7 Best Mini Cribs – What Is The Best Mini Crib To Get For Toddler

For parents whose house might not be as the Beverly Hills mansions you see in some of your favorite TV shows, you might be constrained on space when it comes to how to fit in baby gear when your little one arrives.

Of all the gear your baby would need, baby cribs might probably be your biggest concern. This should not be a problem anymore, as mini cribs have been made to cater to the problem of space.

Mini cribs are some of the best baby cribs on the market, and some are even capable of converting to a daybed, a toddler, a twin bed, and more.

Keep reading to see which mini cribs we’re feeling this summer, and all the features each has to offer. Hopefully, this should help you narrow your choices when you finally have an expected date of delivery for your baby.

Best Mini CribsRatingCheck ProductWeightDimensionMaterialPrice
Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib
4.8Click Here To Buy50 lbs39.25" x 25.75" x 36"New Zealand Pinewood$$$
Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Crib
4.7Click Here To Buy34 lbs39" x 25" x 37.25"Wood$
Davinci Autumn Mini 4 in 1 Convertible Crib
4.5Click Here To Buy55 lbs58" x 30.5" x 44.75"New Zealand Pinewood$$$
Dream On Me Jayden 4-In-1 Mini Convertible Crib
4.4Click Here To Buy64 lbs56.75" x 29" x 41"New Zealand Pinewood$$$
Davinci Kalani 2-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib
4.3Click Here To Buy38 lbs101.28 cm x 72.71 cm x 96.52 cmPinewood and medium density fireboard$$$
Bloom Alma Mini Crib
4.2Click Here To Buy50.6 lbs19.2" x 37" x 33"Wood$$
Dream On Me Casco 3 In 1 Mini Crib And Changing Table
4.0Click Here To Buy64.5lbs56.75" x 29" x 41"New Zealand Pinewood$$$

Best Mini Cribs For Small Spaces

You have nothing to worry about, as we have scoured stores, browsed a billion sites (just kidding), and read a ton of reviews to know what parents are saying about the mini cribs they have purchased in the past. This has helped us create a list of the best mini cribs your baby deserves, even as the baby grows into his or her toddler years.

1. Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib

First on our list is the Babyletto Origami mini crib which features a petite, and minimalist design fitted for smaller living spaces. Its size leaves a small footprint in your baby’s nursery. This crib also has lockable wheels for movement, and improved portability.

A great alternative to a bassinet, this mini crib meets the safety benchmarks set by the American Society For Testing of Materials, and the Consumer Protection, and Safety Commission. You can also trust that this crib is super-strong, thanks to its construction from New Zealand PineWood.


(i) Product dimensions: 39.25″ x 25.75″ x 36″
(ii) Product weight: 50lbs
(iii) Maximum height recommendation: 1 inch
(iv) Product weight: 49.6lbs (v) Maximum weight recommendation: 1lbs


• Features two mattress height positions.
• Greenguard Gold Certified to provide a safe sleeping space for your baby free of emissions, and volatile organic compounds.
• Comes finished in a non-toxic multi-step staining and painting process free of lead phthalate.
• Compact size makes it one of the best cribs for small living spaces, with a small footprint.
• This mini crib folds flat, making it easier to transport.
• Made from New Zealand Pine wood for sturdy and firm construction.


• The one inch mattress will need to replaced soon, as the baby outgrows it.
• This is no the best crib for toddlers. It fits better for newborns.

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2. Delta Children Folding Portable Mini Crib

This mini crib features a slatted headboard and footboard, with sufficient space between the slats for excellent ventilation. Crafted from Radiata Pinewood, this mini crib is quite strong, and sturdy. The Delta Children Mini crib has dual height mattress settings, for adjusting the position of the mattress as your child begins to sit, and stand.

The mini crib also has a trick up its sleeve. This mini crib readily converts to a twin bed, meaning you have some more years of use ahead of you. You also get different finishes available, so variety is never the problem when it comes to aesthetics.


