The 10 Best Organic Crib Mattresses For Your Baby

Baby crib manufacturers ensure they go the extra mile to make sure your baby’s crib is free of volatile organic compounds and harmful chemical emissions.

While the crib may prove to be safe, how about the crib mattresses that are sold along with or separately from the crib?

An organic crib mattress would add to your baby’s safety from toxic chemicals if your crib did not already take care of that. Parents are becoming more aware of the importance of their child’s health, especially when young and organic crib mattresses are gaining popularity.

If you have no clue where to get started or which organic crib mattress is the best choice for you, look no further. In this article, we would write in great detail what organic crib mattresses are in hot demand right now, what we love, and what could be better about each crib mattress.

Keep reading to see our picks for our ten best organic crib mattresses, which every baby crib should have fitted with for improved comfort and safety.

Organic Crib MattressRatingCheck ProductDimensionsMaterialFeaturePrice
Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150
4.7Click Here To Buy 27 1/4" x 51 5/8" x 6"Organic cotton, innersprings, non-GMO sugar cane derived polyethylene150 coil innerspring for improved durability $$$
Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Non-Toxic Crib Mattress
4.7Click Here To Buy52" x 27.5" x 6"Recycled polyester and polyethyleneWaveSupport for improved firmness$$
Colgate Eco Classica III
4.4Click Here To Buy52" x 27.75" x 6"Organic cotton, rayon, and urethane foamCertiPUR-US certified foam$$
Avocado Organic Crib Mattress
4.4Click Here To Buy28" x 52" x 6"Foam/FiberGOLS, GOTS, and Climate Neutral Certified$$$
My Green Mattress Emily Natural Crib Mattress
4.8Click Here To Buy52" x 27.25" x 6"Organic wool, organic cotton, steel innersprings, organic coconut coir, natural latexCertified lead-free by an independent laboratory$$$
Soaring Heart Crib Mattress
4.4Click Here To Buy28" x 52" x 3.5"Organic wool, organic cotton, and organic latexExcellent choice for slatted cribs$$$$
Naturalmat Quilted Coco Mat
4.3Click Here To Buy52" x 27.5" x 5.5"Organic coconut coir, organic latex, organic mohair, and organic wool, organic cotton, hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex approved cottonOEKO-TEX hypoallergenci treatment to ward off insects$$$$$
Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress
4.4Click Here To Buy52" x 28" x 5.5"Breathable food-grade polymer100% breathable$$$
Babyletto Pure Core with Hybrid Waterproof Cover Crib Mattress
4.6Click Here To Buy52.5" x 28.38" x 6"Cotton, polyester, food-grade polyethylene100% fully recyclable polyester core$$
BeautyRest Sleepy Whispers 2-in-1 Waterproof Crib & Toddler Mattress
4.7Click Here To Buy52.5" x 28.38" x 6"Gauge border wire, 100% natural cotton231 Luxury Beauty Innersprings$

Best Organic Crib Mattresses For Your Baby

Having an organic baby crib mattress is the best way to ensure the safety of your little one from harmful substances. Following are the ten best organic crib mattresses you can get for your baby:

1. Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150

Almost any Naturepedic mattress would score four and five-star reviews on e-commerce sites, but the Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 sits at the top of the pile. Considering how long babies tend to sleep on average (16hrs daily), it’s only suitable that nap time should be worth it.

The Naturepedic Organic Cotton Classic 150 features a wipe-clean waterproof surface manufactured using non-GMO sugarcane. It gets better when it comes to features with a 150-coil innerspring for more prolonged use and durability.

Unlike conventional crib mattresses that employ flame retardants chemicals, there are none found in the composition of this crib mattress. Naturepedic has managed to create a product that passes all state and federal flammability benchmarks without employing any chemicals in the manufacturing process.

This fantastic crib mattress would not be top of our list if it did not have the stamp of approval from various accredited bodies when it comes to certifications. This baby crib mattress is GreenGuard Gold Certified, UL-Certified Formaldehyde Free, GOTS certified.


