Lumi Baby Monitor Review

Independence, many parents decide to give it to their baby from his first months. But it’s not always easy for both parents and little ones.

It is with this in mind that the engineers had the brilliant idea of designing the baby monitor, which is one of the essential gadgets for babies and parents.

This invention allows you to always listen to your little one.

Lumi baby monitor is one of the best baby monitor. In this article, I am going to give Lumi baby monitor review. See this below…


What Is Lumi Baby Monitor?

lumi baby monitor review

The baby monitor also called a baby monitor, is a very practical device for monitoring your baby from a distance. It is composed of a transmitter, which will be placed in the child’s room, and a receiver which will be kept close to the parents.

There are different types of baby monitors. Some only offer the audio mode while the more advanced models integrate a camera with a monitoring screen on the parent unit. The operation is very simple.

The transmitter placed in the bedroom will transmit all the sounds (and the image for models with the camera) to the parents’ box, which will allow you to be alerted in real-time if your child needs you.

A very practical device, not necessarily essential, the baby monitor will save you many unnecessary round trips to check if the baby is sleeping peacefully.

Lumi Smart Baby Monitor and Smart Sleep System ($299) comprises the actual screen, as well as a sensor that connects to exceptional wet diapers to recognize the dampness and track development for rest reports.

It does what it decides to do and incorporates training that might end up being useful to you and get your little one to sleep patterns. In any case, the contending Nanit Plus costs a similar sum and has some control over your child’s breathing, so it stays an Editors’ Choice champ for child screens.

Lumi is a camera with an application available on all types of smartphones that allows you to monitor the baby’s room in real-time whether you are in the other room, in the yard, or at work.

Even being in a separate room or going about your business, you can always ensure his comfort and safety.

Lumi is a three-part system, comprising a smart sensor, a baby camera, and a well-designed app to tie it all together.


Lumi features a wetness sensor strip that is integrated into the diaper and allows notifications to be sent when your baby has a wet diaper. The sensor is reusable and made of robust materials, but also has a technology that allows better precision in capturing humidity.

Setting up a Lumi rest sensor is significantly simpler than a child screen. Once more, you utilize the application and select More > Sleep sensor > Settings, then hold the heart button on the sensor for five seconds until you see a glimmering light.

You can then connect the sensor to the diaper at a foreordained area – it has a marginally unique surface so the sensor will stay joined.

In the application, you will see various symbols for dry, wet, or extremely wet. You can physically follow grimy diapers (defecation), yet the sensor will not really identify something besides dampness.

The sensor likewise screens rest, amassing 12 hours of information regardless of whether it’s not in your telephone’s Bluetooth range. It tracks development designs and gives criticism in any event, when your child isn’t in the lodging.

The sensor offers admittance to a progression of rest preparing recordings that you can watch on the Lumi application on your telephone or tablet. This is the sort of counsel that many unseasoned parents are searching for, and it’s all obviously spread out and effectively available.

You’ll likewise find a progression of articles considered WonderWeeks that rundowns the significant jumps a child makes through the psychological stages as long as 75 weeks. You can find each of these under the Insights tab in the Lumi application.


The camera is custom designed by Logitech and offers excellent image quality. In addition to a two-way audio that allows you to soothe your little one when crying, it has a 180° wide-angle lens to show you the entirety of your child’s room. The camera also has a feature that allows it to capture the humidity and temperature inside the baby’s room.

The App

Using Wi-Fi connectivity, the app assimilates information from the diaper sensor and baby camera to provide information about your baby sleeps and general living conditions.

The Lumi application is all-around planned and offers plans for rest, diaper changes, and (assuming you enter information) feedings. Click the “Add” button in the application to enter extra information for unmanaged feedings, potty and rest times, and unique occasions, for example, antibodies and weight checks.

It really depends on you the amount you need to enter. A few guardians need to know each particle that goes all through the child; others simply need to get past the evening.

A portion of this data is computerized by the Lumi sensor, for example, the diaper list changing each time the sensor is eliminated from a wet diaper.

It likewise logs the beginning and end seasons of rest, yet not in every case accurately. Assuming the information is erroneous, you can address it in the application.

Lumi Baby Monitor Features

Despite the apparent external simplicity and small dimensions, the device comes with its functions perfectly well.

Even thick concrete walls are not an obstacle for this device. If the baby starts crying, an alarm will immediately appear on the parent unit.

There is also a crying volume indicator. The range of the device is up to 300 m.

In particular, this is true for those living in a country house or in a large private house. The kit includes a clip-on mount, thanks to which the parent unit can be comfortably worn on the belt.

If the transmitter remains inactive for a long time, the gadget goes into standby mode. The device works both from the mains and from ordinary batteries. Thanks to the VOX system, the charge lasts for a long time.

They allow very reliable transmission of sounds, without interference. Their range is very large and they are rather easy to use.

The weak points of this type of baby monitor are the use of high-frequency waves with unknown consequences and the impossibility of extending the network to two transmitters if you have several young children.

It allows you to drive your car with peace of mind during a long journey, it alerts you in an emergency if your child does not feel well in his car seat.