(i) Product dimensions: 39″ x 25″ x 37.25″
(ii) Product weight: 34lbs
(iii) Materia type: Wood
(iv) Convertible: Yes
(iv) Minimum weight recommendation: 6lbs (v) Maximum weight recommendation: 35lbs


• Features 2 adjustable mattress height position
• Strong and sturdy construction
• This mini crib folds flat for ease of storage, and transport.
• Converts to a twin bed, with a thick 2.75 inch mattress.
• The mini crib is GreenGuard Gold Certified,and the Consumer Protection and Safety Commission, to meet and exceed all required safety standards.
• Available in different finishes such as Cherry, Grey, and Blanca White.


• Metal bed frame needed to convert to twin bed is sold separately.

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3. Davinci Autumn Mini 4 in 1 Convertible Crib

Our first, and probably our best convertible mini crib so far on this list, the Davinci Kalani 4 in 1 convertible mini crib reminds you of an “all you can eat” buffet, where everything is complete. However, this will cost you, as you should expect a crib with such features to live up to the price tag.

You get a mini crib capable that comes standard with four adjustable mattress height positions. Not many mini cribs feature conversion capabilities up to four different forms. Having the GreenGuard Certified Gold stamp, you can be assured this mini crib is the ultimate choice among mini cribs.


(i) Product dimensions: 58″ x 30.5″ x 44.75″
(ii) Material Type: New Zealand Pinewood
(iii) Item weight: 55lbs
(iv) Convertible: Yes (toddler bed, daybed, and full-sized bed)
(v) Slat Strength: 135lbs
(vi) Product weight: 55lbs


• Features up to 4 adjustable mattress heights
• Built using solid New Zealand Pinewood, and TSCA compliant engineered wood
• GreenGuard Gold Certified meaning no need to worry about dangerous chemical emissions, and volatile organic compounds.
• Available in five different finishes.
• Converts seamlessly from full size crib, to a toddler bed, daybed, and a full-sized bed.
• Detachable changing station with three compact drawers, and two shelves


• May cost a lot for some.
• Conversion kit for toddler bed, daybed,and full-sized bed sold separately.

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4. Dream On Me Jayden 4-In-1 Mini Convertible Crib

This is more than a mini crib itself, like this 4 In 1 mini convertible crib ships with storage space, and a changing table. With six finishes, mattress support up to three levels, the ability to convert between four options, you should not marvel at why this mini crib has so many 5 star reviews.

The New Zealand Pinewood which this mini crib is built from does not disappoint when it comes to stability and build. To crown it up, all your worries about possible pollution from chemicals are void, as this mini crib meets all the safety standards set by the CSCP and the American Society For Testing of Materials (ASTM).


(i) Product dimensions: 56.75″ x 29″ x 41″
(ii) Minimum weight recommendation: 5 lbs
(iii) Maximum weight recommendation: 50lbs
(iv) Maximum height recommendation: 41 inches
(v) Material type: New Zealand Pinewood
(vi) Product weight: 64lbs


• Features a detachable 3-drawer changing table, with a 1-inch changing pad with security straps.
• Comes equipped with a 1-inch OEM mattress pad.
• CSCP, ASTM, and GreenGuard Gold Certified.
• 4-in-1 conversion to a min daybed, twin size bed, and a full-sized bed
• Has three adjustable mattress heights
• 30-day manufacturer’s warranty.
• Available in six different finishes


• Conversion kit for full-sized bed (toddler guard rails,stabilizer, and full-size rails) are sold separately.
• Assembly is required

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5. Davinci Kalani 2-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

Davinci seems to have the Midas touch when making baby gear, and their cribs are not left out. This mini crib features a 1-inch waterproof pad for protection, in the event of spills and splashes. The mini crib can also go from a crib to a twin-size bed (you’d have to get the conversion kit for that separately).

You can also use this crib as an alternative to a bassinet for up to eighteen months after purchase. You also get this beautiful mini crib available in five finishes, to match your baby’s nursery.

Do you twins and would like to view them while you do something else on other areas in your house, you can use baby monitors for twins or split screen baby monitor to know if they’re awake, sleeping, or need to be fed.


• 1-inch waterproof pad included
• Converts to twin-size bed (Twin-size bed conversion kit sold separately)
• Lower profile crib for easy reach and 2 adjustable mattress positions
• GreenGuard Gold Certified. Also meets CSCP, and ASTM safety standards.
• Available in different finishes
• Made from sustainable New Zealand Pine wood
• US standard mini crib-sized for a smart alternative to a bassinet, providing a safe sleeping environment from newborn to beyond 18 months


• Conversion kit for twin-size bed is sold separately.

