10 Best Portable Baby Monitor For Travel | Buying Guide for Parents

Travelling with your baby can be extremely stressful in a world where peace of mind is one luxury that is hard to come by.

For this, reliable monitors for travel are fast becoming a staple for parents because it enhances the nurturing process in remote situations.

These smart gadgets can be used to monitor your baby on the display screen or from your smartphone anywhere in your home and when you’re out on a trip.

Let’s take a deep dive into the best portable baby monitor units for travel.

Best Portable Baby MonitorCheck PriceRatingFeaturesPrice
Infant ABM 100 Smart Baby Monitor
Click Here To Buy4.9High-sensitivity speaker and microphone, 1000ft transmission for long-distance communicability, reliable wireless connectivity Mid-range price$$$
Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount
Click Here To Buy4.8High-sensitivity speaker and microphone, sleep tracking and guidance, reliable wireless connectivity, Alexa-enabled.$$$$$
Infant Optics DXR-8 Travel Video Baby Monitor
Click Here To Buy4.7Best known for its High-quality video and sound clarity, 700ft transmission for long-distance communication, reliable 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, strong battery life.$$$
Babysense Video Baby Monitor
Click Here To Buy4.6High-sensitivity speaker and microphone, 1000ft transmission for long-distance communicability. Low price$
Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor
Click Here To Buy4.61500ft long-range coverage without interference, easy-to-use, high-sensitivity speaker and microphone, wi fi not required, motion sensor alert, connects up to 4 cameras, 13-hour battery life on standby, 5-hours on full display.$$$
Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Click Here To Buy4.5Stylish design, temperature and humidity sensors, reliable wireless connectivity.$$$$$
VAVA Baby Monitor
Click Here To Buy4.4Easy-to-handle, doesn’t lose signal, amazing transmission.$$$
Motorola MBP36XL-2 Portable Video Baby Monitor
Click Here To Buy4.11000ft transmission, remote pan-tilt-zoom functionality.$$$
Owlet Monitor Duo with Smart Sock and HD Video Camera
Click Here To Buy3.9900ft range for long-distance communicability, Smart Sock monitors babies, infrared night vision, lullabies, digital zoom, temperature sensor, table-top mounting option.$$$
DBPower Baby Monitor
Click Here To Buy3.5No installation required, doesn’t need wi fi, led lights that are video activated$$$

Do You Really Need A Video Baby Monitor?

Suppose you’re on a family vacation and you put your toddler son down on his cot in the detached guestroom and need to watch TV with the rest of the family in the main house.

You turn on your high-end audio monitor and scamper away to have a jolly good time in the company of your relatives.

After one hour, you creep outside to go and peek on him only to hear frenetic crying from the guestroom.

Amid pacifying him and feeling guilty, you ask “why didn’t we hear him on the baby monitor?

Even the most sophisticated audio-only monitors aren’t perfect as phone conversations from the neighbours and the sound of other babies crying in the neighbourhood often interfere with the auditory feedback from your baby. A portable video baby monitor for travel would have prevented it!

Fortunately, modern technology has led warring baby monitor firms to deliver failsafe, reliable baby monitoring devices with the latest wireless technology and HD video to ensure that you don’t miss a beat about what’s happening to your baby when you travel.

Here is why you need a portable baby monitor for travel:

  • Clear video: these devices usually have superb cameras to deliver a crystal-clear, color picture.
  • Sound: you get to enjoy crisp sound
  • Baby hears you: he hears your voice and your spouse’s voice, enabling you to contribute to his auditory development remotely.
  • Impressive range: the best portable infant camera for travel has an astonishing range of up to 1000ft.
  • Music: the best monitors have lulls your babe to sleep with great-sounding lullabies.
  • Warning sounds: you will also enjoy it low-battery sound alerts
  • Portable monitor: these devices run on rechargeable batteries rather than plug-in ports. This means that you can carry it from room to room, or in my case, from the guestroom to the main house.

What to Look for When Choosing a Travel Baby Monitor


When travelling, it is important to have a baby monitoring device that is reliable and easy to pack.

You will have may other activities to engage in, and you don’t want to be fiddling with your baby monitor.

Here are some of the things to look out for when looking out for a reliable monitor for babies.

Size and Portability

When packing for a trip, you’d probably not have space for bulky items. You need a monitor that gets the job done without consuming too much space. Always go for something compact.

Two-way communication

If you’re going to spend the night in a different room from your baby during your trip, you may want to find a device that has two-way communication.

