Angelsounds Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener

Baby heartbeat monitors are important tools for parents-to-be. This device provides a gateway for moms and dads to bond with their little one while he or she is still in the womb. It is also a useful tool in monitoring the baby’s heartbeat and movements. So for soon to be parents, you should get a fetal Doppler-like Angelsounds Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener for Home Use. Read more to know the details of this device.

What is Angelsounds Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener for Home Use?

As its name suggests, this device is designed to be used at home for monitoring the heartbeat of an unborn baby. You can use this from the 15th week of pregnancy and while you near your delivery. This device enables you to listen and record the heartbeat of your baby into your smartphone or PC, so you can share it with your family or friends who are as excited as you to welcome the new addition to the family. You can also preserve it because it’s a good keepsake.

Angelsounds Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener for Home Use has two audio out jack ports that you can use for headphones to listen and smartphone or PC to record the sounds. It has an easy on and off volume control that provides peace of mind and joy to excited parents.

Benefits of Getting Angelsounds Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener for Home Use

Angelsounds Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener for Home Use offers more than just a baby and parent bonding. The device itself is designed for easy and comfortable use. Here are some benefits of getting this fetal Doppler.

Smart Design – Angelsounds Unborn Heartbeat Listener comes with a compact and lightweight design. It is also very simple and easy to use.

Functional and Convenient – This fetal Doppler enables soon to be parents to hear their baby’s heartbeat at the comfort of their homes. Aside from listening, it also allows you to play music to the womb or play the voices of the family members to the womb to encourage a closer bond among the family members.

Portable – Due to its compact design, you can easily take it anywhere you go. If you are going for a trip or a short vacation, no worries because you can feel your baby wherever you are by taking this device with you.

Powerful Items – The package includes a sound listener, headphone, two CDs, recording cable, battery, and manual.

Reminders & Recommendations

Angelsounds-Unborn-Baby-Heartbeat-Listener-for-Home-Use-Listen-to-and-Record-the-Sounds-Your-Baby-Ma__512vI3DsnILThis fetal Doppler is only designed for home use sound listening to aid parents to bond with their kids. Be reminded that this is not for medical treatment and should not be used as a substitute for regular prenatal care.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before using this device. For first time use of this product, you should remove the battery pack protective sleeve.


This fetal Doppler is one of the best items that you can find online. In fact, most users are very happy and satisfied with it. Find some of the comments from verified users below.

“I have this in green. I am 19 weeks and had no problem finding the heartbeat. My husband has been away with the military for the last few weeks so I recorded the heartbeat and sent it to him. He loved it! This baby heartbeat monitor is absolutely worth the money!!” Jessica Lyn wrote about her Angelsounds Unborn Heartbeat Listener experience.

Jophie, another satisfied customer is very pleased with this device as well. “I highly recommend this product, I’ve had numerous miscarriages and whenever the paranoia comes over me, it’s reassuring to plug it in just to make sure there’s still a heartbeat. Definitely, recommend,” she wrote.

Ratings: 4.6/5


Fetal Dopplers are very efficient in helping parents bond and monitor the condition of their little one. With this device, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that in as early as 15 weeks you can get to know and feel each other.

This device makes a great gift for expectant moms. So if you have a bun in the oven or you know one who is expecting, we recommend that you get this tool. Fetal Doppler is something that every soon to be parents should acquire. Get your Angelsound Unborn Baby Heartbeat Listener here.

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