5 Cutest Type of Nursery Ideas – Best Baby Room Decoration Designs

So you have just had your first baby (maybe a boy or baby girl), and you suddenly discover that you need to gift them with their own living space.

A nursery room of their own decorated with posters, and other things baby’s love. The question is how do I create a cute nursery room for my baby?

Baby nursery designs range from minimalist, forest theme, and even gender-neutral designs suited for both sexes of a child.

However, most parents tend to “go with the flow” when it comes to nursery decor than choosing to settle for a themed-nursery design and go for it.

This article is sure to help you answer all those questions. Keep reading to get an in-depth understanding of the various themed nursery ideas, and answers to other questions.


5 Cute Baby Nursery Wall Ideas 

How well do you know themed nursery design ideas? Are you familiar with the interior design components that make up the nursery design of whichever design theme you opt for? Are you at a loss on how to make the most out of all that space to create a cute nursery for your baby?

Here are some the best baby room wall decorating ideas you can try:

1. Minimalist Baby Room Decor Ideas

In architecture and other art forms, minimalist simply refers to extreme spareness and simplicity. Minimalist designs look to make the most out of the available space while keeping all design elements to the barest minimum.

Minimalist designs have even been used to give the illusion that a certain space is bigger than it seems, hence proving that “less is more”.

Below are some minimalist baby nursery design ideas for your little one;

Minimalist Clothing Rack For Your Baby’s Nursery

Storage space can pose a challenge in the nursery you have planned out for your little one if the baby crib does not have underneath storage and drawers.

There are clothing racks that are very bare and simple, and offer a great deal of storage, considering how small baby clothes can be.

A color that is not too “loud” such as grey, or beige would do. Store additional items like trinkets, stuffed animals. and cover clothes in baskets laid in between the legs of the clothes rack.

Minimalist Shelves And Wall Storage

If you thought those sleek-looking boards sticking out of walls, where older folks would line up their favorite books were only reserved for them, think again.

Nurseries are not exempt from having this added feature, as it provides an excellent spot to place pieces that help beautify the nursery.

Frames of your baby when he or she took their first step is a great idea. You could also place a card with a sweet message for your little one, or a picture with your spouse and your little one sharing some awesome moments together.

When constructing these side shelves, get the carpenter or whoever is involved to situate such shelves as high as possible. That way, it is out of the baby’s reach, including all objects placed on the shelf.

Minimalist Baby Crib

Some baby cribs are more detailed than others when it comes to design.

If you plan on making your nursery minimalist, then you have to get a mini baby crib that aligns with the concept of simplicity, and extreme spareness.

The Pottery Barn Kids baby crib is an excellent candidate for a baby crib that blends into the concept of minimalism in your nursery.

I found the white color very appealing, considering how calm and cool it is. Remember, no “loud colors.

Minimalist furniture and other accessories

Aside from your baby crib, you might find yourself investing in a rocking chair, a set of drawers, and some other stuff to hang on the wall. When buying such items, go for products that are not overly large, and have a simple design element to them.

Miniature clocks, handwoven baskets, and rattan mirrors are examples of pieces that add fluidity, texture, and spontaneity to an already beautiful nursery.

Do’s of a Minimalist Themed Nursery Idea

Invest in items that could serve more than one use. A changing table that can serve as storage is an excellent example.

Keep the baby crib and bedding simple. A minimalist crib, and little to no stuffed animals, or potential choking hazards is a great way to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Don’ts of a Minimalist Themed Baby Nursery Design

Do not buy an overly expensive baby crib that is large in size. Remember to keep things simple, and create the illusion of space (less is more). A large crib will take up substantial space, and leave a large footprint in your child’s nursery.

Don’t go all out on the accessories. Try having about two to three hanging pieces per time and make sure they are simple, and blend with the overall concept of minimalism.

Do not block out light in the nursery. Install lighting in areas where you tend to carry out the most tasks and make sure each lighting fixture is enough to cover enough space. More with less is the name of the game.

2. Black And White Nursery Decor Ideas

Black and white, sometimes referred to as monochrome can be another awesome way to polish your baby’s nursery. Black and white nursery decor is also gender-neutral, as there is no overly feminine, or masculine side to the interior design of the nursery.

There is also no better color combination to experiment with contrast than a black and white nursery. From the choice of the baby crib in the nursery to the wall paint, and nursery rug, all the accents would line up to create a beautiful pattern.

Here are some baby room decor ideas in case your wife decides to opt for a black and white style nursery:

Black, White, and Bohemian

Infusing Bohemian-themed pieces such as lush foliage, and hand-carved wicker baskets are some ways you could beautify your child’s nursery.

Such Bohemian-themed pieces add an earthy feel and help brighten the atmosphere.

The best part of this interior decor theme that is done the “Boho” (short form for Bohemian), is that the pieces used will stand out despite the black and white prints.

Mixing and Matching Patterns

Turn your black and white nursery into what seems like a graphical illusion by mixing patterns.

Pair white dots on a black wall, with a white rug that has black spirals and you’ll get just what I’m referring to.

