Best Baby Monitor For Twins In 2024

One child can be a handful to keep watch over while you go about your tasks at home. It even gets more complicated when you add another little one to the equation. How do you go about keeping an eye over twins without any confusion whatsoever?

How the heck does one keep a tab on two babies? This is where baby monitors come in handy. These products act as an extra pair of eyes over your baby or any other child who still requires adult supervision. Be it audio baby monitors or video monitors. Smart baby monitors are highly recommended for parents with a single child, not to mention two.

As parents continue to embrace baby monitors, we thought to put a special piece together for those parents, or single parents with twins. Those adorable munchkins deserve to have someone or something keeping watch over them.

Features like connectivity, long-range transmission, split-screen view, night vision, and app compatibility with smartphones matter a lot nowadays. Most monitors ship with these features as standard, and it can be a headache trying to get the best product for your money.

We have done our research and visited your favorite parents and tech sites to see which baby monitors are worth buying. This list is special because it is not just for one child, but twins are our focus.


Top Picks For Our Best Baby Monitors For Twins

Twins could be twice as much of a handful as a single child could be. For the sake of your peace of mind, it is best to get the best baby monitor when considering that factor.

Here are our top picks for the best baby monitors for twins in no particular order without wasting time.

1. Infant Optics DX-R 8 Baby Monitor

This awesome baby monitor is a great choice when it comes to setting up a baby-monitoring system for twins at home. Asides from night vision and sensors for room temperature, this baby monitor can support four cameras.

This product offers a lot for your money’s worth as a parent with twins with great video capabilities. Below are the technical specifications of the Infant Optics XDR-8 baby monitor;

Technical Specifications

(i) Transmission Range: 700 feet (ii) Frequency Type: FHSS (iii) Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 13.4 x 6.5 inches (iv) Battery Life: 10-12 hours (v) Display type: 3.5 inch LCD screen (vi) Product weight: 2 pounds (vii) Sensor Technology: NightVision

  • Features zoom lens, pan, tilt, interchangeable, and a wide-angle lens for up to four cameras.
  • Secure audio and video transmission via FHSS technology with two-way audio.
  • Lightweight and portable design. You may check our review of portable baby monitors.
  • Features night vision and sensors for taking room temperature.
  • Alerts for warnings such as low battery with easy to navigate buttons.
  • 6.3.5 inch LCD screen for remote video monitoring of your baby.
  • Can be mounted on either the wall or the table.
  • More expensive compared to other monitors.
  • Range could be longer.
  • The Infant Optics XDR-8 monitor does not display time.

2. Motorola MBP50-G2 Baby Monitor

The Motorola MBP50-G2 baby monitor comes with a 5 inch LCD screen and a single camera to view both children. However, Motorola has added an extra camera when you make a purchase, and it’s called the MBP36XLBU.

The buttons are quite easy to navigate, in addition to split-screen viewing. Here are the technical specifications of the Motorola MBP50-G2 Baby Monitor.

Technical Specifications

(i) Transmission Range: 1000 feet (ii) Frequency Type: 2.4Ghz Wireless Technology (iii) Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 13.4 x 6.5 inches (iv) Battery Life: 10-12 hours (v) Display type: 5 inch LCD color screen (vi) Product weight: 2 pounds (vii) Sensor Technology: NightVision

  • Features two-way communication.
  • Parent unit allows you to pan, tilt, or zoom in on the baby’s room.
  • Comes with a 5 inch LCD color screen and two security cameras.
  • Sensors and display for room temperature plus 5 lullabies.
  • Capable of 1000 feet long-range transmission.
  • Infrared night vision, with LED sound alerts.
  • High-sensitivity microphone for two-way communication.
  • Option to add two cameras (two cameras for each twin).
  • Volume controls missing.
  • Mounting apparatus does not ship with package.

3. VAVA Video Baby Monitor With Security Cameras

This baby monitor is quite portable, with a sturdy build and many other features. Its major selling point is its impeccable battery life, which can last for an entire day. However, this happens when it is on audio-only mode.

