Babysense Video Baby Monitor Review

babysense video baby monitor reviewThe Babysense video baby monitor is a novelty on the market designed to protect parents from sudden problems with the baby’s breathing by warning about it in a timely manner.

In this article, I am going to give Babysense video baby monitor review. See this below…


What Is Babysense Video Baby Monitor?

babysense video baby monitor

A video monitor is a device designed to warn in time of a problem with breathing or its complete unexpected stop in a baby. According to statistics in developed countries, the rate of such problems ranges from 0.2 to 1.5 cases per 1000 newborns.

Babysense video baby monitor has carefully developed this product by investing a lot of knowledge and modern solutions into its production.

With the help of modern technologies and a team of professionals, this device was brought to life. The Babysense video monitor will not fail even in the most difficult cases, which has been repeatedly proven during tests.

In the Babysense video baby monitors, you can distinguish a fairly good loud sound coming from the camera to the speaker of the parent unit.

The 3.5-inch display transmits a color picture during the day and black and white at night, so even in complete darkness you will see what your baby is doing, and the “zoom” function will allow you to zoom in twice.

The battery life of the parent unit is about 4.5 hours, you can extend this time thanks to the screen activation mode (VOX). Also in the video monitor, there are such useful features as two-way communication, lullabies, a temperature sensor, and a feeding timer.

Babysense Video Monitor Features

  • Screen diagonal: 3.5″ (8.9 cm)
  • Range in open space: up to 250 meters
  • Range indoors: up to 40 meters
  • Parent Unit Power: Mains/Battery
  • Parent unit operating time: 8 hours
  • Parent unit charging time: 3 hours
  • Nursery Unit Power: Mains
  • Power supply of the baby unit from an external Zoom battery (sold separately): 5 hours / 12 hours
  • Camera rotation angle horizontally/vertically: 270/110 degrees
  • Indicators: noise level in the children’s room, power, VOX function: +
  • Length of power adapter wires: 2 meters
  • Parent unit, L-H-D/Weight: 118-82-25 mm./162 gr.
  • Baby block, L-W-D / Weight: 102-100-102 mm. / 140 gr.
  • Warranty period: 12 months


  • Wireless camera (baby block)
  • Monitor (parent unit with color TFT display 7″)
  • Power supply for monitor 5V 2000mA
  • Power supply for the camera 5V 1000mA
  • Additional mount-platform for the camera
  • Copy of the PCT certificate
  • Instruction in Russian
  • Baby breathing smart monitor consisting of two working surfaces and a control unit
  • The instruction in Russian to the breath monitor
  • Warranty card

Overviewbabysense video baby monitor review

The baby monitors itself provides audio and visual control, and the breath monitor monitors your breathing. In case of danger,  it will warn you loudly with a sound signal about this, which you will hear on your parent unit. See below the description.

Breathing Monitor Has Simple Operation

Two round-shaped sensors are placed under the child’s mattress (and it must be hard – this is a requirement for a normal and healthy sleep for your baby), and wires come from them (which must be hidden from the baby so that he does not injure himself) which are suitable for the control unit installed right there on the crib on the fixing clip.

Sensitive sensors capture your baby’s every breath and will immediately let you know with a loud beep if the breathing rhythm is disturbed or it stops for more than 20 seconds. You will either hear a sound signal yourself or when the baby unit is running on the monitor.

The control unit is powered by four AA batteries and has a light indicator on the front panel around the power button, which lights up either in blue – when it enters the operating eco mode and feels the child’s breathing, or in red without sound (when the battery needs to be replaced) or red color with a loud sound (when the danger mode is triggered).

The device itself has not only been certified as a regular baby monitors but has been licensed (in the European Union and Israel) for use in medical facilities, maternity hospitals, and hospitals as a medical devices.

The Premium model, the Babysense video baby monitor, is the flagship of the digital model line, which includes all the available options. The model has a small screen and a rotating camera, while the latest elements and technologies are used in the production, providing maximum distance and a very, clear, bright, and high-contrast HD video quality image.

Digital Signal

All new models are made exclusively with a digital signal encoding, since only it provides complete protection against interference from third-party transmitting devices (mainly WiFi devices), and image and sound interception by third-party receivers. In addition, the picture quality and resolution are significantly superior to those of analog models.