Your baby may be frightened by unfamiliar surroundings and you may need to reach him from another room. Being able to speak to your child through the monitor will keep you in contact and give you the ability to soothe him.


If you’re travelling and are not sure how far apart your room will be from your baby’s room, you’ll need to make sure that your device is “long-range.”

Long-range baby monitors allow you to move more assuredly without the fear of losing connection. This is particularly helpful when you find yourself at a large property.

Image quality

When travelling, you’ll need to set up your monitor in a new place. You want one that has good to high image quality.

This ensures that you don’t have to worry about where you take it or what kind of room it’s in – it always renders good images. Always be on the lookout for monitors with high-res colors and night vision.

What Is The Best Portable Baby Monitor?

There are a lot of choices for portable infant monitor for travel from different brands, with range of prices, features, and design. We’ve gathered the best portable baby monitor just for you, check them out!

#1 Infant ABM100 Smart Baby Monitor

The ABM 100 Smart Baby Monitor is one of the best-selling baby monitoring devices you can get on the planet. It allows you to watch, listen, and talk to your bundle of joy.

The creators used FHSS technology to deliver a remarkable 1000ft range for long-range monitoring efficiency making it one of the best portable baby monitor units.

This baby-observation unit for travel comes with 4.3 inches of 720P wireless high-definition video mini smart baby camera with secure two-way talkback sound.


  • Sound – Dual-way talk back
  • Picture Quality – Crystal-clear HDTV; 12 FPS, 360-degree pan rotation
  • Remote Capabilities – 1000ft audio range
  • Size – 3.0 x 7.0 x 8.50 inches
  • Screen – 4.3” LCD color display
  • Consumer Reviews – 4.9/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$
  • High-sensitivity speaker and microphone
  • 1000ft transmission for long-distance communicability
  • Reliable wireless connectivity
  • Mid-range price
  • None stated

#2 Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount

Analytics-heads, listen up. The Nanit Plus Baby Monitor is an AI-powered device that tracks and analyses your baby’s sleep. It does this by capturing and computing real-time breathing motion and unexpected moments using a camera with a crystal clear overhead view.

In July 2020, the creators launched Memories to give parents a way to record your baby’s first moments digitally so that they can enjoy them for years to come.

Using computer vision tech, Nanit plus HD camera detects and captures important ‘firsts’, such as when your baby first sleeps through the night. Parents can also use this technology to share those important moments with family via social media.

The smartphone app also provides personalized sleep coaching tips based on your baby’s unique sleep patterns.

Nanit travel baby monitor streams live video and audio both on phone in crystal-clear HD, so that you don’t miss any important details about your kiddo when you’re away from home.


  • Sound – Dual-way talk back
  • Remote Capabilities – No limit as long as it’s connected to wi fi, Alexa-enabled
  • Size – 3.0 x 3.50 x 1.0 inches
  • Screen – Works with any smartphone
  • Consumer Reviews – 4.8/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$$$
  • High-sensitivity speaker and microphone
  • Sleep tracking and guidance
  • Reliable wireless connectivity
  • Alexa-enabled.
  • Need to subscribe to view video and sleep data

#3 Infant Optics DXR-8 Travel Video Baby Monitor

The Infant Optics Baby Monitor makes this roundup as one of the best monitors for a baby that allows zooming in.

This desirable travel feature is enabled by its interchangeable optical lenses – the first of its kind – which includes a zoom lens in the box that allows you to monitor the infant real close even if you need to mount the camera far away from the crib.

It also has a wide-angle lens sold separately. Little wonder this video baby device is trusted by over 1 million parents to help observe their little one. With this video monitor, you can remotely adjust the camera.

What’s more? You don’t have to fret about plugging this monitor for baby overnight. You can place the parent unit on your nightstand for up to 12 hours in the power-saving audio-only setting and about eight hours with the display screen continually on.


  • Sound – Dual-way talk back
  • Picture Quality – Crystal-clear HD picture; 12 FPS, 360-degree pan rotation
  • Remote Capabilities – 700ft range
  • Size – 19.30 x 13.40 x 6.50 inches (full item dimensions)
  • Screen – 3.5” color display
  • Consumer Reviews – 4.7/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$
  • Best known for its High-quality video and sound clarity
  • 700ft transmission for long-distance communication
  • Reliable 2.4GHz wireless connectivity
    Strong battery life.
  • Parent unit does not record video
  • Cannot be used with a smartphone

#4 Babysense Video Baby Monitor


The Babysense Video Baby Monitor is the best parent unit if you’re trying to look out for your baby on a budget when you’re travelling.