Below are the technical specifications for this baby monitor recommended for twins:

Technical Specifications

(i) Product Dimensions: 11.71 x 8.2 x 12.09 cm; 497 Grams (ii) Product Weight: 497 grams (iii) Screen Display Size: 5 inch IPS screen (iv) Video Resolution: 720p (v) Transmission Type: 2.4 Ghz FHSS Stable Wireless Connection (vi) Battery Capacity: 4500mAh (vii) Transmission Range: 480-900 feet

  • 5-inch high-resolution screen for a great image and video quality.
  • Two-way talk enables seamless communication between both parties.
  • Long-range transmission of 900 feet.
  • Night vision capabilities and thermal sensors for room temperature monitoring.
  • Features up to seven volume levels and one-click zoom.
  • Powerful 4500mAh rechargeable battery for up to 24 hours with display mode off.
  • Stable 2.4 GHz wireless connection ensures clear video quality and image quality.
  • Night vision could be better

4. BabySense Baby Monitor With 4.3-inch Split-Screen

Split-screen viewing is essential when viewing the babies on a video monitor. The ability to see both babies through different cameras is just awesome. This is what the BabySense 4.3 inch baby monitor brings to the table.

The specifications of this baby monitor are listed below:

Technical Specifications

(i) Transmission Range: 960 feet (ii) Product weight: 2,51 pounds (iii) Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 6.69 x 4.13 inches (iv) Display Screen Size: 4,3 inches (v) Sensor Technology: NightVision (vi) Transmission Type: 2.4 Ghz FHSS Wireless Technology

  • Long-range transmission up to 960 feet.
  • Great 4.3-inch display screen for a great image and video quality.
  • Ships with two cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities
  • Comes equipped with lullabies and white noise sounds
  • Adjustable night vision.
  • Has two-way audio for seamless communication.
  • Comes equipped with mattress monitor and motion detectors.
  • Comes with parent unit,
  • Not too many lullaby selections available.
  • Screen size could be bigger (say 5 inches).

5.VTech VM321-2 Baby Monitor For Twins In Separate Rooms

For parents who keep both children in separate rooms, VTech has a baby monitoring system suited for this purpose. Equipped with two security cameras with additions up to four cameras, be rest assured of great value for your money.

Here are the technical specifications for VTech’s baby monitor;

Technical Specifications

(i) Frequency Type: DECT 6.0 Technology (ii) Transmission Range: 1000 feet (iii) Product Dimensions: 9.50 x 3.80 x 9.20 inches (iv) Screen Size: 2.8 inches (v) Product Weight: 1.95 pounds (vi) Sensor Technology: NightVision

  • Features a wall mounting apparatus for each baby’s overhead view.
  • Long-range transmission up to 1,000 feet.
  • Comes with a 2.8-inch high-resolution LCD color screen and temperature sensor.
  • Option for expansion of up to four security cameras.
  • Sound indicator with six different levels.
  • Multilingual language options (English, French, and Spanish).
  • Infrared night vision to monitor your twins in the middle of the night.
  • Baby unit has a cord storage system and a rechargeable battery.
  • DECT 6.0 digital technology for safe and secure transmission.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Quality of audio and video can be improved.
  • LED lights are a bit too bright.
  • Display screen is on the small side

6.AXVUE Baby Video Monitor With 5 Inch Screen and Two Cameras

AXVUE surely deserves a spot on this list with a product brimming with features such as a 5-inch TFT-LCD color screen and two security cameras. It is also effortless to switch between cameras with the parent unit.

Below are the technical specifications for this baby monitor;

Technical Specifications

(i) Transmission range: Up to 900 feet (ii) Frequency Type: 2.4 Ghz Wireless FHSS technology (iii) Display Screen Size: 5 inch LCD color screen (iv) Product Weight: 680 grams (v) Product Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 16 cm (vi) Battery Life: 9 hours

  • 5 inch LCD color screen for a stunning image and video clarity.
  • Power saving mode for longer battery life.
  • Sensors to monitor room temperature, with Celsius and Fahrenheit’s display.
  • Infrared night vision lets you see each baby without disturbing them.
  • Built-in button shortcuts allow for more convenience when the monitor is used.
  • Two-way audio enabled for clear communication between baby and guardian.
  • Can take up to four cameras.
  • Camera angle cannot be adjusted via the monitor.
  • Battery life could be better.

7. DB Power Split Screen Baby Monitor

DB Power offers a great baby monitor, which is ideal for keeping an eye on twins at the expense of an additional camera. It has a clear 4.3 inch LCD screen, with lots of features such as two-way audio and other standard features.

