Alexa Baby Monitor – How To Use Alexa Amazon Echo As Baby Monitor


alexa baby monitorFor caring and worried parents, smart home devices like baby monitors were developed. This device has been known for many years.

Alexa baby monitor or voice command baby monitors are very popular nowadays.

Many people think of if Amazon Eco be used as a baby monitor. Let’s know in this article…


Can You Use Alexa Amazon Echo As Baby Monitor?

alexa baby monitor

Yes, you can use Alexa Amazon Echo as a baby monitor. Using Amazon Echo Show as a baby monitor is a stopgap arrangement that doesn’t have the full highlights of a genuine video baby monitor device, yet it accompanies many advantages, as well.

The voice assistants that work in the “always listening” mode, interaction with them occurs only by voice, without pressing anything at all. Amazon has proven that listening to music and controlling your smart home with your voice is more convenient than any other way.

Features Of Alexa Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo referred to broadly as “Alexa” is, as I would like to think, a creative piece of innovation that each house can profit from.

It accompanies a sticker price, yet in addition with a variety of highlights, for example, the capacity to involve it as a baby monitor.

This is overwhelmingly the most un-troublesome strategy for using the Amazon Echo as a baby monitor.

Download the Alexa app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store and coordinate it with your Echo show contraption. Right, when you want to see the camera, fundamentally “Drop-in” from your application you can talk into your Alexa application particularly like with the Echo.


The Alexa Amazon Echo can be a gadget regardless of video, contingent upon your inclination.

An Alexa-empowered gadget close to you. This can be your cell phone, or it very well may be another Echo gadget.

Assuming you have an Echo Show/Spot for video in the nursery, normally make certain to utilize an identical Show/Spot ‘on your end’ if not you’ll simply have the option to hear the sound.

Guarantee that the ‘Calling’ and additionally ‘Drop In’ highlights are empowered.


First up, we really want to ensure that ‘Drop In’ is empowered, so click on the ‘Convey’ tab at the base and afterward ‘Drop In’. On the off chance that it’s not empowered, you’ll get the accompanying:

For this situation, adhere to the guidelines – go to ‘My Communication Settings’ and tap ‘Permit Drop In’ which will show the accompanying message:

Click ‘alright’ and Drop In will presently be empowered on your enrolled account – implying that you can now utilize the application to drop in on any Echo gadget – like the one in your child’s nursery.

Then, we need to guarantee that the two gadgets we will utilize are accurately arranged to permit calls and drop-ins. This is empowered naturally, however it merits checking in any case.

So explore every gadget under the ‘Gadgets’ tab and afterward look to ‘Correspondence’. It ought to say ’empowered’ yet it merits clicking it to see the full settings:

Camera Adjustment

Even better, if you have a home surveillance camera that works with the Echo Show, Spot, or an Amazon Fire TV or a Fire tablet, put that in a position to screen without going through the drop-in system by any means.

By conjuring “Alexa, show [cam name] camera,” you’ll keep an eye on the dozing seraph quickly.

Amazon’s rundown of upheld cameras incorporates the Amazon Cloud Cam (normally), doorbells from Ring (which Amazon recently gained), and cams. Some camera takes care of a break after a particular time, however, you can continuously restart it with a similar order.

How To Use Alexa Amazon Echo As Baby Monitor?

alexa baby monitorThis is the variant that has the most capabilities yet it requires a touch more tech arrangement and the acquisition of a smart camera.

In the first place, you want an HD camera that is viable with Alexa. There is a lot to browse on Amazon.

You will then have to interface the gadgets through your wifi and give your Smart Camera a name.

You can then put the camera where you maintain that it should be utilized as a video baby monitor and basically request that Alexa shows you the camera. Suppose you’ve referred to the camera as “Child Bedroom.”

You can tell your Alexa Echo Baby Monitor: “Alexa, show me Baby’s room.”

What’s more, it will show you the camera.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Alexa Baby Monitors

Following are the advantages and disadvantages in using the Alexa Amazon Echo as baby monitors.

  • You can use the Echo Show itself to show the camera as an Alexa baby monitor the screen is more prominent than the phone and you can continue to use your phone while you monitor the kid.
  • You can include this despite the part above with the Alexa application, essentially having the choice to cover something like two rooms in case you have a splendid camera, an Echo Show, and the Alexa application.
  • You can have full versatility of where you place the smart camera.
  • You don’t need to drop in as this is a camera feature, not a drop-in included.
  • A portion of the time there are affiliation issues and concentrated inconveniences to get Alexa to show the camera.
  • It doesn’t recognize development or have some other smart baby monitor type incorporates other than video and sound.
  • Not the slightest bit like the Echo Show and Alexa App affiliation, you can’t spread out a two-way video call and you can’t talk into the Echo Show so kids could hear you on the contrary side.

