iBaby M6T HD Wi-Fi Digital Baby Video Camera Monitor Revew

iBaby M6T HD
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iBaby Monitor M6T a.k.a "wireless baby monitor" or "helping hand" offers the synergy of sophisticated technology with intuitive user interface.

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Monitoring your baby should not be burdensome at all because with the new technologies today, you can get connected to anyone, especially to your bundle of joy no matter where you are. iBaby Monitor M6T utilizes the new technology to give you peace of mind when looking after your baby.

This baby video monitor is equipped with a high-resolution wireless camera to record your baby’s activities and other outstanding features to help you stay on top of your parenting duties. Read below to learn more about this baby video monitor.

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Impressive Video Quality

App-ScreensMost parents purchase baby video monitors to check their baby while they are away, so when buying one, you should check its video quality. iBaby Monitor M6T offers a clear 720p high-definition videos and images whether it’s daylight or nighttime. With this feature, you are sure to have a clear view of your baby wherever you are 24/7.

Clear Audio Quality

Aside from giving you a crystal clear view of your baby, this baby monitor is equipped with a reliable two-way audio. With this feature, you can hear and speak with your baby, wherever you are to calm her when she cries or to soothe her when she has her tantrums. Moreover, iBaby Monitor M6T is equipped with advanced echo cancellation technology to allow you clear communication with your little one.

Remote Camera


iBaby Monitor M6T recognizes your need to get a full view of the area where you left your baby. Thus, it gives you 360-degree coverage, which keeps your baby insight by simply swiping your finger on your smartphone to explore the coverage area. This baby video monitor allows you to pan and tilt the camera, 360 O horizontally and 110O vertically.

Multiple Views

Some other baby video monitors limit the number of views by only allowing you up to 4 cameras. The other constraint is that you are limited to using the monitor that comes with the device. iBaby Monitor M6T has a different approach. It comes with its own app and is accessible to unlimited number of family members who download the app with up to 4 viewers simultaneously. All of these features are available without you having to sacrifice anything because you are still in control. You control what they see and what they hear.

Smart Alerts

This baby video monitor also comes with visual alerts that make your monitoring duties more convenient by sounding an alert when it detects a sound or motion. In this way, you need not listen hard or watch the camera 24/7 to be sure that you do not miss anything. In addition, it also takes photos or short videos to record an alert event.

Easy To Install

This baby video monitor is very easy to install and set up. In fact, you can get iBaby Monitor M6T running in 60 seconds without going through all the pages in its manual guide. The app includes a straightforward installation process that you need to follow.

Basically, you have to download the iBaby care app from the App Store or Google Play. Then connect the cables. Connect your phone to the monitor through a USB cable, plug the power adapter and it will install automatically.

Other Features

Aside from giving you high-quality audio and video, iBaby M6T is equipped with humidity and temperature sensors to help you check on your baby’s condition. With this feature, you need not wonder if he is cold or if the room is too warm.

This baby video monitor also comes with over 10 lullabies and bedtime stories, video recording with replay, and sleep mode to control access to privacy settings. You can also record and play lullabies, record your own voice and play it later to calm your baby, record videos and take photos and share it on your social media account.

Additional Information

  1. Product range: You can check on your baby as long you are connected online
  2. Product dimensions 7 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
  3. Product weight: 3 pounds
  4. No batteries required
  5. Standing screen display size: Depending on your smartphone or tablet.



iBaby M6T baby video monitor is one of the most practical and efficient monitors that you can find on the market. In fact, those who already purchased one, wish to get another one for their next baby. That’s how impressive the device is and that how satisfying its performance is. You can find some of the customer reviews below.

“I love my monitor. Really put my mind at ease when my baby moved into her own room. I’m getting ready to buy a second one for baby #2s room!” Amanda Smith wrote about her iBaby M6T baby monitor experience.

“I really was hoping for a awesome baby monitor I could use my phone to watch baby instead of carry around a monitor everywhere I went and worry about distance. This monitor as long as it was set up close to our router, worked great. The video quality is awesome. The only downside is if you’re getting a monitor in hopes to watch a play by play of baby as its happening this is not it. The notifications came in to my phone delayed and the video is about 30 seconds behind real time. The record feature however is awesome and I love how I can play music and talk to baby through my phone! Monitor worked as a great second eye when watching my baby!” Tiffany, another Amazon Customer wrote.

If you are always concern with moving around thinking if you are still within the range of your device, iBaby M6T spare you from this concern. As long as you are connected online, this baby video monitor allows you to see and hear your little one. It also provides high-quality video and audio, two-way audio with echo cancellation technology, smart alert and more.

iBaby M6T will never let you down. So if you need one don’t hesitate to get this baby video monitor. You can purchase this device here.

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