectly well with standard crib sheets and blankets.

Toddler travel beds are meant to at as travel cribs in the absence of cribs, and this product handles that role quite well. Lightweight, easily foldable, and inflatable in just thirty seconds, you also get added signature guard rails to prevent your child from falling from this portable toddler bed.

Accessories added include a powerful Jetaire electric pump, a storage bag, and a repair kit. You will love this toddler travel bed, especially when camping outdoor or having a sleepover at a relative’s place. The patented Snug Fit System allows you to tuck the crib-size sheets securely around the mattress.

For your child’s safety from the things we cannot see, The Shrunks toddler travel bed is made from safe PVC. The toddler bed is also free from BPA, lead, and phthalates.


(i) Product dimensions: ‎15.9 x 10.2 x 7.2 inches
(ii) Target gender: Unisex
(iii) Minimum weight limit: 30 pounds
(iv) Maximum weight limit: 100 pounds
(v) Product weight: 7.5 pounds
(vi) Material free: BPA free


• Inflates in just thirty seconds, with an accompanying electric pump.
• This inflatable toddler bed folds and fits conveniently in the storage bag included.
• Safety signature bed rails to make sure your child does not fall out of the bed.
• Perfect for use in a hotel room, outdoor camping, and indoor sleepovers.
• Included accessories such as a storage bag, and repair kit are excellent additions.
• Made from durable BPA-Free PVC.
• Dual-chamber inflation allows you to tuck in the crib sheets like a normal bed.


• The materials used in construction may not be breathable.

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5. EnerPlex Kids Inflatable Travel Bed

EnerPlex has made a blow up mattress suitable for children aged three and above. Your perfect companion for camping, vacations, and sound sleep, toddler travel beds do not get any better than this.

The best toddler travel beds should be suitable for use in several conditions. That is why EnerPlex has made a waterproof toddler travel bed with bumpers. Better still, you can fit a standard crib sheet, and worry less about punctures, thanks to the puncture-resistant PVC and welded seams.

Most portable toddler beds come with a pump, but not a lot of pumps are 120V. Roll this blow up bed in the included travel bag for improved portability. This foldable toddler bed may serve as a transitional bed, a cross between a crib and a regular bed.

Next time you have a sleepover at a friend’s place, a much-needed private getaway, or some outdoor camping, you know the foldable toddler bed you need when you and your kids travel.


(i) Product dimensions: 66 x 44 x 13 inches
(ii) Product weight: 12.28 pounds
(iii) Fabric type: BPA-free PVC with comfort top flocking
(iv) Batteries required: No


• This portable bed inflates in just thirty seconds.
• Dual-chamber inflation allows you to add a fitted sheet like a regular-sized crib.
• Made with puncture-resistant PVC with reinforced welded seams.
• This blowup mattress includes a 120V pump and a carry bag meaning this bed is easy to pack and transport..
• Excellent for use by younger children in a hotel room, on vacation, or outdoor camping.
• Built-in bumpers/ guard rails for safety means you won’t have to worry about your child falling out of bed.
• Excellent travel crib for children thirty-six months and above.


• Not suitable for your baby or younger children below the age of three.

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6. AeroBed Air Mattress

Available in different sizes, the Aerobed is one air mattress that might just replace your traditional bed, thanks to the plethora of features available. Sporting other features seen in every other travel crib except for the bed rails, this air mattress is an excellent buy any day and anytime.

Talk about your bed surface being treated against bacteria, mold, and fungus, and Aerobed has done just that. The included pump control wand allows you to select the firmness level of this fantastic product while you stay in bed.

The coil construction offers more support to your inflatable bed. The Secondary Comfort Lock pump keeps the already firm portable bed firm at night. Add the carry bag for more accessible storage, and you have one of the most comfortable and portable beds for outdoor camping and sleepovers at your disposal.

This bed comes with a USB port for charging your electronic devices while relaxing. Feels almost like having a switch right beside your bed. You also get to choose from three heights, 13, 18, and 22 inches, with a weight limit of 600 pounds.


