All You Need To Know About Buying Crib Sheets For Your Little One

Whenever couples receive their Expected Date of Delivery of their baby from their doctor and have the gender confirmed, the next thing is to go shopping.

Compiling a list of what your baby would need is already hard enough; talk less about attaching numbers to certain items such as crib sheets.

Whether it is for your baby registry, which is the case most times, you will need to know the number of crib sheets your baby will need. Crib sheets are a crucial part of your baby’s crib after the mattress and any other form of bedding like blankets depending on your baby’s age.

There are factors that parents would need to take into consideration when buying crib sheets. The type of crib sheets you’ll need for a mini crib mattress would differ in size and cost from the type of crib sheet compatible with a standard baby crib. You’ll have to pick between breathable organic cotton and other materials like cashmere, fleece, and flannel.

Is there any magic number to the number of crib sheets needed by a baby? We can’t tell, but we always give the best advice on all things baby-related, don’t we? Keep reading to see all you need to know about purchasing crib sheets when the time for that presents itself.

Do I Need Crib Sheets?

In order to create an ideal sleeping environment, a fitted crib sheet is an essential part of your baby’s crib bedding.

A minimum of two sheets and a maximum of seven is recommended, but with babies, it is never a bad idea to have excess of whatever item around just in case.

How Often Do You Change Crib Sheets?

Crib sheets should be changed about once or twice per week. If there is a minor spill, be sure to clean or wipe immediately.

However, if the stain or spill is such that you need to make a change .e.g a cleaning agent that could be harmful to your baby’s skin, change the crib sheets immediately.

Are Twin Sheets The Same As Crib Sheets?

Twin sheets are not the same as crib sheets. A twin sheet is simply two crib sheets sewn together and used for a twin-sized bed in a convertible crib.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need For My Baby?

Two crib sheets should be the minimum for any parent looking to purchase crib sheets upon their baby’s arrival.

Three crib sheets would be the maximum, as most parents recommend changing the crib sheets two to three times a week.

If you are the type of parent who is very sensitive about what comes in contact with your baby’s skin and loves neatness to a fault, then buy five to seven crib sheets. That way, you can give your baby fresh sheets every day.

It is also important to take into consideration, how babies can be with spills and cleaning. It would make sense to have one to two crib sheets as extra sheets on hand in case you have some shits in the laundry.

What Are Some Factors To Consider When Buying A Crib Sheet?

Here are some essential criteria to take into consideration when buying a sheet for your baby’s crib;

1. Breathability and comfort

Newborns tend to spend a lot of time sleeping on their backs and they also sweat a lot. Circulation is also limited because during sleeping hours, babies do not move around a lot.

Therefore, it is essential that you buy organic cotton sheets that are breathable. Organic cotton sheets would help your baby stay col and comfortable while taking a nap.

For the colder periods of the year, flannel or fleece-like fabrics will suffice for the sake of your baby staying warm.

2. Fit of the sheets being bought

When buying the crib sheets you’ll need, you will want to make sure that the sheets fit tightly around the crib mattress.

When using a sheet that has a snug fit, your baby is less likely to pull it lose when moving around in their sleep.

A loosely fitted sheet could pose a potential threat to your baby’s safety.

Placing extra items in and around the baby’s crib such as pillows, bumper pads, and stuffed toys is not recommended.

If such items such as a stuffed animal were to get in your baby’s face, your baby may not be able to wriggle away from the stuffed animal.

3. Absorbency:

When dealing with your little one, the last thing you want would be spills and stains in the baby’s crib and on the crib sheets. When it comes to the go-to material preferred by parents for absorption, cotton is usually the first choice.

4. Added waterproof lining:

Not many people would tell you this, but buying a crib sheet with an extra waterproof lining located at the bottom of the sheet could be advantageous.

The waterproof lining would save you the need of buying a mattress protector, as it offers extra protection against liquids spilling on the crib sheet.

5. Organic:

Organic baby gear such as crib mattresses are always preferred to their synthetic counterparts and crib sheets are no different.

Be on the lookout for the OEKO-Tex or GOTS certifications to ensure you are getting an eco-friendly oragnic product of your choice. No parent wants their babies sleeping on synthetic sheets with harmful compounds as part of the sheet’s composition.

What Is The Size Of A Standard Crib Sheet?

For a crib sheet to be considered “standard”, there are certain dimensions that the crib sheet needs to meet.

The crib sheet should be 52 inches in length, 28 inches wide, and five inches thick.

When purchasing crib sheets labelled as standard, be sure the sheets have a snug fit when laid ou on the crib mattress.

This is so that there is not enough material exposed to make the sheets look excessively big, or worse still, get your baby entangled.

Do Crib Sheets Come In Different Sizes?

Crib sheets come in different sizes to cater to the different crib sizes, be it a mini crib, or a standard crib. Both crib sizes would have different mattress sizes that would require different sheet sizes.

There is the standard crib sheet and the mini crib sheet. The sheet used for the standard crib would be 52 x 28 inches. This type of sheet will fit a standard crib mattress and a toddler mattress.

