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Graco Direct Connect Digital Audio Baby Monitor is an inexpensive counterpart for high-cost and high-end digital baby monitors on the market.

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Graco Direct Connect Digital Audio Baby Monitor is a high-quality safety baby monitor which costs less than high-end baby monitors. Although it can’t compete with video baby monitors because it does not offer the said feature, Graco Direct Connect Digital Audio Baby Monitor brings you flexibility and convenience with its two receivers– one for each parent, or one for separate locations in the house you need to be in as your baby sleeps.


One of the best features that Graco Direct Connect Digital Audio Baby Monitor offers is its affordable price.This device is up for grab for only $59.99, giving every parent an opportunity to enjoy the power of baby monitors. This low-cost baby monitor does not fall behind when it comes to features and benefits that most baby monitors offer- except for the video part.

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The key feature of Graco Direct Connect Digital Audio Baby Monitor is its audio quality. It has astounding 900 MHz frequency that guarantees zero interference rates from electronic devices. It also boasts of its extended 200-foot range that makes it more convenient to use in large home spaces.

That being said, the Graco Direct Connect Digital Audio Baby Monitor ensures that you can hear even the softest, lightest sounds that may cause a disturbance in your baby’s slumber or any other sounds that may warn you of harm or danger.The audio quality of this device is the reason for its mostly positive baby monitor reviews to date.

Interference-Free Audio

Graco Baby Monitor
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With the 900 MHz frequency, nights are more secure as it operates without interference from electronic devices at home. This ensures a clear connection with your child as you stay in another part of the house.

The 2000-foot range gives you enough space to roam around the house without worrying about the signal. Because you can hear your baby’s softest cry and slightest sounds of discomfort even when you’re in the basement or in the laundry for your chores.

Improved UI

Since we’re talking about convenience, this baby monitor with screen has made its user interface much easier and simpler. The LCD screen allows you to move over the controls quickly. This is perfect for parents who want something basic but want to enjoy the same peace of mind that baby monitors with complex UI offers.

Although Graco lacks the video platform, it still allows you to monitor your child visually without the video interface. This baby monitor uses sound lights to notify you when your baby is crying or is experiencing any kind of discomfort.

Other Features

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The exclusive Graco vibration notification technology makes this device an effective baby monitor. The talkback feature lets you sing to your baby, or reassure them in the middle of the night from anywhere in the house while the low battery alarm is there to alert you when it is time to recharge, so you will never run out of battery.

It also features a temperature monitor to let you know how cool or warm your child’s bedroom is. The ambient night light gives your baby’s room just enough brightness so you can easily see when you check on your little one in the middle of the night. This way you won’t be disturbing his peaceful sleep. Baby monitor reviews have been highlighting this feature because of its efficiency.


Product dimensions: 9.6 x 3 x 9.4 inches

Product weight: 1.5 pounds

Product Range: Up to 2000 feet


Customers who bought Graco Direct Connect Digital Audio Baby Monitor were very happy and satisfied with their purchase. In fact, they attested that they’re getting the best value for their $59 because this baby monitor has superb features that include clear sound quality, the convenience of an extended 2,000-foot range, low battery alarm, night light, and a lot more! Some parents admit they cannot live without this baby monitor anymore while some complement its simplicity that is effectively paired with functionality.

The consumer reports state that satisfied consumers are loving its talkback feature the most because it is very efficient in letting them know what is going on in their child’s bedroom. At the same time, this feature allows them to reassure their child or sing him lullabies when he is experiencing discomfort.

Most parents who value functionality over aesthetic and quality over design recommend The Graco Direct Connect Digital Audio Baby Monitor. If you want a low-cost audio baby monitor with impressive functionalities, this device will not disappoint you.

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