(i) Product dimensions: 16.4 x 13.1 x 9.2 inches
(ii) Product weight: 9.37 kilograms
(iii) Material: Polyester
(iv) Maximum weight recommendation: 600 pounds
(v) Accessories: Carry bag and electric pump


• This bed comes with a carry bag included for convenient storage.
• Full-sized air mattress with headboard and structure that fits standard crib sheets.
• Patented stability base and coil construction offers added support and stability.
• Built-in air pump with the choice to select when the pump shuts off so you can leave the toddler air mattress to inflate and leave.
• PVC construction with a brushed polyester top.
• The sleep surface of this inflatable air mattress is treated with antimicrobial agents against odor, mildew, mold, and fungus.
• 2-year limited warranty
• Integrated USB port charges electronic devices within reach.
• Multiple size offerings including Twin Bed, Queen Bed, Youth Bed, and Full Bed.


• No bed rails to prevent one from falling out of bed.

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7. Sleepah Inflatable Air Mattress Set

Not many travel beds for toddlers come with stuffed animals as a freebie but there is always a first time for everything. This sleeping set by Sleepah has everything your child will need to pass the night while camping, or while at some other place that is not necessarily home.

The best portable travel beds for toddlers would always have a carry bag for easier storage and convenient movement. There is a pillow included along with a pump and a pillow. Add the high safety bumpers to prevent your kids from falling out while sleeping.

The fear of your travel toddler bed getting damaged thanks to puncturing is valid, but what about when the same bed is 50% thicker than its competitors? The seams used in attachment are reinforced, with heavy-duty valves so you have this product lasting longer than other alternatives.

Designed for children above eighteen months of age, this inflatable bed can comfortably hold up to 300 pounds. The sheets and blankets used for your standard baby cribs would fit perfectly with this portable toddler travel bed.


(i) Product dimensions: 61 x 40 x 12 inches
(ii) Product weight: 40 pounds
(iii) Item thickness: 0.4 millimeters
(iv) Primary material: Fabric
(v) Inflate time: 3 minutes
(vi) Deflate time: 1 minute
(vii) Weight limit: 300 pounds


• This toddler travel bed comes with an electric pump, carry bag, pillow, patching kit, and a stuffed animal.
• The toddler travel bed deflates in less than a minute and easily deflates when it needs to be packed in the travel bag included.
• The seams are reinforced with heavy-duty valves for longer use.
• This product is compatible with the same fitted sheet used in a standard crib.
• The bumper rails are 25% higher to make sure your kids remain within the sleeping space safely.
• The weight limit is on the high side and can fit kids as tall as four feet.
• Certified lead and phthalate-free.
• This toddler travel bed is water-resistant, puncture-resistant, and tear-resistant


• No cons for this product

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8. Living iQ Inflatable Kids Travel Bed

Not many travel beds for toddlers have a dedicated product after one of Marvel’s most loved characters. Unboxing your inflatable toddler bed only to see the Spiderman-themed design is guaranteed to leave any child happy and excited.

That is not all when it comes to this inflatable toddler bed. The grade-A vinyl construction makes it easy to clean spills and other messes. There is a leakproof valve that helps speed up inflation and deflation.

This inflatable toddler travel bed is suited to children who are three years and above.


(i) Product dimensions: 66x 42 x 8.5 inches
(ii) Product weight: 6 pounds
(iii) Highest weight capacity: 125 pounds
(iv) Material: Vinyl


• Bright graphics add to the aesthetics of an already excellent product.
• Lightweight unit weighing only six pounds while being easy to deflate and inflate.
• Built-in leakproof valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate with ease.
• Waterproof grade-A vinyl design makes it easy to clean up spills easily and is also puncture-resistant.
• Available in a Marvel Spiderman finish, and the L.O.L Surprise girls.
• Affordable


• The warranty could be longer
• The air pump is sold separately

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Common Questions About Portable Toddler Bed

Here are the most asked queries on travel toddler bed:

What Is A Toddler Travel Bed?

A toddler travel bed is a bed with an internal mattress with bumpers to help keep the toddler safe in the bed.

Toddler travel beds are usually great for traveling or going camping, and it seems like a hassle to take the crib along with you.