It may be strong on the eye at first glance, but such a design would be hard to forget.

Make sure other pieces such as floor beds, and rocking chairs are in black and white, but not with as much visual assortment as larger pieces could have.

Use Wall Decals to Spice Things Up

Wall decals are affordable and require no special effort in installing especially vinyl decals. The awesome thing with wall decals is that they come in several designs such as triangles, circles, or other geometrical shapes.

Make Things Pop With a Touch Of Yellow

If there is one color that blends well in a black and white nursery, it would be yellow. Yellow sits well with black, and stands out with white, so why not try them out for your nursery ideas?

A yellow lighting feature, a yellow clothes rack, or even a yellow throw pillow would do. Just make sure whatever touch of yellow you’re introducing is noticeable but not too large that it steals the show.

Potted Plants Pair Perfectly

Our black and white baby room ideas would not be complete if we forgot to give our little ones the chance to be surrounded by Mother Nature.

Plants in medium-sized vases can prove to be a wonderful aesthetic component in any situation. including monochrome designs.

Place some fake plants in a case and hang them in the window, or hang a wreath on the wall. As small as these objects may be, the earthy elements go a long way in creating a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Woodland Nursery Ideas

Woodland nursery design ideas for your nursery are a lot these days, especially when you consider wallpapers and custom-made pieces.
Below are some great nursery ideas for that woodland nursery feel worth trying;

Mountain View Mural

We all love a good view, don’t we? Gift your baby with exactly that using this chalk mural from Bent and Courtney. Bent and Courtney are a DIY couple behind the Gray House Studio.

This mural is the perfect depiction of woodland-themed when it comes to interior design pieces for your baby’s nursery.

Modern Nursery Wood Feel

Exposed wooden walls with no murals or wallpapers give a rustic feel to your child’s nursery. Feel free to pair with patterned rugs, and beddings with drawings of mosses, or reindeer antlers.

Woodland-themed Wall Decor

Be it a photo, a collage, or motifs with animal accents hung on the wall, it’s great to look at the walls and have these objects there to remind you of what design theme you picked.

Beary Rug

Watch your little one crawl to the middle of the room, and snuggle up in a bear-based rug. The warmth they will feel, especially during the winter is absolutely amazing.

Journey Into The Woods

Using furniture made with birch wood in your nursery combined with wallpapers showing trees, the “woody” feeling is undeniable.

Also, add furniture in neutral colors like beige for a great finish to this woodland-themed decor.

Botanical Beauty

Adore your baby’s nursery with slight tones of foliage and wooden nursery furniture, be sure not to overdo this, so your child’s nursery doesn’t come out looking like a garden overgrown with weeds.

4. Safari Nursery Interior Design Ideas

Drawing inspiration from the jungles and wildlands of Africa, Safari nursery design ideas are featured on pillows, wallpapers, and baskets. If you love animals and would like to model the nursery after what would remind you of animals, a Safari-themed nursery design is your best bet.

Here are some safari-themed nursery design styles for parents to try out;

Monochrome Safari Prints

Photos of a giraffe or a lion painted in black and white and framed are great options for safari-themed style nurseries. Such photos would look nicer if painted or laid against a tribal design backdrop e.g Aztec patterns.

Flower Wearing Animals

It does not always have to be lions and giraffes. If your child was a baby girl, you can opt for the same paintings of animals, but have them portrayed in a more feminine way.

Add flower crowns on the heads of these animals, making them look cute.

Safari-Themed Mat For Your Nursery

Your child will be super excited to have a mat with beautiful repetitive animal prints to play with.

Safari Nursery Hanging Pieces

When placed above your crib, your child would have fun staring and watching the animals swirl and dance.

5. Space Themed Nursery Design Ideas

Space decor ideas for nurseries can be hard to fathom, but they’re some of the finest and most lively interior design decor you would see. Versatile, inspirational, and gender-neutral, this design idea for your nursery might just spark their interest in science and astrology.

Be it the stars, planets, or rockets, there is a design that just seems perfect for every bit of space. Here are some ideas for space-themed nursery decor;

Retro Space Cartoon Vibe


You know Rick and Morty. Imagine a baby nursery designed with all their crazy space adventures to different moons and planets if your answer is yes. That would be how this nursery would be decorated.

A wallpaper with cartoon-like drawings of spaceships and people in miniature spacesuits should give you a glimpse into what I mean.

Wall With DIY Constellation

Create your own space-themed design in no other place than the wall of your baby’s nursery. All you need is a pencil, ruler, some paint, and loads of imagination and creativity.

Room Full Of Color

Instead of just the wall, why not deck out the entire nursery in space-related designs? Get a wallpaper with stars, comets, and asteroids for the ceiling. Get the beddings such as the pillows and sheets decked in planetary patterns and constellations.

When Should I Start Decorating My Nursery?

Baby room organization is something that has to be done on time and with a lot of caution.

You might most likely have to decorate a former guest room in your home and have to line it with objects and colors that may be gender-neutral despite the sex of your baby.

Plans to decorate the baby’s nursery should commence from as early as 18 weeks of pregnancy.

