Sonoline-B Fetal Doppler

Fetal Doppler is a very important device for expectant moms and dads. With this device, soon-to-be parents can feel and bond with their little one while he or she is still in the womb. If you are still considering what baby heartbeat monitor to get, we suggest that you consider Sonoline B Fetal Doppler. This device is great for home care, hospital, and clinical use. Read more to know the details.

What Is Sonoline B Fetal Doppler?

Sonoline B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler is a simple and easy-to-use ultrasonic fetal heartbeat monitor that helps moms and dads, as well as health care professionals, retrieve and listen to the fetal heart rate (FHR). This device is equipped with a full high definition LCD digital display with three modes to choose from:  real-time FHR display mode, average FHR display mode, and a manual mode that allows users to view the fetal heart rate for an 8 heart beat period. The LCD screen also displays the real-time battery level data to inform you of your battery consumption.

This fetal Doppler is also equipped with two headphone sockets and a built-in loudspeaker for a variety of audio output options. You can also use the dual ports to plug in two sets of ear buds so you can share the sound to your family or plug it into another port so you can record the sound while listening. Keeping the recorded sound is a great keepsake. You can listen to it again when your baby is older. You can also share the recorded sound with your friends and family via social media. This device is recommended for the 12th week of pregnancy.

Sonoline-B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler Features


If you are planning to get this heartbeat baby monitor, you should familiarize yourself with its different parts and features. Here’s a list of the different features that you will find in Sonoline-B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler.

  • Headphone Port – Has 3.5 mm stereo headphone connection port on the top
  • LCD Display – Has large LCD fetal heart rate display with blue backlight
  • Volume Control – Has a loud-speaker volume control wheel on the side for easy volume control
  • Probe – This is detachable from the Doppler body when in use
  • Probe Cradle – This holds and attach the probe to the unit
  • Probe Type – This shows the different probe labels that indicate the type of probe among 2.0, 3.0 and 8.0.
  • Mode Button – This cycle through the different modes designed for the device
  • Loud Speaker – This feature projects audio from the probe
  • Power Button – Enables you to power the unit on and off.
  • Probe Cable – Extending probe coil cable
  • Probe Cable Port – It has a mini USB probe coil cable connection port on the bottom.
  • Battery Cover – this feature is added to keep the battery safe as it powers the fetal Doppler.

Sonoline-B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler LCD Display Feature

Sonoline-B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler display features the following information that you can read in just a quick glance.

Mode Indicator – indicates the current mode

Fetal Heart Rate – shows the average fetal heart rate in beats per minute (bpm)

Battery Level Indicator – Shows the remaining battery level

Probe Type Indicator -indicate the type of probe in use (among 2.0, 3.0 and 8.0)

Package Contents

Every Sonoline B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler includes the following items:

  • Fetal Doppler Unit with 3.0 MHz Probe
  • Fetal Doppler Probe
  • User Manual Booklet
  • Free AA batteries
  • Free Generic Ultrasound Gel
  • AA batteries


sonoline-bPregnant moms who tried this fetal Doppler were very happy and satisfied with it that they recommend it with confidence. Here are some reviews for Sonoline-B Handheld Pocket Fetal Doppler:

“Excellent! Used at 12 weeks and was able to pick up babies hb every time. Would recommend for extra reassurance,” one Amazon Customer wrote about her Sonoline-B fetal Doppler experience.

“Arrived quickly. Very happy as managed to find the baby’s heartbeat at just 8 weeks and 4 days. Tried again a few days later and couldn’t find it but it’s still very early so I was lucky to hear it at all. Would recommend this to all mums to be :),” another Amazon Customer wrote about her experience.

Fetal Doppler works differently to each user. It takes patience to really enjoy the device to the fullest. So, when you get this device, do not panic if you don’t hear your baby’s heartbeat the first time you use it. However, in case you are concerned with your baby’s condition, you should check with your OB immediately.

Ratings: 4.5/5


Sonoline-B fetal Doppler is a great device for home or professional use. This portable baby heartbeat monitor is a great tool to bond with your child. If you want to have an intimate moment with your little one, you can rely on this to make it happen. If you want to get this device, you can purchase it here.

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