9 Best Round Baby Cribs – Oval Baby Cribs With Canopy

When you think about best baby cribs in the market, chances are that you imagine a crib that is closer to a square with four corners.

Unfortunately, not many parents are familiar with circular cribs, but hey, there is always something new regarding baby’s gear, especially with designs in baby cribs.

Having a unique appeal to the eye, round cribs add a significant element of decor to your baby’s room.

A round baby crib could also function as a bassinet. If you are expecting a baby, be it a baby boy or baby girl, it’s high time you tried something different and got a round baby crib for a change.

Best Round Baby CribsRatingCheck ProductMaterialDimensionWeightPrice
Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib
4.5Click Here To BuyWood69.5" x 45.5" x 45.5"64.5 lbs$$$
Stokke Sleey Round Crib
4.7Click Here To BuyBeechwood32" x 23" x 15"64 lbs$$$$
Badger Basket Empress Round Baby Bassinet
4.3Click Here To BuyMetal and polyester29.25" x 29.25" x 55"18 lbs$
Uenjoy 5-in-1 Convertible Newborn Round Crib
4.7Click Here To BuyPlastic55.12" x 28.35" x 31.1"33.6 lbs$$
Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet With Bedding
4.5Click Here To BuyMDF, ABS plastic, wood and metal32" x 25" x 53"26.9 lbs$
Babyletto Hula Oval Convertible Crib
4.6Click Here To BuyPinewood40" x 35" x 30"89.6 lbs$$$$
Cocoon Furniture Nest 4-in-1 Crib and Bassinet
4.8Click Here To BuySustainable European Beechwood51.18" x 35.43" x 29.92"100 lbs$$$$$
Baby Doll Bedding With Reversible Round Crib
4.0Click Here To BuyCotton and wood 11.5" x 9.4" 3.2"2.4 lbs$$
Ubabub Pod 2-in-1 Convertible Crib
4.5Click Here To BuyWood, metal and plastic55.51": x 27.56" x 39.72"181 lbs$$$$$

Best Round Baby Cribs

Where to start from with baby furniture, especially baby cribs, can be a hassle for most expectant couples. If you are reading this article, chances are that you need guidance on the best options when it comes to round baby cribs.

Keep reading to see which round baby cribs we are feeling, along with some vital information concerning round baby cribs.

1. Dream On Me Sophia Posh Circular Crib

An internet search for the best round baby cribs would have the Sophia Posh circular crib appear repeatedly. There has to be something about this round crib that makes it stand out from the bunch.

The Dream On Me Sophia Posh circular crib has a great aesthetic feel, primarily the white and blush pink color options. There is also the natural wood finish and four mattress height positions like you have in many of the available rectangular convertible cribs.

Did we mention that this baby crib requires assembly? The Dream On Me Sophia Posh circular crib ships with all the necessary tools for hassle-free assembly. This round baby crib also features a non-drop side rail and no sharp corners to make it as one of the safest baby cribs right now.


(i) Product dimensions: 69.5″ x 45.5″ x 45.5″
(ii) Material: Wood
(iii) Product weight: 64.5lbs
(iv) Number of adjustable mattress positions: Four


• Made from natural solid eco-friendly wood.
• Available in seven different non-toxic finishes.
• Manufactured to comply with safety standards of accredited bodies like the ASTM and the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission.
• The Dream On Me Sophia baby crib has up to four adjustable mattress height positions. This feature is crucial as your child begins climbing and crawling as they grow.
• Gorgeous design, which gives this baby crib a significant amount of aesthetic appeal.


• The round mattress is sold separately

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2. Stokke Sleepi Round Crib

The Stokke Sleepi Round crib might as well give the Dream On Me Sophia Round crib a tough run for the number one spot. The Stokke Sleepi round crib features several configurations such as a mini bassinet, to a cot bed, and then to a full-sized bed when your child is about three years of age.

The oval shape of this baby crib creates the feeling of being in a nest which your baby deserves every bit of. Stokke’s Sleepi crib has also been made with safety in mind, hence the Juvenile Producers Manufacturer’s Association certification.

The rounded rails provide you with a great view of your baby, in addition to optimum ventilation. There are also a lot of non-toxic finishes to pick from.

These include Hazy Grey, White, and the Natural option. Pick your favorite color finish and pair it with your favorite color of round crib bedding.


(i) Product dimensions: 32″ x 23″ x 15″
(ii) Material: Beechwood
(iii) Product weight: 64lbs
(iv) Convertible: Yes
(v) Adjustable mattress positions: Four


• Unique design among the choice of round cribs available.
• Lockable caster wheels make it easier to move this baby crib around the house
• Crafted from solid beech wood and has four adjustable mattress height positions.
• As your child grows, this round baby crib will still come in useful. Thanks to the Stokke Sleepi Junior Extension Kit, which helps extend the life span of this baby crib.
• Optimal ventilation via the perforated bottom.
• The crib bottom height is adjustable, making it easier to put your child inside and lift your baby out.
• Hypoallergenic, pressure-resistant PU round mattress ships with a removable cover.