This will ensure that all photos, walls, and products are ready by your expected due date.

This is vital if there are any paint jobs to be done in the child’s nursery to allow all chemicals to have escaped the environment by then.

What Do You Put On Nursery Walls?

When designing a baby nursery, there are several items you can put on the wall no matter the nursery ideas you have—these range from paintings, wall decals, murals, removable wallpapers, and hanging tapestry.

You can also add a gallery wall in the nursery, highlighting moments such as your child’s first step or your first pictures of your baby when they were newly delivered.

All these are great ways to decorate any nursery, be it a modern baby crib in a contemporary nursery, gender-neutral nursery, or any nursery at all using the above-listed design themes.

What Do You Put In A Baby Nursery?

Baby nurseries usually have many items in them to list out, but there are essentials that you will find in baby rooms.

Whether it’s a baby girl or a boy, these items would need to be present for the nursery to be considered okay to move the child into.

Sleeping essentials – Crib or bassinet, mattress, and fitted sheets
For feeding – Rocking chair and light source.
For baby care – Changing table
For storage – Baby dresser, baskets, and drawers

Other items that you could be found in nurseries include stuffed animals and a playmat. Baby monitors can act as a pair of eyes when you’re in your living room or master bedroom but are not a must.

What Is The Most Important Item In A Nursery?

The most essential item in a baby’s room would be the baby crib. Get best quality baby crib you can find. If you can lay your hands on one that is convertible to a daybed, toddler bed, twin bed, and full-size bed, the better it is.

You have a lot of options to choose from depending on your needs. If you’re a petite mommy, you can consider getting baby cribs for short moms.

It would also help if you got one with a changing table and shelves, as you would have covered many items at once, especially storage.

Plus, the primary purpose of the nursery is rest and comfort before anything else.

How Much Should You Spend On A Nursery?

The cost of decorating a nursery varies by region and taste in baby essentials like bassinets, strollers, and furnishings for the nursery.

Taking modesty and moderation into consideration, a budget of $1,000 could do. Some expensive nurseries with bespoke pieces and furnishings for the kids could run into tens of thousands of dollars.

If you’re into high-end aesthetics and wouldn’t mind spending, you can get luxury baby cribs.

How Do You Style A Nursery?

Nursery ideas require careful planning and execution if you plan on executing such design ideas to the point of perfection. Most parents even include nursery style items on their baby registry checklist.

Colors and lighting should be taken into consideration, along with ventilation and space.

Here are some exclusive tips on maximizing space and making the most out of your baby’s nursery:

1. Use the right color palette for any of your nursery ideas.

Parents should avoid loud colors, like red, and also steer clear of a mix of too many colors in your kid’s nursery. You don’t want to have your kid’s nursery looking like a poster color project gone wrong.

Your color choice should be between 2 to 3 colors at most, and make sure they are warm and cool colors. Black, white, beige, sky-blue, teal, and light brown are great color choices for your kid’s nursery.

2. Make the best out of storage baskets.

As your baby gets older and as time goes on, you realize that there are many more things they need.

Storage could become an issue, and you would have to find ways to keep things in place while having as much space in the nursery. Get a stylish storage basket to keep their toys, dirty laundry, and every other thing that needs to be stored.

3. Don’t forget to hang something on the walls.

Wall hooks can be used to hang up decorative pieces like wall art and photos in the nursery. Also, clothing like napkins and towels is faster to access than comb through a stash of clothing and bulk diapers.

4. Have a dedicated sitting area just for yourself.

Whether it’s feeding time or watching your little bundle of joy fall asleep, you’re likely going to be sitting when you do all these. It only fits that you invest in a comfortable chair for those rare moments you get to spend with your baby.

5. Go easy on the lighting.

Ensure your light fixtures are not too bright that they affect your baby’s eyes and generate a lot of heat to cause discomfort. This could pose a threat in the nursery, especially if you’re installing the light fixtures over their cot area.

6. Think long term.

To get the best out of your money, invest in baby gear that has years of use ahead. A bassinet may seem like a great steal, but how about when your child gets older and needs a bigger sleeping space?

Convertible foldable cribs are becoming more popular than ever and seem like a better alternative than a bassinet or cot.

7. Install a ceiling fan.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) could be easily kept at bay with a ceiling fan. Reports from the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine have stated that babies who sleep with a ceiling fan reduce their risk of SIDS.

8. Have your baby’s health at the back of your mind.

Have a tray or an area where you have antibacterial agents and wipes always to sterilize surfaces in the nursery. Pay proper attention to areas known as “hotspots” where your child tends to spend a lot of time. Get the safest baby crib to be on the safe side for your little one.

9. Install baby monitor.

For most parents, it’s almost impossible to stay in the nursery all the time. You may have to attend to some household chores, take care of personal needs, or attend to important matters that would require you to leave the room.

Install a smart baby monitor to help you track your toddler. There are many choices to choose from like split screen baby monitor if you have two babies. Some simple options include audio baby monitors, Bluetooth baby monitors, or non-wifi baby monitors.

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