The best toddler travel bed would usually have bumpers for safety and would come with added instructions for a night of safe and sound sleep for your child.

What Age Can A Child Sleep In A Travel Cot?

You can use a travel cot for your little one when they are about three months old. Travel costs like the Joie travel cot can be used till your child is up to three years or until the child can climb out of the cot.

What Should Toddlers Sleep On When On Vacation?

Toddlers can sleep on an inflatable toddler travel bed or in a pack ‘n play crib. There is also the option of a hotel sofa bed, an extra bed at the hotel, and lastly, the option of bed-sharing.

What Kind Of Bed Should A 3 Year Old Be In?

The ideal type of bed for a three-year-old would be a toddler bed, or better still, a twin bed. Cribs and cots are no longer needed at this point, as parents are advised to start planning a switch to a bigger bed once your little one is 35 inches tall.

What Should I Look Out For When Buying An Inflatable Travel Toddler Bed?

When buying a travel toddler bed, here are the essential criteria to focus on as a parent;

1. Ease of portability: Most toddler travel beds would always have a travel bag included for the purpose of storage and transportation. If a carry bag is not included, do not buy the product.

2. Safety feature(s): If you have a child who has a history of rolling out of bed, you might want to get an inflatable travel bed that has safety guard rails included. The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed is one of the best travel toddler beds, with bumpers included for safety from falling out of bed.

3. Ease of packing and setting up: Look for a toddler travel bed that can deflate quickly and comes with an electric pump, preferably. Also, if you can get a toddler travel bed that can be packed and held as hand luggage when traveling by air, that would be better.

4. Great warranty: It would be no surprise if your kids happened to use their inflatable bed as a bouncy castle and destroy it in the process. Look for a product with a lifetime warranty, or at best one with a warranty lasting more than a year.

5. Age of your child and bed size: Different travel beds have different weight limits, and you would have to consider that when making a purchase.

Can A 3 Year Old Sleep On An Air Mattress?

A three-year-old can sleep on an air mattress. As a matter of fact, most air mattresses are designed to suit children older than fifteen months.

However, if your little one is still below twelve months of age, do not consider an air mattress as a sleeping option or viable replacement for cribs.

What Is The Best Toddler Travel Bed?

The best toddler travel bed is the Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed.

This toddler travel bed has got safety bumpers and was created using reinforced vinyl, making it 40% thicker than competitors.

There is also an accompanying electrical pump and a carry bag for easy storage.

Weighing eight pounds while supporting weights up to 310 pounds means older children can sleep in this inflatable bed. There is also a lifetime guarantee on this product, in addition to being lead and phthalate-free.

Are Inflatable Toddler Beds Safe?

An inflatable toddler bed is relatively cheap, and the prices of such inflatable travel beds are a significant attraction point to most parents. However, remember that safety is more important than saving money for a toddler’s health.

The surfaces of these inflatable beds for toddlers are usually soft, uneven, and impermeable. Most of these inflatable travel beds have a suffocation warning attached to them. This means that the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is increased when using such products.

Follow these tips if you want your kids to have an increased chance of a safe sleep at night;

1. Ensure the inflatable toddler bed/toddler air mattress is fully inflated without any sunken parts.
2. Keep a safe distance around the beds to avoid your child getting trapped.

What Should A 2-Year-Old Sleep In?

A 2-year old should still sleep in a safe and secure crib. You can use crib sheets and a light blanket at this growth stage as the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome would have reduced significantly.

However, do not place any large soft toys or stuffed animals in the sleeping space of your child. Make sure you situate the crib far away from curtains, window blinds, or any other objects your child can reach when standing. The risk of such items posing as choking or suffocation hazards is still valid.


Finding a suitable place for sleeping when you and your kids’ travel should not be a problem anymore for parents after reading this article.

All the toddler travel beds come with air pumps, travel bags for better storage, and you even get a stuffed animal on one of the discussed products.

Cost shouldn’t be your problem as most toddler travel beds can be bought for less than $100 or even as low as $30.

Every single product has a hyperlink attached, linking to for those who prefer to shop online.