• The Stokke Sleepi Junior Extension Kit is sold separately.
• The price of this crib is on the high side
• There is no teething protector

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3. Badger Basket Empress Round Baby Bassinet

The Empress Round Baby Bassinet is the first bassinet to make its way into our list. Although bassinets don’t last as long as rectangular cribs do, using a bassinet before you make the transition to a crib is not a bad idea.

This round baby bassinet has a great mix of features with an excellent price point. This round baby bassinet design looks like something out of a Disney movie, with the canopy frame providing protection from sunlight. There is also a mesh storage shelf for baby essentials underneath the skirt.

You also get lockable caster wheels as standard on this round baby bassinet for easy portability. Ensure you never move this bassinet around with your baby in it. The various color options also give you a lot of flexibility for styling your baby’s room.


(i) Product dimensions: 29.25″ x 29.25″ x 55″
(ii) Material: Metal and polyester
(iii) Product weight: 18lbs


• Features a curtain/canopy to keep your baby shielded from environmental factors like sunlight
• Ships with lockable caster wheels.
• Complete bassinet with machine washable bedding, including liner, fitted sheet, and a foam pad.
• The Empress Round Baby Bassinet has a mesh storage shelf hidden underneath the skirt.
• The Empress Round Baby bassinet can be used for babies up to three or four months.
• Available in several non-toxic finishes, including Sage, Gray, Pink, and White.
• Affordable with an excellent line-up of features.


• As a bassinet, it will not serve a more extended period than a proper round crib.
• Assembly is required.

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4. Uenjoy 5-in-1 Convertible Newborn Round Crib

Another first on our list, the Uenjoy round baby crib, can serve different purposes, asides from just providing a place to sleep. This round baby crib also features a nursing table, children’s desk and chair, playpen, and a crib.

In addition to the absence of sharp edges for extra safety, a two-step buckle lock is only accessible from the outside. Finally, the cute crown design on the crib is to remind parents that every baby is a potential king or queen and should be treated as such.

You can install lockable wheels at the bottom if needed for more effortless movement of the baby crib. However, you cannot install wheels when this crib is in another form, e.g., a nursing table or children’s desk.


(i) Product dimensions: 55.12″ x 28.35″ x 31.1″
(ii) Material: Plastic
(iii) Product weight: 33.6lbs
(iv) Convertible: Yes


• Five conversion capabilities based on what you need at each point.
• Two-step buckle that is only accessible from outside as an extra safety feature.
• Installable wheels for extra mobility of the round baby crib.
• Constructed from food-grade safe materials without burrs.
• As the child grows, this round baby crib can be converted to whichever use you need.


• The mattress is not included

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5. Elite Oval Wooden Baby Bassinet With Bedding, Canopy, and Storage

Another bassinet on our list, this product shares a lot of similarities with the Empress Round Baby Bassinet. In addition, there is storage space to keep baby essentials like baby diapers and clothes while still maintaining a neat look.

There is also a canopy available to protect your baby from external influences like excessive cold and sunlight. Solid construction using metal, ABS plastic, wood, and plastic is guaranteed durability and strength for prolonged use.

As standard, you get pre-installed wheels (caster wheels) to help move the crib around with much ease. Plus, your baby would surely enjoy the softness and comfort which the soft polyester bedding materials offer.


(i) Product dimensions: 32″ x 25″ x 53″
(ii) Maximum weight recommendation: 20lbs
(iii) Material: MDF, ABS plastic, wood and metal
(iv) Product weight: 26.9lbs


• Storage shelf is hidden beneath the crib skirt
• Pre-installed wheels make for extra mobility of the bassinet.
• Strong and sturdy construction from wood, plastic, and metal.
• Two-position canopy frame for protection from sunlight
• Ships with machine washable crib bedding, e.g., padded liner, fitted sheet, foam pad, and skirt.


• Being a bassinet, it would only be a matter of time before you have to upgrade to a crib.

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6. Babyletto Hula Oval Convertible Crib

Babyletto does a pretty good job when it comes to baby cribs, and their Hula Oval crib would be a great addition to any baby’s nursery. This is a best selling modern baby crib with minimalist design and a great host of features to cater to your baby’s comfort.

This crib/bassinet/full-sized bed is built with sustainable forest-sourced New Zealand Pinewood. Safety is a priority for Babyletto, and this crib is GreenGuard Gold Certified while being ASTM and CPSC certified.