Good Video Baby Monitor

It is the most innovative product. It uses a digital signal to transmit sound and images. Video baby monitors are low radiation devices. The setting of the transmission channels is automatic.

The receiver allows you to display a clear image of the child, take pictures, and zoom in. A night vision mode is present on most models so as not to disturb the child’s sleep insights.

The transmission of images is the main advantage of this type of product. The major drawback of the video baby monitor is its low battery life.

In order to ensure that you buy the best baby monitor on the market and that you benefit from the best value for money, we have ensured that all our external tests are carried out under the best possible conditions.

The Scope

This criterion seems to us the most important for the test of the best baby monitor. Good range on a device ensures parents can be alerted wherever they are in or out of the house.

The range has been tested for each product until the signal is lost or the sound quality drops sharply.


For the baby to be safe all night long, the best baby monitor must have a very strong autonomy. The battery life of each product has been tested by comparing the duration of the batteries over several complete cycles.

Utilization Facility

To make sure the best baby monitor is easy to program and use, we’ve studied the instruction manuals for each product. External testing also assessed the devices’ ability to be easily configured by potential buyers.

Sound and Video Quality

Each baby monitor tested for this best product comparison is also judged on the quality of its audio and video transmission. The clarity of the transmission and the parasitic noises were considered to elect the best device.

Technology Used

Analog, digital, DECT, and many technologies exist. Some do not have the same efficiency or are still unreliable. The evaluation of the range and the quality of transmission according to the technologies was therefore carried out by our selective consumer test.

The products presented in our comparison table have all been rated according to the options they have: night light, lullabies, LEDs, etc.

Lumi Smart Baby Monitor Review

Young parents, you are entering the wonderful world of baby equipment. Crib, changing table, baby bottles, nappies, you are ready for his arrival.

This “magical” device that allows you to sleep peacefully with an ear always on the lookout for the slightest baby noise.

Let’s get the review of the Lumi smart baby monitor in detail.


The small size of the devices makes them easy to carry on your person. They are thus more discreet and do not clutter the room. They do not get in the way of parents doing other tasks while having the baby monitor them.

ECO mode

This mode, present on most of the best devices in our comparison, gives the possibility of greatly reducing the energy consumption of the product in order to increase its autonomy.

Sensitivity Adjustment

A large majority of recent baby monitors, analyzed in our comparison of the best product, have a sensitivity adjustment function.

They give parents the opportunity to configure the triggering of the different alerts according to the intensity of the baby’s crying in order to avoid having to move at the slightest noise.


Nightlight mode is remotely controllable. When present on a baby monitor, parents can use it to reassure the baby and help him go back to sleep more easily in a safe sleep environment.


The temperature display is an increasingly popular option on new baby monitors from top brands. This smart baby device with temperature monitoring reassures parents that the best conditions are in place for their baby’s well-being.


Several baby monitors in our comparison have recorded lullabies that can be triggered remotely to calm or reassure the child.


The LEDs present on the best baby monitors in our comparison have several uses. They indicate the sound level of the room and warn in case of a problem. Some infrared LEDs facilitate night vision through video for more effective baby sleep monitoring.


The baby monitors in our comparison alert the receiver when the battery is low or the parents are out of range of the transmitter.

Video Quality

Even though baby monitors equipped with video transmitters are quite new, the quality of the transmission is constantly improving.

Battery Life

The maximum autonomy of the best products is 20 to 24 hours.


Interference can occur when using analog or digital baby monitors. These tend to appear when smartphones or devices emitting near-frequency waves are brought close to the baby monitor.

Belt Attachment

lumi baby monitor reviewMost of the best baby monitors in our comparison offer a belt attachment mode.

However, this does not offer the expected comfort and it is often easier for parents to place the receiver on a table or in their pocket.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is poor to average for most products. This greatly depends on the range of the devices, the technology used, and the distance between the transmitter and the receiver.


As new baby monitors are equipped with the best technologies and features, they are becoming increasingly difficult for parents to set up.


The lifespan of these devices is often limited in time. This short duration of use is due to the almost continuous operation of the device and the successive charging cycles.


Multiple options prevent the best products from being easy to use. If they can provide various services to parents, they greatly reduce the autonomy of the baby monitor.


The indoor and outdoor range of the devices varies. Most of the best baby monitors offered in our comparison have an actual range that is less than the advertised range because the range indicated by the manufacturer is that of the device outdoors.

However, indoors, furniture and walls limit the correct propagation of the waves and reduce the range.

High Frequency

The long-term effects of high-frequency waves on babies are still unknown. Most of the devices receiving the most positive reviews in our comparison use high-frequency waves.

Pros Of Lumi Baby Monitor

lumi baby monitor reviewThe parents interviewed during our comparative test who said they used a baby monitor told us about the various advantages of this product:

Peace of Mind

The best benefit of the baby monitor is to allow parents or caregivers to have peace of mind. Thanks to this device, they can go about their business knowing that they will be informed in the event of a problem.

Most of the parents whose opinions were collected during the comparative test commented that it is easier for them to fall asleep knowing that the baby monitor will warn them.