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6. Bloom Alma Mini Crib

The slim profile of this mini crib might be its major talking point, but there is a lot more this incredible mini crib has to offer. The slim profile, couple with the lockable wheels makes it easy to transport from room to room within the house.

This mini crib can also start as a bassinet, while extending its use as a mini crib for use up to 12 months. You also dual mattress height positions, with slats wide enough for ventilation when your baby needs to take in some fresh air before his or her beauty sleep.


(i) Product dimensions: 19.2″ x 37″ x 33″
(ii) Product weight: 50.6 pounds
(iii) Minimum weight recommendations: 25kg
(iv) Material type: Wood


Modern stylish crib and great size for compact living spaces
• Lockable wheels and slim profile make this one of the best portable cribs on our list. You may also want to have a portable baby monitor attached to see how your toddler’s doing even when you’re away.
• Easy assembly in less than seven minutes
• Features two position adjustable mattress height.
• Meets and exceeds global safety standards.


• The price is on the high side for a mini crib (starts above $300)

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7. Dream On Me Casco 3 In 1 Mini Crib And Changing Table

Starting from a mini crib to a mini daybed, and then to a twin-sized bed, this mini crib also features a changing table with a detachable drawer for storage. Its compact size makes it the perfect fit for small nurseries without leaving a large footprint.

Keep your baby essentials nearby when you need them with the secure drawer attached to it. Your child will definitely appreciate you for this crib, as to grows with them into their early years. Safety is of utmost importance to your baby, so you can rest assured that your baby’s crib is certified as safe by the ASTM and CSCP.


(i) Product dimensions: 56.75″ x 29″ x 41″
(ii) Product weight: 64.5 lbs
(iii) Material Type: New Zealand Pinewood
(iv) Convertible: Yes


• Comes with a one-inch OEM mattress pad.
• Comes with a detachable three-drawer heavy changing table
• Meets and exceeds all safety standards set in place by the CSCP, ASTM and also boasts a GreenGuard Gold Certification.
• Features a 3-position adjustable mattress height setting.
• Sturdy and durable construction.
• Capable of converting from a mini crib, to a mini daybed, and a twin-sized
• Available in uo to five different finishes


• Conversion kit (bed rails are sold separately)

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What Age Is A Mini Crib Good For?

Mini cribs are best suited to children who are newborns, up to a period of twelve months.

Depending on other factors such as the mini crib being able to convert to a toddler bed, a daybed, or a twin-sized bed, you might be able to use the crib for a longer period.

Convertible mini cribs will suit your child until they turn two, or even work as a full-sized bed for extended years of use.

However, you would have to buy the conversion kit consisting of the rails, as they are sold separately from the mini crib most times.

What Is The Best Mini Crib To Get

The best mini crib to get would be one that would last you for several years, have a sturdy build, be free of volatile organic compounds, and exceed safety standards. The Dream On Me Jayden 4 in 1 convertible mini crib takes that spot.

The changing table, storage space, adjustable mattress heights, and conversion features are incredible for a mini crib. This mini crib is “multipurpose”, available in different finishes, and has a warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Are Mini Cribs Safe For Newborns

Mini cribs are safe for newborns. In fact, mini cribs (especially if they are not convertible) could be the first major piece of baby gear you could buy. Mini cribs are safe for newborns, as they are sturdier than bassinets.

Mini cribs are also safe for newborns as most mini cribs these days are built from strong reliable materials, and tested for emissions. Be on the lookout for a mini crib that is Greenguard Gold Certified, or has some form of safety certification.

There are many mini cribs on our list that have recognized safety certifications. Go through our top picks and feel free to buy through links that have been highlighted.

Are Mini Cribs Good?

Mini cribs are good, especially if they are the convertible type. Oftentimes, they usually have some of the best price points and features you can find in one product. Mini cribs are not just good. Mini cribs are an excellent option for aspiring parents, especially if you are low on housing space.

Don’t forget to make a purchase for your little one through any of the links in this article. You will be taken straight to an Amazon store where you can cop your mini crib of choice without any hassles.

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