Just because you don’t have the funds to splurge on a baby monitor for your big trip doesn’t mean that the quality has to be poor.

This video baby monitor has a display range of 4 inches. You can get to talkback or sing to your baby with this unit, thanks to its two-way communication feature.

With room temperature monitoring alerts you can know whether a guestroom is too hot or too cold for your baby.

Concerned about night vision? At night, the Babysense Video Baby Monitor’s infrared vision enables clear viewing for absolute peace of mind, while eco-mode is voice-activated.


  • Sound – Dual-way talk back
  • Picture Quality – Crystal-clear HD picture, 360-degree pan rotation (60-degree tilt) for full room viewing
  • Remote Capabilities – 900ft video monitor range
  • Size – 3.0 x 7.0 x 8.50 inches
  • Screen – 4” LCD color display
  • Consumer Reviews – 4.6/5 Rating
  • Price – $
  • High-sensitivity speaker and microphone
  • 1000ft transmission for long-distance communicability.
  • Low price
  • Eco-mode light is too bright.

#5 Panasonic Long-Range Baby Monitor

World-renowned brand, Panasonic, is revered for its reliability and durability. Its coverage of a whopping 1500ft is a best baby monitor feature that no other product on this list can claim.

The Panasonic baby monitor camera does one heck of job with its wide-angle camera. This enables you to scan more of the entire room without having to pan or tilt all the time, although you still have the remote pan/tilt feature built-in.


  • Sound – Dual-way baby-parent talk
  • Picture Quality – Crystal-clear HDTV
  • Remote Capabilities – 1500ft audio range
  • Size – 7.20 x 5.20 x 6.0 inches (Full item dimension)
  • Screen – 3.5” LCD color display
  • Consumer Reviews – 4.6/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$
  • 1500ft long-range coverage without interference
  • Easy-to-use
  • High-sensitivity speaker and microphone
  • Wifi not required
  • Motion sensor alert
  • Connects up to 4 cameras
  • 13-hour battery life on standby
  • 5-hours on full display.
  • No video recording
  • No VOX mode (a power saver feature).

#6 Miku Smart Line of Baby Monitors

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor does more than just stream videos of your baby. Armed with Miku’s proprietary Sensor Fusion Technology, this baby monitor monitors your child’s breathing and sleep patterns, providing sleep information.

It is one of the few baby monitors that can also capture movement, saving it in the cloud for free, and sending a notification alert when there is no movement.

It is one of the most reliable baby monitors because it tracks the atmospheric condition of your baby’s room.

In addition to motion detection, it enables dual-way audio courtesy of the two speakers atop the camera encasement and a dual encasement on its face.

One notable downside to this device is the lack of useful support for highly desirable features like Google Assistant, Alexa, and a number of threshold and sensitivity settings.


  • Sound – Dual-way talk back
  • Picture Quality – Sharp HDTV at 30FPS, 130-degree field of view with infrared LED assembly for night vision
  • Remote Capabilities – Wide-range, motion and non-motion alerts
  • Wifi baby monitor
  • Size – 3.0 x 7.0 x 8.50 inches
  • Screen – Works with smartphone
  • Consumer Reviews – 4.5/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$$$
  • Stylish design
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Reliable wireless connectivity.
  • Expensive.

#7 VAVA Baby Monitor

The VAVA Baby Monitor is one of the best baby viewing unit that gives you a panoramic view when it oversees your baby’s area when you’re away from home.

It is best known for its delivery of 720p of crisp, clear view during the day and greyscale infrared images all night, alongside its amazing 2-way audio.

When you put it on autopilot mode, it continuously scans the nursery. This makes it very easy to keep an eye on your baby without having to put your current activity on hold.

You can toggle between seven volume levels on this best baby monitor, depending on how much of a sleepyhead you are or how loudly your little one cries.


  • Audio – Crisp and clear two-way audio communication
  • Video Quality – Full-color, crystal-clear HD picture
  • Remote Capabilities – 900ft transmission range, auto-pilot panoramic scan, zoom, temperature monitoring, and dual communication
  • Size – 8.22 x 6.68 x 3.37
  • Screen – 5” HD Display
  • Consumer Reviews – 4.4/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$
  • Easy-to-handle
  • Doesn’t lose signal
  • Amazing transmission.
  • The highest-level volume isn’t loud enough to wake adults.