(i) Product dimensions: 8 x 8 x 8 inches
(ii) Product weight: 22lbs
(iii) Certifications: GOTS, GreenGuard Gold, UL-Certified
(iv) Number of coils: 150
(v) Materials: Organic cotton, innerspring, non-GMO sugar cane derived polyethylene


• The Naturepedic organic cotton classic 150 has dual-stage firmness for toddlers and infants.
• Crafted from 100% organic cotton fabric.
• Features a waterproof surface so the crib mattress meets food contact standards.
• 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.
• Hypoallergenic design that is free from toxic chemicals e.g phthalates, formaldehyde, latex, and polyvinyl chloride.
• Boasts various health and safety certifications.
• Has waterproof seams that prevent moisture from penetrating, allowing for easier cleaning.
• Great mix between features and price point.


• Claims to be latex-free but lacks Global Organic Latex Standard certification.
• A lifetime limited warranty could have been better.

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2. Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Non-Toxic Crib Mattress

The product of years of research with affordability and safety as the key selling points, the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support is worthy of a second-place finish on this list. Being a genuinely waterproof mattress with a weight of just seven pounds, let’s see what else this crib has to offer.

This crib mattress is manufactured from eco-friendly recycled polyester, with a waterproof surface crafted from polyethylene. Using such organic and natural materials guarantees that the crib mattress you are purchasing is free of harmful chemicals and allergens.

Like the previous product, the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support mattress has been cleared of passing all government flammability tests without using flame retardant chemicals. You get a crib mattress free of chemical compounds like boric acid, polyvinyl chloride, phthalates, and perfluorinated compounds capable of causing harm to your baby.

This Lullaby Earth mattress features a unique WaveSupport core created using recycled polyester for the ease of better cleaning. The mattress is also waterproof with a seamless edge design to eliminate the build-up of bacteria. Also, this crib mattress is firm, allowing for use through infancy and even when your child becomes a toddler.

This crib mattress does not fall short of certifications either. The mattress is GreenGuard Gold certified, Made Safe certified, and also UL-Certified formaldehyde-free. All these for less than $200.


(i) Product dimensions: 52 x 27.5 x 6 inches
(ii) Product weight: 7 pounds
(iii) Gender: Unisex
(iv) Form Factor: Standard
(v) Assembly required: No
(vi) Batteries required: No
(vii) Certifications: Greenguard Gold certified, UL-certified formaldehyde-free, Made Safe certified
(viii) Materials: Recycled polyester and polyethylene


• Free of toxic chemicals that could cause harm to your baby’s system.
• Features a patented waterproof seamless edge design that reduces bacteria build-up.
• Free of chemical flame retardants that could release dangerous chemical emissions.
• Breathable mattress pad which helps reduce the risk of SIDS. Even if your baby were to change sleeping positions at night, they would still be able to breathe.
• Thanks to WaveSupport, the inner core of the crib mattress has reinforced edge support to keep the mattress from sagging.
• Dual firmness or “2-stage” option provides a firm side for infants and a cushion firm side for toddlers.
• Lightweight and snug fit to give your baby the beautiful sleep they deserve.
• Lifetime limited warranty by the manufacturer.


• Claim of the crib mattress possibly reducing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome without any tests or evidence provided to back up such claims.
• Not GOLS certified

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3. Colgate Eco Classica III

Developed by Colgate Mattress to provide your child with a healthy and safe sleeping experience, the Colgate Eco Classica III is an excellent alternative to the previous products. With standard features such as a waterproof cover and some crucial certifications of its own, let’s see what else this [Product has to offer.

Starting off with its thickness of six inches, you would not have to worry about the beddings coming off at night, thanks to the mattress thickness. Whether it’s an infant or a toddler, there is a mattress side suited for the comfort of both stages of growth.

The organic cotton cover comes with food-grade waterproof backing to keep the mattress as dry as possible. Add the inverted seams and square corners that give a great fit and improve the life span of the crib mattress.