The Hula crib can work as a mini bassinet, full-size oval crib, and toddler bed. This conversion feature means you would be able to use this crib for extended periods as your newborn grows into their later years, first as a mini bassinet, then a full-size crib, and then a toddler bed.


(i) Product dimensions: 40″ x 35″ x 30″
(ii) Material: Pinewood
(iii) Product weight: 86.3lbs
(iv) Convertible: Yes
(v) Style: Crib and bassinet


• Functions as a mini bassinet, a full-size oval crib, and a toddler bed.
• Made to comply with international safety standards of bodies, namely the U.S CPSC and the ASTM.
• Greenguard Gold Certified-this product has been tested for over 360 volatile organic compounds and 10,000 chemicals.
• Made with solid New Zealand Pinewood and plywood.
• The pad with the waterproof cover and the conversion kit is included.


• The Babyletto oval mattress is sold separately.

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7. Cocoon Furniture Nest 4-in-1 Crib and Bassinet

Round baby cribs have never been the type to have conversion capabilities, but there is always that one exception to everything. Meet the Cocoon Furniture Nest, which readily serves as a crib, a toddler bed, bassinet, and a table and chairs set when it’s mealtime.

Beyond the stylish design, this crib is engineered to meet the safety standards of the American Society for Testing of Materials. In addition, the lockable caster wheels make this multi-purpose crib extra portable to pass through any doorway.

The gently curved ends are made to ensure your baby gets enough air during their beauty sleep. From looks to functionalities, this round crib ticks all the boxes, but that comes at a cost.


(i) Product dimensions: 51.18″ x 35.43″ x 29.92″
(ii) Product weight: 100lbs
(iii) Material: Sustainable European Beechwood
(iv) Adjustable mattress heights: Yes
(v) Convertible: Yes


• This crib can function as a toddler bed, crib, bassinet, or a table and chairs set.
• Made from sustainable forest-sourced European beechwood.
• Adjustable mattress/base height.
• Available in non-toxic finishes
• Comes with lockable caster wheels and includes Cocoon SMART mattress system.
• Solid slat designs to allow for optimal airflow and ventilation for your baby.
• Meets ASTM safety standards.


• The price could be on the high side for some parents
• There are not too many finishes available if you are a fan of nursery decor and aesthetics.

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8. Baby Doll Bedding With Reversible Round Crib Curtains

The Baby Doll round crib offers a lot, from aesthetics to functionality. This twelve-piece set ships a four-piece canopy valance, four oversized bows, and four-piece drapes. This round crib by Baby Doll comes in Pink/Lavender to create a feeling of warmth in the baby’s nursery.

For cleaning, the bedding in this baby crib is machine-washable. In addition, the Baby Doll crib features reversible curtains and has additional accessories for a more complete look to your nursery.


(i) Product dimensions: 11.5″ x 9.4″ 3.2″
(ii) Material: Cotton and wood
(iii) Product weight: 2.4lbs


• The circular crib is lightweight.
• The crib bedding is made from two-tone poly cotton.
• Fits most standard size round cribs.
• Drapes to provide covering from sunlight and other external environmental agents
• Affordable for many parents


• No caster wheels for easier mobility in the home
• Lack of options when it comes to finishes

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9. Ubabub Pod 2-in-1 Convertible Crib

We are closing our list with this ultra-luxurious cocoon-shaped crib by Ubabub. This luxury high-end baby crib by Ubabub is stylish, safe, practical, and reliable. So what exactly does this crib have that makes it ultra-luxurious?

There is a cocoon-shaped design that features rounded edges for your baby’s safety. The semi-circle-shaped cut-outs replaced with acrylic by the side have star-studded designs. The cut-out means you have a clear view of your baby, making it easier to check on your baby anytime.

The Ubabub pod 2-in-1 crib also converts to a junior toddler bed with the conversion kit included. Other manufacturers usually sell this separately, but you get the conversion kit as standard.


(i) Product dimensions: 55.51″: x 27.56″ x 39.72″
(ii) Material: Wood, plastic and metal
(iii) Product weight: 181lbs
(iv) Adjustable mattress positions: Two
(v) Convertible: Yes


• The clear acrylic sides provides a clear view of your baby when you are in the nursery.
• This low height crib for short mothers allows petite moms to put and lift the baby out of the crib without difficulty when necessary.
• Converts to a toddler bed.
• This crib is easy to clean and assemble with smoothed round edges for a sleek look
• Features two adjustable mattress positions
• The conversion kit and custom-fitted crib mattress are included
• Built from recyclable plastic and metal components in a non-toxic finish.


• The price for this crib is on the high side
• There are not too many finishes available

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Are Round Cribs Better?