Screen Size

As large possible sizes, while using a bright and clear matrix of the latest generation. A unique innovation implemented in the Babysense video baby monitor is the ability to use a video or audio monitor with this screen size standalone without an outlet.

Autonomous Children’s And Parent Blocks

The built-in battery in the parent unit allows the video or audio monitor to operate autonomously, without being connected to an outlet, for up to 6 hours in baby monitor mode and up to 4 hours in baby monitor mode (full use with all features). For the baby unit, we also found a solution for autonomous and independent outlets.

PTZ Camera Pan/Tilt

The necessity and popularity of this feature have already been proven by time and increased consumer demand for other models.

Thanks to the mechanism of the remote pan/tilt of the camera, the viewing angle from the standard 70 ° horizontally increase to 270 ° and vertically up to 110 °. This option is controlled using the joystick located in the lower right corner of the front side of the parent unit.

Convenient universal camera mount. The kit includes a convenient mount for mounting the camera in any place convenient for you: wall or ceiling.

When installed on the ceiling, when the camera is turned over, it is possible to change the orientation of the picture (there is a switch in the camera for this), so as not to look it upside down.

Feedback Voice (2-Way) Communication With The Child

A basic option in modern digital models, thanks to it you can remotely talk to your baby, and perhaps calm him down.

The microphone is located on the front panel on the right, the speaker in the baby unit is located below, and the volume is adjusted on the camera.

Enlarging The Image (ZOOM Function)

In PTZ cameras, are a very popular option, since the specifics of using such a camera mean that sooner or later, in order to get a full-fledged image, you will install it in a place remote from the object, but as convenient as possible for viewing the entire area using the rotate function.

For a more detailed view, you simply press the ZOOM button on the front of the monitor and get a 2x increase in the area you need. The joystick can change the viewing area.

Record Video And Sound Of Funny Moments From Your Baby’s Life

Nearly all models in the range have video and audio recording on an SD memory card (not included), and now it’s available on the larger screen model as well.

This option is interesting and sometimes life confirms its necessity, you can easily record the work of a babysitter, for example, or interesting moments from the life of your baby.

The recording is done on an SD memory card (not supplied), the capacity of which must be up to 32 GB. You can view the recorded video directly on the monitor of the parent unit.

If you want to view it on a computer, you can do this only through a card reader.

Additional Cameras And “QUADRO” And “SPLIT” Modes

In the Babysense baby monitors model, it is possible to use up to 4 cameras at the same time and view them together on one screen (“Quad” mode).

When you turn on the “QUADRO” mode, the image from all 4 cameras is displayed on the screen at the same time, if there are fewer connected cameras, you see a black square instead of it on a part of the screen.

There is also a completely new viewing option, which has never been seen before in baby audio monitors – the “SPLIT” mode, the screen is divided into two parts (not four) and you can simultaneously see the image from only two cameras, which is very convenient when there are only two cameras in the system.

Additional cameras are purchased separately and have exactly the same features as the one that comes with the kit: a rotary mechanism, lullabies, feedback, a temperature sensor, and a sound sensor. Connecting additional cameras is done through the menu of the parent unit.

Temperature Sensor With Critical Change Warning

The baby unit of the new baby monitor has a temperature sensor that continuously displays the temperature in the baby’s room on the screen of the parent unit.

Also, through the menu, you can set the upper and lower limits of temperature readings, which in your opinion are critical. If the temperature reading is out of range, the monitor will warn you with an audible signal.

Sound Sensor – VOX Mode

The operation of this model is based on the ability of the baby monitor to respond to sound. The sensitivity of the sound sensor is configured by you yourself from three options: Low, Medium, and High sensitivity.

If necessary, to save battery power on the monitor, the device screen can be turned off and switched to SLEEP mode, it will light up only when the sound sensor is triggered, and (if enabled) you will hear an audible warning.

Baby Monitor Mode

When you press the corresponding button on the monitor, you enter the baby monitor mode, when the screen turns off, the sound remains active. A handy feature to use at night when the light from the screen can wake someone nearby.

Built-in Lullabies

You can remotely turn on the playback of one of the three preset lullabies from the parent unit. The volume is adjusted directly on the baby unit.

Low Battery And Out Of Range Camera Warning

If both cases occur, you will see a corresponding warning on the screen of the parent unit and hear a beep.