None of the organic crib mattresses has had the CertiPUR-US certified seal so far. Bearing this certificate means that the crib mattress is free of ozone depleters, formaldehyde, chemical flame retardants, chlorofluorocarbons, and low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).


(i) Product dimensions: 52 x 27.75 x 6 inches
(ii) Material type: Cotton
(iii) Product weight: 9.44 pounds
(iv) Batteries required: No
(v) Materials: Organic cotton, rayon, and urethane foam
(vi) Certifications: GreenGuard Gold, CPSIA compliant, CertiPUR-US certified


• Dual firmness design feature allows extremely firm support for infants, with a less firm side for toddlers.
• Phthalate-free and hypoallergenic 6” thick, eco-friendly foam made using sustainable plant oils
• Ships with an ultra-soft organic cotton cover with food-grade waterproof backing.
• Builf with inverted seams and square corners for improved durability.
• Fits standard size American cribs and toddler beds.
• GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US® certified safe for no harmful emissions.
• Lightweight mattress at 9.6 pounds that fit a good number of U.S standard size baby cribs.
• Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


• There is no proof the GOTS certified organic cotton is what was used.

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4. Avocado Organic Crib Mattress

This product right here is the first organic crib mattress on our list to boast of certifications that other crib mattresses did not have. Made using natural materials based on Avocado’s Farm to Mattress initiative, here’s more about this crib mattress you should know.

Free of polyurethane foam, flame retardants, vinyl waterproofing, and other toxic chemicals, your baby is safe from harmful emissions. 100% organic wool is used as a fire retardant, with the mattress protector being made out of 100% organic cotton.

This is another crib mattress that has bagged some of the most relevant certifications so far on our list after the Naturepedic mattress . This organic crib mattress is GOLS certified and made with 100% GOTS certified organic wool, in addition to the GreenGuard Gold certification.

There is also the Made Safe certification and the UL-Formaldehyde free certification in addition to meeting the CPSC firmness recommendations. Lest we forget, this crib has one side suited for toddlers and the other side made for infants.


(i) Product dimensions: 28 L X 6 W X 52 H inches
(ii) Product weight: 28 pounds
(iii) Materials: Foam/Fiber
(iv) Gender: Unisex
(v) Certifications: CertiPUR-US Certified, GreenGuard Gold, Oeko-Tex, GOTS, GOLS, Made Safe


• 100-night trial after which you can return if you are not satisfied.
• 25-year warranty.
• No polyurethane foam, polyvinyl chloride, glue, or flame retardant chemicals were added during the manufacturing process.
• Built using eco-friendly materials and organic materials like coconut husk
• GreenGuard Gold certification means this crib mattress is free of VOCs and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals.
• Made using GOTS Certified organic cotton and wool.
• Made with 100% GOLS Certified organic latex, along with being Climate Neutral certified
• Each side of the mattress can be used for an infant and a toddler.


• A bit on the pricey side for most people.
• Not waterproof or water-resistant

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5. My Green Mattress Emily Natural Crib Mattress

Looking for a crib that genuinely identifies as a non-toxic crib mattress? When it comes to using organic materials that are farm-sourced with the certifications to back it up, look no further than the MyGreen Mattress from Emily.

Made from certified organic cotton, organic wool, and natural latex with steel innerspring, comfort, and safety are covered in this eco-friendly crib mattress. The wool used in the manufacturing process is EcoWool sourced from sheep in the U.S; hence the comfy and snug feel to this product.

Due to the layer of the wool, the Emily mattress is flame retardant without the need for any additional chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your baby. Like any baby mattress that is labeled organic, there is no polyurethane foam or trace of any petroleum-derived materials.

The dual-sided design provides extended use and another side for either toddler or infant, depending on how grown your child is. And when it comes to certifications that assure you of the authenticity of this mattress being truly organic, such is not in short supply.

Being GOTS certified, GOLS certified, Oeko-Tex, Ecowool, and GreenGuard Gold Certified are definitely more than enough for any genuinely organic crib mattress.


