Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope Latex Free 22″

For expectant parents who want to bond with their baby in the womb, do not worry that is possible. You do not have to wait until the delivery day to feel your angel because fetal Doppler is designed to help you listen to his or her heartbeat and movements. If you are skeptical about using earbuds in listening to your baby’s heartbeat, you may try Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope Latex Free 22″.

What is Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope Latex Free 22″?

Dixie-EMS-Fetal-StethoscopeDixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope is a “fetoscope.” It is not a fetal Doppler but it does the same job at a much cheaper price. Usually, this device is only priced at $13 and using it feels more natural and safer than a Doppler unit. In addition, using a fetoscope will make you feel as if you are a professional physician for your little angel.

Dixie EMS being a fetal stethoscope or “fetoscope” is designed to help you hear the soft heartbeat of your baby in the womb clearly. However, just like a Doppler unit, you also need to search for your baby’s heartbeat and the process may take some time. It is recommended that you use this fetal Doppler in a quiet environment. Once you find your baby’s heartbeat, it will be easy to hear his or her soft heartbeat clearly.

Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope is high quality and well-built. It comes with a sturdy 22-inch latex-free tubing and chrome plating. You might feel odd at first use, but you will easily get used to it after several uses. Some medical professionals who are accustomed to using a regular stethoscope admitted that there’s a learning curve when they use the fetal version. You need to be patient to get the hang of it.

This fetoscope is recommended during the final trimester, but some users opt to use it earlier and it works for some. So, if you are still away from your final trimester and you don’t hear any heartbeat with this device, you should not panic. However, it would be better to discuss the matter with your obstetrician.

Benefits of Getting a Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope Latex Free 22″

IMG Source: thedue.date
IMG Source: thedue.date

As mentioned, the Dixie Ems fetoscope is similar to a unit Doppler, however, many are convinced that this is safer and feels more natural. In addition, this fetoscope is high-quality, reliable and very efficient. Its 22-inch black tubing is adjustable, you can easily shorten it to facilitate the use of the headrest.

Getting a fetoscope is a great way to enjoy peace of mind during your pregnancy. Some moms tend to panic whenever they don’t feel their unborn baby’s movement. A fetoscope will help you listen to his or her heartbeat, which makes it a huge relief whenever you don’t feel your baby’s kicks and hiccups but hear the heartbeat.

In addition, a fetoscope is much cheaper than a regular Doppler unit. So, if you do not want to spend much but wish to hear your baby’s heartbeat, getting a fetoscope is a wise choice. It is very practical, efficient and reliable.

Product Features

  • High acoustic sensitivity
  • High quality single lumen tubing
  • Compact and durable design


Soon to be, parents who tried Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope are very satisfied with the fetoscope’s performance. They feel that using it is more natural and safer than the Doppler unit. Moreover, the experience of listening to their baby’s heartbeat is exciting, emotional and unforgettable. Check out some of the reviews from verified users below.

“This is the second brand of fetoscope I have purchased, and definitely better than the first. The earpieces are snug on my head but not painfully tight (like the other). The tubing is very flexible and sturdy and transmits sound well,” AKR wrote about his fetoscope experience.

“I was skeptical about buying this after reading reviews but it has worked wonderfully for me! I received my fetoscope at exactly 19 weeks and heard my beans heart beat the very first try!” Shanna Hartzell.

Meanwhile, Whitney Washington has a short but sweet review. “Works perfectly!!” she wrote.

There is no doubt that Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope is worth every penny. Most users who purchased this device can attest to its quality performance.

Reviews: 3.2/5


For parents who are expecting and wishing to have an intimate bonding with their unborn little one but don’t want to shed a huge amount for this fetal Doppler device, no worries. Dixie Ems Fetal Stethoscope is cheap, efficient, reliable, and high quality. If you are interested in getting this, you can purchase it