A baby monitor is an object that gives the person in charge of the baby the possibility of reacting quickly in the event of an incident. Cries and screams are instantly transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver. Parents can therefore be present as soon as the baby wakes up to feed or reassure him.

Ease Of Use

Most baby monitors are pretty easy-to-use things. They only take a few minutes to set up and are ready to use right out of the box.


As we noticed during our comparison, the price of the baby monitor has come down significantly over the past few years.

Today, it is possible to get the best baby monitors at $229. Visit this page and enjoy various discount coupons.

Cons of Lumi Baby Monitor

Lumi Smart Baby Monitor and Sleep System tracks your child’s enough sleep and identifies baby’s diaper wetness, however it requires exceptional diapers and doesn’t have monitor breathing.


lumi baby monitor review

The pampers smart baby monitor is intended to be wall-mounted with a turn head that can shift to any point. It accompanies all mounting screws and a couple of link clasps to shield the power rope from minuscule getting hands. You can leave it on the rack in the event that you like.

You should utilize the Lumi by pampers smart application (for Android and iOS) to set up the camera quality as there is no choice for web observing.

The camera initially interfaces with your telephone by means of Bluetooth for arrangement, and afterward to your home organization through Wi-Fi. Once associated, just download the firmware update and you’re finished.

The screen can transfer video at goals up to 1080p, however, it can downscale to 720p or even 360p for smoother playback.

Field of View can be set to Normal – a decent choice for a little nursery or single den – the entire way to 180-degree Ultra-Wide View for bigger rooms.

You can see the distinction in the photos of my child’s room underneath. No matter what the field of view, the picture is clear, even with night vision through infrared LEDs.

At regular intervals, the framework can produce what it calls Lumi Lookback, which is basically a 60-second or less sluggish movement video of the past 15 hours, utilizing movement catch to conclude which casings to utilize. You can shoot four flashback recordings each day.

They are not put away for over 24 hours, so you really want to download anything you desire to keep. These are the main clasps you can make/save from your Lumi camera.

Lookback is helpful for perceiving how frequently your child throws and gets up around evening time, yet it’s not so valuable as the rest examination you get from a camera.

You can add watchmen to the rundown of individuals who approach the camera so that even family members who are away from home or home babysitters can see the transmission on their telephones.

There is no restriction to the number of individuals that can live stream simultaneously, yet at this moment the application just backings each camera in turn, so it won’t work assuming you have various cameras in various rooms.

Live streaming permits you to involve two-factor validation for included security on top of the underlying two-level 256-digit encryption.

In any case, when the divert is running behind the scenes, the application obviously leaves your telephone or tablet’s receiver on constantly, regardless of whether you’re not utilizing two-way sound to converse with somebody on the opposite end.

This is demonstrated by another element in iOS 14 where an orange spot shows up at the highest point of the screen when the mouthpiece is dynamic. This is super durable until you impair the stream or close the Lumi application.

FAQ Lumi Baby Monitor

lumi baby monitor review

Following are the common questions asked about Lumi Baby Monitor.

Is The Baby Monitor Dangerous For The Baby?

The effects of certain high-frequency waves are unknown. It is necessary to know that the devices broadcasting waves at the highest frequency are those which use DECT technology.

Some of these devices are present in our comparison table. No harmful effects have been proven on the dangerousness of the waves to the brain of a baby.

However, it is important to take into account that the brain of a child is more receptive to waves than that of an adult.

Do Video Baby Monitors Require A Light Source To See The Baby At Night?

Most video baby monitors are equipped with Infrared LEDs to allow parents to see their child at night in the baby’s sleep routine without having to get out of bed. Browse our comparison to find the devices equipped with this option!

What Are The Best Options For A Baby Monitor?

There are many. The best baby monitor options in our comparison are those that are suited to your needs: night light, lullabies, wireless, smartphone compatible, motion sensors, hygrometer, thermometer, etc.

What Is The Range Of Baby Monitors?

The minimum range of 300 or 500 meters in order to be quieter.

How To Hang The Baby Monitor?

The best way to place the baby monitor out of your child’s reach is to hang it up high. Attach it to the top of the baby’s crib or put it on the changing table or even on the floor so you can easily retrieve it.

How Far From The Baby Should The Baby Monitor Be Placed?

It is recommended to place your baby monitor purchased through our comparison at least one meter from the baby’s head for more efficiency.

You will be able to hear the baby properly up to 3 meters away. Beyond that, the listening quality will be poor and the weakest sounds will not be perceived by the transmitter.

Is The Baby Monitor Really Useful?

Yes, according to the opinions collected for our comparison, the baby monitor is very useful. This is especially the case if the baby has his own room and you live in a big house.


The Lumi Smart Baby Monitor and Sleep System from Pampers is most certainly more outfitted for guardians of infants and is best for individuals who experience difficulty dozing.

In the event that you have a kid who rests soundly and you are more worried about their breathing, you ought to pick Nanit Plus.

Furthermore, on the off chance that Pampers diapers aren’t appropriate for your child, not all diapers are ideal for each child – you might need to quit utilizing the sensor.

This makes Lumi a good device to some degree, a specialty framework, despite the fact that it could be perfect for yourself as well as your youngster.