(i) Product dimensions: 52 x 27.25 x 6 inches
(ii) Product weight: 24 pounds
(iii) Weight limit: 50 pounds
(iv) Materials: Organic wool, organic cotton, steel innerspring, organic coconut coir, natural latex


• Handcrafted with an organic coconut pad, 100% Natural Eco-wool cover, and GOTS certified organic cover.
• Dual-sided design allows you to switch sides of the mattress in the case of a spill that escapes the mattress protector.
• Absence of chemical flame retardants, thanks to natural wool layer.
• Free of polyurethane foam and other petroleum-based chemicals that may cause harm to your baby.
• This crib mattress is GreenGuard Gold certified, GOTS certified, and GOTS certified.
• Certified to be lead-free by UL Laboratories having passed various flammability tests.
• The mattress is breathable and has a heavy-duty 150 coil innerspring for support and firmness.


• Quite pricy.

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6. Soaring Heart Crib Mattress

This crib mattress owes its thin profile to GOLS certified organic extra-firm Dunlop latex and organic cotton wool from the United States. Gift your baby with a chemical-free sleep experience with one of the best organic crib mattresses money can buy.

Thanks to its reduced thickness, this might be the best organic crib mattress, where a thicker mattress would be an issue on the lowest setting. Aside from the height setting, this is one of the organic crib mattresses designed for a baby crib with slats.

The Soaring Heart Organic Crib Mattress is free from flame retardant chemicals or any synthetic fire retardants. The needle-punched wool cover design ensures that the crib passes all federal fire safety standards and tests.

This mattress is made in the USA and has passed all federal flammability requirements.


(i) Product dimensions: 28 x 52 x 3.5 inches
(ii) Materials: Organic wool, organic cotton, and organic latex
(iii) Certifications: GOLS, GOTS, USDA Certified Organic, OTCO Certified Organic, Texas Department of Agriculture Certified Organic


• Absence of flame retardant chemicals.
• The entire mattress is made from eco-friendly organic materials such as certified organic wool, and certified organic cotton.
• Excellent choice among crib mattresses for slatted cribs.
• Amazing 20-year warranty, and 30-day comfort guarantee including free shipping within the U.S.
• GOLS certified, GOTS certified, and USDA certified organic to name a few.


• Quite pricy.
• Nowhere is it stated that this is a waterproof mattress.

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7. Naturalmat Quilted Coco Mat

A breathable mattress made using coconut coir and natural latex, Naturalmat has engineered one of the few crib mattresses that aim to regulate body temperature and airflow. Although not made in the USA, Naturalmat crib mattresses should take about two weeks to arrive at your doorstep.

This non-toxic crib mattress is made from organic lambswool, and a quilted cotton cover makes this cotton mattress as comfortable as it can get. The cotton cover is machine-washable, so you do not have any worries in the case of spills on your toddler mattress.

To take things a step further, Naturalmat has treated the mattress cover with OEKO-TEX certified hypoallergenic treatment. Such treatment is done to repel moths, bugs, and mosquitoes. The lambswool used is treated in lavender, eucalyptus, and essential oils, making the mattress anti-dust-mite.

The only downside to this fantastic product is that it is not a waterproof mattress despite the cost.


(i) Product dimensions: ‎52 x 27.5 x 5.5 inches
(ii) Product weight: 15.4 pounds
(iii) Gender: Unisex
(iv) Material: organic coconut coir, organic latex, organic mohair, and organic wool, organic cotton, hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex approved cotton treatment


• Hypoallergenic with additional treatment to repel insects like bugs, mites, and moths.
• Completely free of harmful chemicals.
• Organic local lambswool, and organic coconut coir for softness, support, insulation, and breathability.
• Features a natural and machine-washable cotton cover.
• 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee


• Expensive compared to previous crib mattresses.
• Not a waterproof mattress.
• Since it ships from the UK, the crib mattress cannot be custom-made.
• Not too many recognized certifications

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8. Newton Baby Wovenaire Crib Mattress


The Newton Crib mattress might be one of the best organic crib mattresses on the market when it comes to breathability and reducing the risk of suffocation. This is due to the patented Wovenaire® polymer surrounded by a breathable polyester cover. Technically speaking, this crib mattress is 90% air!

