Different Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Child

Baby heartbeat monitors are popular devices for pregnant moms and dads because of its efficiency to bond them with their unborn baby. Of course, the experience of hearing your baby’s heartbeat is intimate, unique and memorable. That is why getting a fetal Doppler for this purpose is just worth it.

Fetal Doppler To Bond With Your Unborn Child

Despite the positive reviews that baby heartbeat monitors or fetal Dopplers receive from its customers, some remain concerned about its safety. But according to professionals, there is no evidence about fetal Dopplers being risky to the mother and baby.

In fact, one woman who got miscarriage continues to use fetal Dopplers because she understands that her miscarriage was not caused by the baby heartbeat monitor. For her, the device offers convenience and comfort for moms who want to check on their baby from time to time, but can’t visit the midwives and hospitals all the time.

“So yes, I used the doppler and found my baby had no heartbeat. But the doppler is not WHY my baby had no heartbeat. Doppler’s are not dangerous to the baby and do not cause any harm to the baby, all they do is allow you to listen to the heartbeat,” Kerry Dryer wrote.

“The reason midwives and hospitals warn you against them is because sometimes, the baby may very well be hiding, you may get confused with your own heartbeat or you may be searching in the wrong place.. then if you don’t find the heartbeat, it can cause you undue worry when everything is actually fine.”

Aside from the worries it makes moms feel when they can’t hear their baby’s heartbeat, the doctors are also afraid of the device giving false security to expectant parents because some turn to fetal Doppler for peace of mind or to reassure their pregnancy.

For instance, one mom, who was on her 38th weeks of pregnancy felt that something was wrong. However, instead of visiting her doctor immediately, she turned to the device and looked for her baby’s heartbeat. Upon hearing her baby’s heartbeat, the expectant mother calmed down and was at peace. After two days, she visited her physician, but to her horror, the ultrasound results showed that her child was already dead.

Thus, just use the device to bond with your child and not as an alternative to medical advice. If you want to get a fetal Doppler to listen to your baby’s heartbeat and enjoy the intimate bonding with your little one, there is no problem with that. Just make sure to work with a professional or visit your doctor immediately if you feel that something is off with your pregnancy. Do not rely on the device for your child’s security. ssssss

Different Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby

IMG Source: tipsmom.com
IMG Source: tipsmom.com

To take your bonding with your unborn child to the next level aside from using baby heartbeat monitors here’s a list of the different activities that you can do to bond with your little one in your womb.

#1 Talk With Your Baby

Always take the time to talk with your unborn baby because they will remember your voice and respond to it. Whenever you deliver your baby and she or he hears your voice, it will comfort her or him. Talk with your baby about your day and let your baby know the activities that you will do together when he or she arrives.

#2 Respond To Your Baby

Your baby’s only mode of communication while he or she is still in your womb is bumps, kicks, and nudges. When your baby starts to kick, play with him or her by responding to her or his movements. You can do so by poking back or rubbing your belly.

#3 Invite Dad To Join The Fan

IMG Source: ivillage.ca
IMG Source: ivillage.ca

Although mom is keeping the baby on her tummy for nine months, dad is as excited and as enthusiastic in welcoming the new addition to the family, so involved him in the fun. You can get his hands on your tummy when the baby kicks and have him respond to it by rubbing your bump. He can also read a baby book and talk with the baby to develop a stronger bond.

#4 Make A Keepsake

To make your pregnancy more fun and exciting, make a keepsake. This could be anything that you are interested in doing. For instance, you can make a quilt, or knit or crochet for your bundle of joy. You can also get the family involved by painting or decorating for his or her nursery. If you have a fetal Doppler, get one that allows you to record the sound. The recorded sound would make a great keepsake.

#5 Practice Yoga

Prenatal yoga classes are specially designed for expectant moms. It gives you the opportunity to escape from the noise and busyness of your daily life and help you focus on your pregnancy for a while. The yoga teacher will guide you through different poses and explain to you how beneficial each pose is to your pregnancy. You will also be given time to relax and focus on your growing baby. Overall, yoga is beneficial physically and mentally. It is efficient in helping you with depression and anxiety during pregnancy.

#6 Keep A Photo

To make bonding with your little one more efficient and intimate, it would be better to have an idea what your baby looks like. So, when you visit the hospital and they give you scan pictures of your baby, keep it and reproduce it. Always bring one with you and spend time to look at it to familiarize the face of your little one. You can also scan it or picture it with your phone so you can check it from time to time.

#7 Slow Down and Write It Down

If you are a workaholic, you have to understand that you have to let go some of your responsibilities to take a full responsibility for your pregnancy. Learn to delegate tasks to your co-worker who knows how to do it and never be ashamed to ask for help whether it’s at work or at home. To help you slow down and feel this blissful experience, make a pregnancy journal. The journal should focus on your pregnancy, where you can write everything you feel physically or mentally. Be honest in your journal, write your fears or worries down. Who knows by doing so, you can identify what is causing your anxiety and help you find a potential solution to overcome it.

If you want to take your intimate moment with your unborn child to the next level, try these activities aside from listening to his or her heartbeat on your fetal Doppler. These activities are proven efficient in getting parents closer with their bundle of joy. So don’t miss to try this and experience a closer bond with your baby.