Here are the specifications of this baby monitor:

Technical Specifications

(i) Transmission Range: 1,000 feet (ii) Product Dimensions: 17.02 x 15.24 x 10.41 cm (iii) Product weight; 703 grams (iv) Screen Display Size: 4.3 inches (v) Storage: Supports up to 32GB SD Card (vi) Sensor Technology: NightVision

  • Long-range transmission of up to 1,000 feet.
  • Two-way audio available.
  • 4.3 inch LCD screen.
  • Supports up to four security cameras.
  • Split-screen viewing available.
  • Has night vision to see your babies in the middle of the night.
  • Sensors for room temperature and motion alerts.
  • Rechargeable battery operated battery unit.
  • Supports Micro SD Card
  • Remote pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities.
  • The screen could get very bright at night.
  • Motion detection gets activated easily.

8.TimeFlys Audio Baby Monitor

This product could be our top pick for the best audio baby monitor when it comes to looks, as it has been described as adorable and cute by many. This is one out of a ton of audio monitors that packs a list of great features at a great price.

Here are the technical specifications of this baby monitor
Technical Specifications

(i) Range:1000 feet (ii) Frequency Type; Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (iii) Number of Channels: 36 (iv) LCD Screen: Yes (v) Weight: 15 ounces (vi) Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 3 x 1.7 inches (vii) Operating Time: 15 hours

  • Comes with designated parent and baby unit.
  • Adorable design
  • LCD screen to display room temperature readings.
  • Two-way talk for crisp and clear communication between baby and guardian.
  • Remote-controlled night light see your baby in the middle of the night
  • 8 lullabies available to put your little one to sleep
  • Long range transmission up to 1000 feet. You can also check our post on long distance baby monitors.
  • Battery life could be short for some parents.
  • The light on the parent unit cannot be dimmed.

9. LB Tech Video Baby Monitor With Dual Cameras For Twins

Released in 2019, this baby monitor features dual security cameras for viewing your twins. Its FHSS transmission technology makes it hack-proof, while its 4.3-inch video monitor provides great image and video quality.

Listed below are the technical specifications of this entrant in our list.

Technical Specifications

(i) Product Dimensions: 9.80 x 7.50 x 4.80 inches (ii) Display Screen Size: 4.3 inches (iii) Frequency Type: 2.4 Ghz Wireless FHSS Technology (iv) Product weight: 1.9 pounds (v) Sensor Technology: NightVision

  • Features 2 cameras, which can be increased to four cameras. Check also our 2 camera baby monitors review.
  • 2.4 GHz FHSS transmission technology for safe and secure communication
  • 4.3 inch LCD for a great image, and video quality, with 2x digital zoom.
  • VOX mode and power-saving mode available to reduce battery consumption.
  • Temperature sensors, night vision, and two-way talk functionality available.
  • Has a rechargeable battery unit
  • Might make some slight hissing sound when in use.

10. Moonbaby 4.3 inch Video Baby Monitor For Twins

Also sporting a 4.3-inch display like the baby monitor before it, this video baby monitor also utilizes 2.4 GHz FHSS technology for transmission.

This baby monitor allows for split-screen viewing, which comes in handy when dealing with twins. The technical specifications are as follows;

Technical Specifications

(i) Frequency Type: 2.4 GHz Wireless FHSS Technology (ii) Transmission range: 1000 feet (iii) Display Screen Size: 4.3 inches (iv) Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 12.7 x 8.89 cm (v) Product weight: 840 grams

  • 2,4 GHz FHSS 100% digital transmission technology.
  • 4,3 inch LCD screen for displaying both children’s videos and snapshots.
  • Split-screen viewing option available.
  • Voice activation and two-way talk functionalities.
  • Comes with five built-in lullabies and night vision.
  • Comes with two security cameras, which can be increased to four cameras.
  • Wireless operation with long-range transmission up to 1,000 feet.
  • Two-way talkback with temperature monitoring functionalities.
  • Monitor beeps very loudly when the battery is low, hence waking up the baby.


Having considered features such as dual and expandable camera capacity and transmission range, all products listed are great alternatives. However, make sure you are spending on a product within your range, as baby monitors could cost as high as 400 dollars today.

You can find any of the products above at your local Walmart or Nordstrom. All products are available for sale with reviews on Amazon for those who prefer to shop online.