Like most of the mattresses on this list, this crib mattress is a two-stage mattress. This means you can use it for your newborn, infant, and also as toddler mattress.

Not many mattresses for babies are entirely recyclable, but the Newton Crib mattress is. The Newton crib mattress is available in Cloud White, Moonlight Grey, Sunrise Pink, Sky Blue, and Waterproof, with a removable mattress cover.

However, if you are the type of parent who is big on certifications, this may not be the infant/toddler mattress you would want to get. The mattress isn’t GOLS certified, GOLT certified, or even Made Safe certified. The only certification is that of GreenGuard Gold.

The Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is made in the USA and is highly recommended by pediatricians.


(i) Product dimensions: 52 x 28 x 5.5 inches
(ii) Construction type: Foam construction
(iii) Product weight: 11 pounds
(iv) Gender: Unisex
(v) Certifications: GreenGuard Gold
(vi) Materials: Breathable food-grade polymer


• 100% breathable for optimal airflow, fully recyclable, and washable.
• Three-dimensional; mattress cover is made from 100% polyester.
• GreenGuard Gold certified, phthalate-free, and meets all ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials), and CSPC (Consumer Safety and Product Commission) standards.
• 2-stage dual design that allows you to use the mattress as either an infant or a toddler mattress.
• Tested to meet Australian firmness standards.
• Patented Wovenaire core is made from food-grade polyethylene.
• Completely hypoallergenic with no foam, latex, springs, or glue.
• Available in various finishes, and crib sizes, including a mini crib size.


• Not GOTS certified or GOLS certified, despite numerous features.

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9. Babyletto Pure Core with Hybrid Waterproof Cover Crib Mattress

Babyletto is famous for producing some of the best baby gear, with their crib line being popular. What should we expect from Babyletto’s effort to manufacture a non-toxic crib mattress? Let’s find out.

Babyletto’s crib mattress is made with lightweight materials, including polyester, organic cotton, and polyethylene. The mattress is relatively light, weighing only nine pounds, with a 100% fully recyclable polyester core.

The crib mattress fits all standard-size cribs and has a dedicated side for infants and another one for toddlers. That way, no matter what stage of growth your child is in, they can be assured of a blissful and safe sleeping experience.


(i) Product dimensions: ‎52.5 x 28.38 x 6 inches
(ii) Product weight: 9 pounds
(iii) Material type: Quilted Face: Organic Cotton; Filling: Polyester; Quilted Back: Organic Cotton; Backing: Food-Grade Polyethylene


• Multifunctional cover included for a soft quilted face.
• Features a waterproof vinyl backing to protect the mattress against spills
• Dual firmness with a more cushioned side for toddlers and a side with firmer support for infants.
• Fully recyclable and lightweight with non-toxic chemicals used in the production process.
• Affordable price
• Fits all standard-size cribs with no initial smell upon ordering.


• Falls short in the certification department

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10. BeautyRest Sleepy Whispers 2-in-1 Waterproof Crib & Toddler Mattress

Gift your baby with an unforgettable sleeping experience with the BeautyRest Sleepy Whispers 2-in-1 mattress. Breathable, flame-resistant, and affordable, this product strikes an outstanding balance between price and features.

The dual-sided design ensures you have a dedicated side for infants and toddlers, with comfort and firmness taken into proper consideration. The waterproof barrier is of medical grade with a wrap that is naturally protected against fire.

This product is made in the USA and is CertiPUR-US certified.


(i) Product dimensions: 27.5 x 6 x 52 inches
(ii) Product weight: 23.4 pounds
(iii) Batteries required: No
(iv) Materials: Gauge border wire, 100% natural cotton
(v) Certifications: CertiPUR-US certified


• One side provides the right amount of firmness for newborns, while the flip side caters to toddlers better.
• 231 BeautyRest Pocketed coil springs.
• Strong border protection coupled with Innofoamcorner protection for extra support
• Woven fabric cover with medical-grade waterproof backing.
• Side air vents for enhanced airflow.
• Safe and secure fire protection.
• CertiPUR-US certified.
• Excellent price point and features in one product


• The mattress is quite heavy.
• Some parents may not like the springs

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What Is An Organic Baby Mattress?