A round crib serves the same purpose as its box-shaped counterparts, such as the Babyletto Hudson Convertible crib. Round cribs have some advantages over their boxy counterparts, which include:

  • Round baby cribs have a smaller footprint compared to regular rectangular cribs.
  • A circular crib is usually easy to move around, as most round baby cribs have lockable caster wheels for better portability.
  • A round crib is more aesthetically pleasing in a baby’s room, especially with canopies.
  • An oval crib offers more ease when you need to put your baby inside and take him or her out of the crib.
  • Unlike rectangular cribs, an oval crib has no sharp corners, making it safer than its rectangular counterparts.
  • An oval crib can also double as a bassinet.

The choice comes down to parents to settle for a circular crib or go with your good old rectangular crib at the end of the day. Rectangular cribs tend to last longer and have more convertibility options for extended use as your child grows.

Are Round Cribs Safe?

Circular cribs are safe for babies. This is due to the lack of sharp edges, which pose a risk of injury to babies. This injury threat is something that a lot of parents would love to worry less about.

What Do I Look Out For When Buying A Round Crib?

Here are a few tips when searching for a round crib to buy:

Never buy a round crib that has been used

With the continuous use of baby gear comes wear and tear. It’s better off to get a brand new crib, although yard sales and garage sales would promise better prices. Buying a new crib ensures that you get the product when it is in its optimum condition. That way, it is less likely to peel, have scratches, and still have the manufacturer’s warranty valid.

Go through the reviews

There is no better way to ascertain how a specific product works than to hear from the experiences of other users. All e-commerce sites allow users to drop reviews and ask questions that another user or the team at the e-commerce company often answered.

Go through the reviews on Amazon or eBay to see what previous buyers are saying. There may be some information that could make for easy assembly in a crib that you could be finding challenging to assemble.

Ensure your baby’s round crib or bassinet is safe

Safety regulations guide every product from cars to drugs, and baby cribs are not left out. Ensure that your baby crib is certified as safe by internationally recognized bodies.

The United States Consumer Safety Product Commission (CPSC) and the American Society For Testing of Materials (ASTM) are two bodies that certify baby cribs for safety. For example, the GreenGuard Gold Certification indicates the baby crib has been screened for over ten thousand chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

Have a budget and stick to it

It could be easy to overspend when trying to get your baby’s nursery in order, especially if you decide to shop at a boutique baby store. In addition, baby gear is not cheap, as there are cribs that run into four digits.

Thankfully, round cribs and bassinets hardly cost an arm and a leg, like their rectangular counterparts. With less than $400, you should get a bassinet or a round crib. If your finances permit you, just get a rectangular crib like the Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible crib.

What Are The Differences Between A Bassinet And A Crib?

There is obviously a clear-cut difference between a bassinet and a crib, especially when comparing with a rectangular crib.

Knowing the differences between these two popular pieces of baby gear would be helpful to parents out there.

Here are the differences between a crib and a bassinet:

  • Bassinets tend to be more portable than rectangular cribs, thanks to lockable caster wheels.
  • Bassinets have no slatted sides, while cribs have slats.
  • Bassinets occupy less space in the nursery than rectangular cribs, making bassinets suitable for houses with smaller living space. Check our review of best mini cribs if you have home with small area.
  • Bassinets are usually not convertible, while rectangular cribs could serve as a toddler bed, daybed, and full-size bed.
  • Bassinets are suitable for children up to four months of age and have lesser weight limits. On the other hand, rectangular cribs could serve up to ten years with higher weight limits and higher height recommendations.

The beddings such as the crib mattress and the fitted sheet used in bassinets differ from rectangular cribs.

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Round Baby Crib?

A round baby crib can see your child through proper use and maintenance for eight to ten years. Of course, this is assuming you get a round baby crib like the Babyletto Hula Oval Convertible crib.

Be sure the crib you’re getting is convertible, so it lasts for an extended period.

Are Round Cribs Practical?

Round cribs are not as practical as their rectangular-sized counterparts. Round fitted sheets and other bedding materials needed for round cribs are not as easy to come by compared to rectangular cribs.

Round cribs may also be a waste of space in the nursery, especially if the nursery is big. Considering that you would be changing the round crib anytime soon, a crib with longer-term use would be a better option for a more extensive nursery.

Furthermore, round cribs do not have as much resell value as convertible cribs. A Graco Remi 4-in-1 Convertible crib is more likely to resell faster than the best round crib you could think of.

Lastly, round cribs may not provide as much extra storage space as their rectangular counterparts. However, that changing table, underneath drawer, and three cupboards may come in very useful to many parents. A baby crib with storage space is better, especially if the nursery is already getting cluttered.