Levana Astra PTZ Baby Video Monitor Review

Levana Astra PTZ
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Levana Astra PTZ Baby video monitor is Levana's latest product that features a 3.5-inch screen with a quiet pan/tilt/zoom image control and a relaxing Talk to Baby intercom to comfort your child no matter where you are. Levana will always connect you to your bundle of joy as long as both of you are within its range.

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Levana Astra is more expensive than most baby monitors but it is packed with powerful features that make it worth every penny. This baby video monitor has so much to offer, check it out below.

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Reliable Video Quality

Levana Astra’s video is great no matter what time of the day, be it in the morning or night. Astra can boast in its high-quality video that you will enjoy on its 3.5-inch screen. In fact, it includes an invisible infrared LED to give you a clear image of your child up to 12 feet away even in complete darkness. If you want a baby video monitor with a reliable and clear video quality, this device will never let you down.

Two-Way Communication

Most parents purchase baby video monitors because they want to see and hear their baby. Astra recognizes this need, so they equipped their device with a two-way communication feature. In this way, parents can comfort their child whenever they cry by simply talking to the monitor. At the same time, you need not stare at the video the whole time because you will hear your baby when he or she makes a sound. In addition, you can place this in any area of your home so you need not yell when you ask for help.

Remote Camera

Levana Astra PTZ 2

Just like the other high-end baby video monitors, Levana Astra offers a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) camera control that allows you to adjust the camera view horizontally 300o and tilt vertically 100o. With this feature, you can turn the camera in any direction you wish and zoom it when you find what you are looking for to verify it. Levana Astra’s PTZ feature will be very useful especially when your baby starts to crawl or walk.

Multiple Views Up To 4 Cameras

Astra knows that you need more cameras due to your growing family, so they designed their baby video monitor to be expandable up to 4 cameras. In this way, you can check on your children from different rooms. You can also place the cameras in different areas of your home to monitor your property or the entire household without the need to roam around.

ClearVu Technology

One of the growing concerns in baby video monitors is security. To address this, Astra is equipped with ClearVu technology. This technology provides outstanding precision and clarity of digital signal from up to 75 feet away. Astra offers a private, secure and interference-free digital signal to keep your household away from hackers and online culprits. This feature also allows you to take the device with you within or outside your home to monitor your child’s safety around the clock with peace of mind.


Levana Astra baby video monitor offers you comfort and convenience with its PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) feature that sets your monitor and camera to “sleep” when there is no sound in the nursery to save energy and power. However, when your child starts to “peep” or make a sound the camera and monitor will automatically activate, so you can see and hear what is happening in the other room. In this way, you need not turn on or off the monitor manually to check the screen when you hear a sound.

Other Features

If the above features already impressed you, then you will surely love this device because there’s more. Levana Astra includes 3 soothing lullabies, which you can use to comfort your child or help her or him sleeps. You can activate the lullabies remotely and change the sound from the parent unit.

To help you enjoy your purchase, this baby video monitor also comes with a customer support team that you can reach through email or live web chat. Astra’s support is flexible, helpful and multilingual. They can assist you whether you speak in English, French of Spanish.

Additional Information

  1. Product range: Up to 750 feet
  2. Product dimensions: 9 x 3.9 x 6.3 inches
  3. Product weight: 1.6 pounds
  4. 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  5. Battery life: Up to 48 hours in power save mode; 10 hours with continuous video and audio usage
  6. Standing screen display size: 3.5 inches


Levana Astra PTZ 3Most customers who purchased Levana Astra PTZ were delighted with this baby video monitor. In fact, they were so happy that they shared positive reviews to encourage other parents to be wise and spend in this type of monitoring system. Find some of the customer reviews below.

“Does exactly what I need it to do. Not the greatest picture, but I can tell if my daughter has her eyes open or not. The battery lasts forever as well, we left it unplugged for 3 days straight before it started to die. Our daughter is 8 months and it still works as well as it did new,” Purplebean wrote about her Levana Astra experience.

“Very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this monitor. Very good picture quality and portable for us to use when traveling. Didn’t give 5 stars because signal can sometimes be variable/weak even at a short distance but usually some small adjustments of the antenna and monitor will rectify this. We use this in our apartment and the camera and monitor are ~40ft apart,” Cesshh20 commented.

Levana Astra PTZ baby monitor offers high-quality video and audio with pan/tilt/zoom camera control, multiple views, and ClearVu technology for a private, secure and interference-free digital signal. The only drawback with Astra is its price. This baby video monitor is more expensive than other brands but given its features, you will surely understand.

If you are looking for a high-end baby video monitor, Levana Astra PTZ baby monitor will be perfect for you. So don’t delay, get this monitor here.

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