Popamazing Professional Prenatal Fetal Doppler

Pregnancy is a challenging experience, whether it is your first or not. For moms, it is both frightening and blissful because they have to take care of the little one inside them without seeing him or her, but at the end, delivering a healthy child is rewarding. So, to help you enjoy a peaceful and worry-free pregnancy, you should get a Popamazing Professional Prenatal Fetal Doppler LCD Screen Backlight Display Heart Sound Monitor.

What is Popamazing Professional Prenatal Fetal Doppler?

This device helps soon to be moms and dads hear the heartbeat and movement of their unborn child from the 16th week of pregnancy. This product is safe for use, so you can purchase it with confidence. In addition, this is very useful for pregnant women, which makes it a great gift for expectant mothers.

This ultrasonic fetal Doppler meets the fetus daily check and routine examination at home, clinic and hospitals. Thus, professionals and expectant moms like you, use this too at the comfort of their home. Getting this baby heartbeat monitor is a wise investment for anyone who wants to have an intimate moment with their unborn baby before delivery.

Benefits of Getting Pop Amazing Pofessional Prenatal Doppler

2e4ed347f5caThis baby heartbeat monitor is as efficient and reliable as its more expensive counterpart. Here are some of the key features that make this device more powerful.

High sensitivity Doppler probe – The probe is the instrument that you will be running through your stomach to find the baby’s heartbeat. Some struggle to find their baby’s heartbeat, which may result to uneasiness and unnecessary panics to expectant moms. Thus, using a high-sensitive Doppler probe will make the experience better and worry-free.

Compact Design – This fetal Doppler has a very simple but functional design. It is compact and portable. So, for moms who travel a lot and want to bond with their child anywhere she goes, this device is for you.

Easy Operation – This device is equipped with control buttons for easy operations. It also includes an LCD screen for you to see the readings.

LCD Screen – This displays the work parameters and the fetal heart rate value in bpm (beats per minute). It also indicates your battery

Headphone socket – To enable you to listen to the heartbeat of your little one, this device includes a headphone socket that is compatible with earphone and speaker.

High Performance – One of the things that you should consider before getting a fetal Doppler is the quality of sound. If the device produces too much noise, you might struggle to determine your baby’s heartbeat. This fetal Doppler produces clear sound quality to make the experience comforting and convenient.


719b20af396aMost moms who get Popamazing Professional Prenatal Fetal Doppler find peace of mind and relief when they use this device. It is normal for expectant moms to panic and fear whenever they feel that their beansprout is not moving, but hearing their heartbeat provides comfort that they are still hanging there and this is exactly what users feel by using this baby heartbeat monitor. Here are some reviews from verified buyers.

“Amazing! I got this when I was 8 weeks pregnant and heard my babys heartbeat (took me a while to find it) use it every time I get a bit worried about my little beansprout but it puts your mind at rest knowing your little one is okay in there before you can feel them kicking and moving about!” Kezz wrote about her Popamazing Professional Prenatal Fetal Dopple experience.

“Very good , we couldn’t find heartbeat untill 15 weeks but its very clear, great product,” Mandy Lord wrote.

“Works great. Quick dispatch. Gave me peace of mind between my 12 week and 20 week scan,” said Emma, another verified buyer from Amazon.

Overall, this baby heartbeat monitor is reliable, efficient and high-quality. It has an ergonomics design and provides an impressive performance for a smooth, fun and memorable experience.

Rating: 4.3 / 5


For anyone expecting, getting a fetal Doppler will make your pregnancy less worrisome. In addition, it is a great device to bond with your unborn baby, if you want to enjoy an intimate moment with your little one before the delivery get a Popamazing Professional Prenatal Fetal Doppler. You can purchase this device here.

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