The dimensions of the sheets used in mini crib mattresses are 38 x 24 inches. Asides from fitting a mini crib mattress, sheets for a mini crib should also fit a Pack n Play mattress of 39 x 27 inches.

Are All Cribs Standard Size?

Not all cribs are standard size, so the crib sheets are going to differ. In most cases, the crib manufacturer would usually have custom-made crib beddings for a particular crib. It could be a hypoallergenic mattress that won’t hurt your baby’s skin or an organic crib mattress.

Are All Crib Sheets Standard Size?

For a crib sheet to be referred to as a standard size crib sheet, the crib sheet would have to be 51.625 inches long, 27,25 inches wide, and 5.5 inches thick.

Many crib sheets may qualify as standard-size crib sheets, but not all crib sheets are standard size.

Sheets that are fit standard-sized cribs would also be ideal for a toddler bed, while the non-standard sheets would fit nicely on a mini baby crib.

Are All Crib Sheets The Same Size?

Not all crib sheets are the same size. The crib sheets used for a mini crib will not be the same size for a convertible crib using a larger crib mattress.

Crib mattresses like the one used in a convertible baby crib like the Babyletto Hudson would require larger crib sheets than those used in a Babyletto Origami Mini portable crib.

How Many Blankets Does A Baby Need?

For newborns, it is recommended that you purchase one blanket.

However, when it comes to babies, having some extra piece of whatever item can come in handy when you least expect it.

Two to three blankets for your baby should suffice.

One blanket can be used in the crib to cover your baby while they sleep, while the other could be used for swaddling.

When buying blankets for your baby, ensure you get one that is made from 100% breathable organic cotton that would allow your baby’s skin to breathe.

How Many Crib Sheets Do I Need To Register?

Two to three crib sheets should be enough when creating your baby registry. Plus, crib sheets are one of the items which you would most likely get in excess during your baby shower.

You may even end up with enough sheets to switch one for the other every day and not have to worry about what would be on your baby’s crib mattress.

How Much Should You Spend On A Crib Sheet?

Depending on certain factors, the average crib sheet would cost you anywhere from $10 to $50. Certain factors could include fabric used, name brands, and seasonal sales and promotions, etc. Christmas.

However, some sheets cost higher than $100 on popular e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Wayfair. Crib sheet packs containing 2 or more sheets would cost anywhere between $25 to $100.

What Are Our Top Picks When Buying Sheets For Your Baby’s Crib?

There is no way we would give you all the information you need about one of the essentials when it comes to crib bedding and not leave you without suggestions. There are many crib sheets we could talk about, but we’ll only look at three today.

Below are three sheets worth buying for your baby’s crib for all expectant and seasoned mothers out there:

1. Newton Baby Organic Crib Sheet

Your baby will cherish every second of sleep, thanks to this pre-shrunk crib sheet by Newton Baby. Breathable for optimal airflow and made with organic cotton free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, this is a great deal for any parent.

Feel free to choose from three lovely finishes for your baby, with sizes available for standard cribs and mini cribs.


(i) Product dimensions: 10.39 x 9.06 x 3.94 inches
(ii) Product weight: 1.06 pounds
(iii) Material: Cotton


• Made from breathable cotton and pairs perfectly with the Newton mattress.
• 100% machine washable, as this sheet is made from pre-shrunk organic muslin cotton.
• Elastic corners guarantee a snug fit for mattresses used in standard cribs
• Available in different finishes such as Stardust Twilight Grey and Dreamweaver Moonstone Mist.
• Very affordable


• None

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2. Burt’s Bees Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet

Comfort and coziness do not get any better for your little one than this organic fitted crib sheet. You can be guaranteed the cotton used is organic, as the GOTS certification is on this product.

If other similar products had irritated your little one’s skin in the past, you could forget about that with these sheets. The organic cotton used is hypoallergenic and caters perfectly to the most sensitive skin for babies.

Lastly, pick from a range of over 8 finishes to complement whatever aesthetics may be in your baby’s nursery.


(i) Product dimensions: 52 x 28 8 inches
(ii) Material type: Cotton
(iii) Product weight: 4.8 ounces


• Made from 100% GOTS certified organic breathable cotton.
• Hypoallergenic and poses no threat of irritation to your baby’s skin.
• Machine washable without any fear of shrinking or losing its feel or shrinking.
• BEESNUG 3600 provides parents with premium elastic for a more secure, safer and better fit for your little one.
• Available in different finishes such as Blackberry Flower, Blue Sky Stripes, and Blueberry Bold Stripe etc.


• None for this product

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After the crib and the crib mattress, the crib sheets are about the next most essential piece of bedding your little one would need.

Whether it is for a good night’s sleep or a quick nap, you need to get the best of the best when it comes to baby purchases.

When it is time to decide which sheets to buy, our top picks link you directly to Amazon if you want to make a purchase.

The last thing you want as a parent is to put your baby at risk of suffocation from buying a product that has not been reviewed and trusted.

Till next time, make sure to stay safe and take care of your little bundle of joy!