Nightlight” – Night Illumination

In the “sole” of the children’s unit, LEDs are installed, the light from which is pleasantly scattered passing through the camera body. The backlight is turned on with a button on the parent unit.

Night IR Illumination (Night Vision Function)

IR illumination is illumination by special LEDs operating in the spectrum invisible to the human eye, with such illumination the camera sees everything at a distance of up to 5 meters. When the IR illumination is on, the image on the monitor becomes black and white.

Maximum Possible Working Distance Is 300 m

As practice has shown, the working distance of a digital model cannot exceed 250-300 meters in line-of-sight conditions without obstacles.

A further increase in the distance is impossible without exceeding the limits established by hygiene requirements for devices in contact with children. Increased radiation power next to the baby can adversely affect his health in the future.

I would like to note that a working distance of 300 meters can be obtained only when two antennas are visible to each other.

The situation when you leave the child at home and go to the store with any video baby monitor is impossible because, in the face of obstacles, the distance is reduced to 50 meters or less.

Babysense Video Baby Monitor Review

babysense video baby monitor reviewThe thermometer built into the camera measures the air temperature in the children’s room, alerting parents when the temperature goes beyond the specified range. So, see below the Babysense baby monitor review.

Sound Level

Sound is constantly transmitted to the parent unit from the child unit (camera), and you can adjust the sound volume in the range from 1 to 8 or turn it off. The volume of the speaker on the parent unit, we rated 9.7 points out of 10 possible.

Image Quality

a combination of color reproduction and clarity of the image coming from the camera to the monitor. We evaluated this indicator under 3 types of lighting: daylight, indoor, and complete darkness. The average image quality in our opinion was 8 points out of 10 possible.

Operating Time And Charging Of The Parent Unit From The Battery

The monitor has a removable battery with a capacity of 1100 mAh, which allows it to work for about 4 hours and 30 minutes with the screen and sound constantly on.

After the battery is discharged, you need to insert the power adapter into a special connector on the monitor case and connect it to a 220V network.

The time to fully charge the battery is approximately 3 hours. You can judge the completeness of the battery charge by the corresponding scale on the monitor screen. We rated 8 points out of 10 possible.

Two-way Communication

Allows your voice to calm the baby or talk to him. To activate the feedback function, it is necessary to press and hold the desired button on the parent unit, while speaking into the microphone, then the sound will come to the speaker of the baby module (camera). If you release the button, the feedback will stop. We rated 9 points out of 10 possible.

Automatic Turn On Off The Screen And Sound By Noise (VOX)

Designed to save battery power in the parent unit. The monitor enters VOX mode as soon as the button is pressed, the monitor display goes blank, the sound is muted, and only the audio level indication remains.

There must be complete silence in the room where the camera is located for the monitor to turn off. When the baby wakes up and cries, the sound and screen will automatically turn on. We rated 7 points out of 10 possible.


The monitor is equipped with a function to enlarge the image by 2 times. We rated 6 points out of 10 possible.


Turn on remotely from the parent unit, by pressing a button. A total of 3 melodies are available, which, if necessary, will help to calm your baby. You can turn on the playback of all melodies in a circle or select the desired melody manually. We rated 7 points out of 10 possible.

Temperature Sensor

The camera is equipped with a temperature sensor that measures the ambient temperature and transmits data to the parent unit as a digital value on the monitor screen. We rated 9.7 points out of 10 possible.

Feeding Timer

An alarm clock can be set to alert in the form of sound signals for any time (from 1 minute). We rated 9 points out of 10 possible.

Night Vision

The baby unit’s camera is equipped with highly sensitive infrared diodes that allow you to transmit a clear image to the monitor even in complete darkness.

If there is not enough light for the baby monitor to work in the standard model, the night vision mode is automatically turned on, and the image from the camera to the monitor is transmitted in black and white. We rated 7 points out of 10 possible.

Communication Loss Indicator

If the distance between the parent and baby units exceeds the maximum allowable, immediately after the communication is lost, the message “out of range” will appear on the monitor display and an audible signal will sound. We rated 6 points out of 10 possible.

Brightness Settings

Display brightness can be adjusted from 1 to 8. We rated 7 points out of 10 possible.