An organic crib mattress is a mattress that has been manufactured without the use of any synthetic materials, free of treatment with chemicals, and complying with specific standards.

The standards and certifications which such mattresses must meet include the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Is An Organic Crib Mattress Worth It?

If you are the type of parent, who is environmentally conscious and would not mind dropping some extra dollars on an organic mattress, why not?

Unlike your conventional crib mattress, an organic crib mattress is meant to be free from certain chemicals that could harm your baby. Such harmful chemicals include polyurethane foam, polyvinyl chloride, fire retardants, and phthalates.

An organic crib mattress is free of such compounds and chemicals that could harm your baby. Plus, newborns sleep for over 16 hours a day, which is a lot of time to be exposed to such chemicals that could cause damage to the kidney, liver and act as a hormone disruptor.

What Should I Look For In An Organic Crib Mattress?

When buying one of such crib mattresses, there are specific requirements the mattress has to meet.

If the product does not live up to this criteria, you might as well check another store until you find what you need.

Here are the things to look for when buying an organic mattress:

The absence of flame retardant chemicals

Polyurethane is found in most crib mattresses, and it has a lot of properties that make it a favorite among mattress manufacturers. Polyurethane is durable, affordable, and can hold off mold. The downside to this is that it is highly flammable.

Manufacturers add certain chemicals to reduce the flammability of these mattresses. These chemicals have adverse health effects on reproduction, the nervous system, and even cancer. Babies are at higher risk as their bodies are still very young and not as developed as that of an adult.

Certifications confirming the authenticity of this organic crib mattresses

There are many certifications when it comes to products for babies. Popular ones for baby’s cribs include ASTM, JPMA, and the United States Consumer Safety Product Commission (CSPC). All these certifications are nice to have, but which exactly should you be on the lookout for in an organic mattress?

The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are two important certifications to look out for. Other certifications include the Made Safe certification, UL-certified formaldehyde-free, Oeko-Tex certification, and the CertiPUR-US certified certification.

What Is The Safest Crib Mattress?

The safest organic crib mattress for your baby is the Colgate Eco Classica III is one of the many organic mattresses that would last as your child grows.

You get a six-inch thick mattress with a soft side for toddlers and an even softer side for babies.

This mattress features some unique features aimed at improved durability and comfort for your little one.

This environmentally friendly foam is housed in an organic cotton cover, which is waterproof to absorb spills and keep your baby’s skin dry.

The Eco Classica 3 is GreenGuard Gold certified, CertiPUR-US certified, CPISA compliant, and meets the federal flammability requirements without employing flame retardant chemicals.

Is The Newton Crib Mattress Worth It?

The Newton crib mattress is worth it, given that suffocation is a significant and valid fear of many parents today. The absence of foam or innerspring, which allows your baby to breathe through the mattress, is the major selling point for Newton.

This claim has been verified by an independent lab that this crib mattress significantly reduced the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Asides from that, the mattress is recyclable, washable, and allows for dual use.

What Is The Best Material For A Crib Mattress?

No one material is the best for making an organic crib mattress “organic.” However, there are certain materials that you tend to find in some of the best organic crib mattresses on the market today.

These materials are usually eco-friendly and easily recyclable. Common materials found in non-synthetic crib mattresses include organic wool, organic cotton, coconut coir, and hemp.

Is Polyurethane Foam Toxic To Babies?

Polyurethane foam is commonly found in crib mattresses, and polyurethane is a synthetic material obtained from petroleum. Polyurethane as a crib mattress component is capable of releasing volatile organic compounds, which can be a health challenge for babies.

These volatile compounds could potentially cause damage to the respiratory and nervous systems of babies. Some of the harmful chemicals include polyvinyl chloride, boric acid, formaldehyde, and antimony trioxide.