Are Baby Monitors Secure?

Technology has been constantly improving our ways of living in more ways than we can imagine. Majority of the world’s population has been benefiting from the convenience that technology offers including, but not limited to, efficiency, entertainment, communication, information, and safety.

Baby Monitors Offer Convenience And Safety

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We may not always admit it, but we constantly succumb to the changes that take place, dying to keep up with technology. We may not be accustomed to the conventional ways of the past anymore. From tasks as simple as washing the dishes, or cleaning the floor- we bring in new equipment to make them easier.

Watching over our young ones in their slumber at night has now become less of a task than it used to be because of baby monitors. With modern baby monitors, parents can keep watch of their babies from their bedroom effortlessly. In fact, they can talk-back to their little ones and sing them lullaby without getting into the nursery room. This is very convenient for parents, especially if they have to talk to their child in the middle of the night or when they are occupied with a household chore.A baby monitor is a great way to reassure parents of the security of their family even if they are in different rooms.

Security Concerns About Baby Monitors

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Our family’s safety is and should always be a priority. Sure, baby monitors have been a godsend to parents because of the immeasurable peace of mind they offer to parents. But at some point, we have to ask ourselves where safety meets security.

The basic baby monitors have been replaced by more advanced models that take monitoring our child to the next level. Back then, it was a simple one or two-way radio that lets us hear what’s going on in our child’s bedroom. Now, Wi-Fi enabled models allow us to see and hear everything using any smartphone, from virtually anywhere.

Recent discussions and questions such as can baby monitors be hacked are scaring families around the US. These reports have been circulating in the news and in social media. Tales that send shivers down a mother’s spine. Disturbing stories of invasion at night that included a man’s voice talking to the baby while in the nursery alone. At the back of our minds, this kind of intrusion is just as scary as having a stranger physically enter the house.

What does a parent do when his child tells him he’s hearing a stranger’s voice in his bedroom at night? It is enough to mortify us that there’s an unknown presence in our homes, even more so that this presence is with our baby.

Is your baby secure with your newly installed Wi-Fi video baby monitor in the nursery?

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Connecting your baby monitor to an open network that is the Internet provides malicious threats (yes, I’m referring to people) access to it from anywhere in the world. Imagine having your child’s footage as he sleeps broadcast to thousands of monitors across the globe. That sounds scary. Now imagine the people watching are pedophiles or perverts of some sort. Since someone already has access to your baby monitor’s camera, it’s likely they know where you are. A serious threat of abduction may be arranged. A horrifying way to look at this issue, but it’s not impossible. And should be seriously avoided at all costs.

Preventive Measures

Modern baby monitor models are actually excellent to use and provide features that make daily life a lot easier for parents. Parents need to take precautionary measures seriously to avoid invasion of privacy and other possible threats.

Prioritize your baby monitor’s security. There are thousands of different models in the market today, and most stores do not even bother to sell their security features. It is often overlooked for some reason, and, as much as we hate to admit it, we’re guilty of doing so too. But it’s time to be more vigilant. Find out as much as you can about the security protocols and features of the unit before deciding if it’s the best for you and your family. The video and audio features are helpful, but so is the security feature.

How It Works

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Your home wireless router receives the feeds from your Wi-Fi video baby monitors. In order for you to see it on your smartphone or iPad, it has to go through a huge network, the Internet. Simply put, your baby’s video feed sleeping soundly in his crib is now floating in a huge network accessed by millions simultaneously. It won’t be long before someone finds that feed and catches it. Unless you protect it.

WPA2, a standard wireless security protocol used by home routers, will protect your feed from unwanted access as it is transmitted to your device via the Internet. You’ll find it helpful to ask the store to provide you with information regarding the device’s encryption protocol. SSL or TLS will do the job so it’s what you should be looking for.

Always enable your baby monitor’s security features and never miss an opportunity to change your password every few days. Don’t forget to use strong passwords, so that no one will be able to decipher it. Once your video baby monitor transmits its feeds to the Internet for your smartphone or iPad to access, it’ll require a password before granting you access to it. Also, make sure that your smartphone or iPad is passcode-protected.

We hope that this article will help you understand the convenience and comfort that baby monitors offer, as well as the security risks that come with it. Always remember that baby monitors are designed to help you watch over your child no matter where you are and access to this this device should only be exclusive to you. So, when looking for a baby monitor, always consider the security protocols of the unit to ensure the safety of your family.