Noise Level Indicators

There are 3 noise level indicators to the left of the parent unit screen. The more intense the sound in the room where the camera is installed, the more indicators will turn green. We rated 8 points out of 10 possible.

Camera Remote Control

The camera can be controlled from the parent unit in four directions (270 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically). We rated 8 points out of 10 possible.

Additional Cameras

Up to four cameras can be connected. We rated 6 points out of 10 possible.

Breath Monitor

The Babysense 7 Breath Monitor is a 2-piece mat with highly sensitive sensors that monitor your baby’s breathing.

The principle of operation of the breathing monitor is simple: two round-shaped sensors are placed under the child’s mattress (and it must be hard – this is a requirement for your baby’s normal and healthy sleep).

And wires come from them (which must be hidden from the baby so that he does not injure himself) which are suitable for the control unit installed right there on the bed on a fixing clip. We rated 8 points out of 10 possible.

  • Modern, compact, and easy to use design with one button control.
  • Improved sensitivity concept in Babysense baby monitor lower risk of false alarms.
  • Completely safe and no radiation that can harm the child.
  • An audible and visual alarm is activated if breathing stops or becomes irregularly slow.
  • Two highly sensitive touch panels track the entire area of ​​the crib and do not come into contact with the baby.
  • Works on ordinary household batteries without connecting to the mains.
  • Suitable for children from birth to one-year-old.
  • Secure, tamper-proof technology without interference from other consumer electronic devices.
  • Technology that provides continuous protection at any time.
  • Portable battery needs to be purchased separately
  • Small and invisible
  • Can transfer recorded data to the cloud
  • Limited functionality


The breath monitor is a highly sensitive sensor that is placed under the mattress in a crib. Sensors record the movements that the child makes during breathing.

Data on the rhythm of such movements are transmitted to the control unit. On the control unit, the indicators indicate the rhythm of breathing and the status of the device.

If the breath monitor detects an abnormal rhythm or lack thereof for a short time, an alarm sounds on the control unit along with a visual indication, notifying parents that the baby urgently needs attention.

With this gadget, guardians can find harmony in the brain while their child is resting. The screen is intended to distinguish respiratory capture in babies.

It continually screens the miniature developments of the youngster’s breathing through the bedding during rest and cautions grown-ups if breathing stops or turns out to be sporadically sluggish, giving a crucial chance to intercede. A speedy reaction will assist with forestalling what is going on.

Babysense innovation, along with its exceptionally delicate tactile cushions, permits you to control and identify even the littlest breath developments through the bedding.

This brand also works as baby movement monitor screen. The Babysense video child screen is intended to caution you, inside its capacities, about an expected danger before it happens.

The gadget runs on ordinary AA batteries, so there are no perilous power lines. Babysense 7 Plus has a thoughtfully better approach for concealing the link that interfaces the control unit to the sensors. The uninvolved tactile framework is totally protected and has no immediate contact with the kid.

The Babysense video child screen distinguishes your child’s breathing developments, which are sent to a smaller chip in the control unit, which sets off a blazing green light.

The marker is obviously apparent from a remote place. A glimmering green light is a sign that everything is great, giving guardians or watchmen true serenity.

If under any circumstance, a breath isn’t distinguished in any less than 20 seconds, or on the other hand assuming the respiratory rate eases back to under 10 breaths each moment, the red LED illuminates, and a perceptible caution sounds. Having heard this sign, guardians have the opportunity and willpower to come to guide a dozing child.

FAQ Babysense Video Monitor

Following are the most common questions asked about the Babysense Video Monitor

Are Babysense Monitors Good?

It’s little, light, completely energized in 1-2 hours, and endured the genuine 8 hours it says it ought to with consistent use.

The little video screen doesn’t feel like a little screen, on the grounds that the goal is magnificent in typical or zoom mode. The two-way talk include is ideal to have too, with genuinely clear sound quality.

Does The Babysense Monitor Use WiFi?

This product works as a wi-fi baby camera monitor and require an internet connection. It works by means of an application on your phone or tablet as the parent gadget.


This is one of the few devices that can maintain a stable connection due to the work in two Wi-Fi bands.

In addition to many sensors, the device offers the ability to record videos and photos in automatic mode in customizable quality up to 1080. Yes, it is limited in its capabilities and does not have options such as a temperature or air quality sensor.