#8 Motorola MBP36XL-2 Portable Video Baby Monitor


This device is designed specifically for big houses. Watch real-time video of your baby’s space on this ergonomic parent unit and never miss a moment.

Its two-way communication enables you to hear your infant clearly and pacify them with your voice from another room.

Get a perfect view of your child with its remote pan-tilt-zoom camera feature. Temperatures are unpredictable in not-too-familiar places.

Thankfully, this Motorola baby monitor has a room temperature display feature to help you know whether your child’s room is too hot or too cold.

Rest assured knowing that your baby is safe with Motorola MBP36XL-2 Portable Video Baby Monitor.


  • Sound – Dual-way talk back
  • Picture Quality – Crystal-clear LCD
  • Remote Capabilities – 1000ft range
  • Size – 0.80 x 3.68 x 6.20 inches
  • Screen – 5” LCD color display
  • Consumer Reviews – 4.1/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$
  • 1000ft transmission
  • Remote pan-tilt-zoom functionality.
  • Mid-range price
  • Not-so-desirable picture quality.

#9 Owlet Monitor Duo with Smart Sock and HD Video Camera

Those who like to deviate from the norm will find the Owlet Monitor travel baby monitor to be truly experiential.

The manufacturers combined the device with a wearable smart sock that tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

This next-level smart sock, when worn on your the ankle, monitors baby while he sleeps, and a lot of parents find this comforting when they travel.

If the Smart Sock identifies something wrong, it will immediately notify you via a notification on your phone.

This innovative line of baby monitors is especially helpful when tracking his heart rate and oxygen levels after getting he gets vaccinated or is sick.

Whenever the sock disconnects from the base, the alarm is triggered and a notification is sent.


  • Sound – Dual-way audio & background sound
  • Picture Quality – 1080p crystal clear picture, 4x pinch-to-zoom
  • Remote Capabilities – 900ft range, 130-degree lens, secure 128-bit encrypted wi fi, smart sock alarm system
  • Size – 3.9 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
  • Screen – Works with any smartphone
  • Consumer Reviews – 3.9/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$
  • 900ft range for long-distance communicability
  • Smart Sock monitors babies
  • Infrared night vision
  • Lullabies
  • Digital zoom
  • Temperature sensor
  • Table-top mounting option.
  • The alarm notification can be upsettingly loud.

#10 DBPower Baby Monitor

The DBPower Baby Monitor is one of the best infant monitors for your little one.

With a range of 1000ft with no wi fi needed, this device really produces a clear picture when you travel.

It does not require any installation out of the box. As soon as you get to your travel destination, just place it on a flat surface.

The DBPower Baby Monitor is designed with a 4.3-inches LCD, a night light, VOX power-saving mode, automatic, and manual pan-tilt-zoom functionality.


  • Sound – Dual-way speaker for travel communication
  • Picture Quality – LCD picture handheld
  • Remote Capabilities – 1000ft range
  • Size – 12.0 x 6.0 x 5.50 inches
  • Screen – 4.3” color display
  • Consumer Reviews – 3.5/5 Rating
  • Price – $$$
  • No installation required
  • Doesn’t need wi fi
  • Led lights that are video activated
  • Relatively poor video quality
  • The battery may drain quickly.

What is the Best Baby Monitor For Travel in 2020?

Infant ABM100 Smart Baby Monitor is the best travel baby monitor on the internet right now.

It has sensationally captivated the interest of parents for its amazingly high sensitivity speaker and microphone.

It also has 1000ft long-range transmission, night vision, and crystal-clear picture.

Users of this best baby monitor are over the moon its exceptional qualities citing its incredible range of distance and uninterrupted connectivity.

What is the Longest Range Portable Baby Monitor?

The Panasonic line of Baby Monitors is the longest range portable baby monitor with an impressive 1500ft range.

It has the highly coveted Amazon’s Choice tag and is truly dependable as it promises the highest range performance.

The user gets to enjoy long battery life and interference-free range.

The Panasonic Long-Range Portable Baby Monitor allows parents to live their lives while feeling assured that their little one is safe and at ease.


Travelling with your baby can be an energy-sapping ordeal, but you can make your travails easier by treating yourself to the right portable baby monitor.

Always remember to choose one with a clear picture, sounds, and add-ons. Also, check out our homepage for more guide for best baby monitors. Happy travels!


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