Alternatives To Alexa Amazon Echo

To cope with all household chores, without losing sight of a small child, baby monitors were first invented. Now progress has stepped forward, offering young parents a baby monitor. The baby monitor is a high-tech device with a different set of functions and capabilities.

Despite the fact that the production of video baby monitors is only gaining momentum, there are already many brands of imported, domestic origin on the market.

Wireless digital devices are in huge demand, and in order to determine which baby monitor to choose from the proposed options, experts recommend that you first find a reliable manufacturer. See below the alternatives for the Amazon Alexa baby monitor. See these below…

#1 Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor

For the most demanding parents, the well-known manufacturer has proposed a new improved AC417 model with a large list of key, additional features.

This Sensor Pad is a wireless motion sensor under the mattress, 4.3-inch LCD screen, night and day shooting mode, temperature control, digital data exchange technology, up to 250 m of serviced space, and simultaneous connection of up to four cameras.

The parent unit is autonomous, portable, and rechargeable. There is a light indication of important conditions. A camera with double zoom, and a wide viewing angle allows you to scale the picture.

Real salvation for a young family will be an inexpensive, but functional device. For constant communication with the child, advanced FHSS technology was developed, which guarantees channel frequencies of 2400 MHz, as well as an extended operating radius of up to 300 m.

The accuracy of the device provides good audio and video two-way communication signals. At night, dark shooting is performed with sufficient great video quality on the screen.

There is an indication signaling a disconnection, the ability to record lullabies. Additional features include a thermometer, determining the volume of crying. Display diagonal 2 inches, you can connect up to 4 units of the child.

The high-tech model boasts a perfect picture and good sound transmission. The mother monitors the child through the parent unit with a large screen 12.7 cm diagonally.

The camera is attached to a wall or furniture, has night vision, two-way communication, remote control to turn on melodies, as well as a built-in thermometer and voice communication.

The parent unit operates from the mains and battery at a distance of up to 300 m in open areas (in the house, the range is reduced to 50 m). An audible signal indicates a low battery.

  • Baby breathing monitor
  • Useful equipment
  • Wide functionality
  • Big screen
  • Double zoom camera
  • High price
  • Not every store has a model in stock

#2 Hubble Hugo Alexa Baby Monitor

Hubble Hugo Alexa Baby Monitor

Reviews about this baby monitor are also positive, as buyers do not remain indifferent when they see a convenient control panel and a compact camera.

In addition to the large display, the parent unit has 4 control buttons. As for the device placed in the baby’s room, here, along with the camera itself, there is a backlight.

A baby monitor with a camera allows parents not only to see the picture but also to hear their child. It is equipped with a 750 mAh battery that lasts for several days and charges in just a couple of hours.

This digital baby monitor is much wider than the predecessors of the review, its diagonal is 4.3 inches. The battery provides continuous uninterrupted operation for at least 4 hours if the screen is on.

To save battery or electricity, there is a VOX option, when the child is sleeping, the units will be deactivated, but at the slightest sound they will turn on again.

Coverage radius 300 m, Li-Ion battery in the parent unit, children’s unit requires mains power. The camera allows wall or table mounting, there is a rotation function, a thermometer, and play lullabies.

  • Excellent value for money product
  • Diaper change and feeding timers
  • Air quality sensors
  • The presence of additional functions: display, night light, play lullabies
  • Possibility of two-way communication
  • No temperature sensor
  • Small screen

#3 iBaby Monitor M6T

iBaby Monitor M6T

Another cool model with an Internet connection – iBaby M6T, differs from all previously announced leaders in the ability to analyze the composition of the air in the baby’s room.

The unit is able to connect to dual-band Wi-Fi Internet and repeat about 1000 different audio recordings. Another “chip” is the projection of the starry sky.

The installed camera is capable of turning within 110° vertically, completely in a circle in the horizontal plane. To activate, you need the iBaby Care application, all existing additional options are here.

An excellent option for the device, subject to the compliance of the financial situation. Equipped with a convenient display that displays information about air temperature, charge level, and mounting method. A feature of this model of baby monitor is the presence of a touchpad and a monitor that controls the baby’s breathing.

Perhaps one of the best baby monitors with a long-range, characterized by versatility. There is a screen that shows the charge level indicator and volume control. The baby monitor can be used instead of a night light. Despite such bonuses, the price is affordable.

This model has two-way communication with the child, zoom, song playback, as well as temperature and humidity sensors.

The image in HD quality (720) is transmitted to the parent’s smartphone or tablet, you can monitor the child remotely via the Internet. The camera connects to a wireless network and holds a charge for a long time. If necessary, it is easy to adjust vertically and horizontally.

It should be noted the original and stylish design of the model, as well as good night vision, in which the camera recognizes objects at a distance of up to 6 meters.

The main feature of this model is the ability to record your voice (with an appeal to the child or a lullaby) so that the baby feels safe. You can check our review of iBaby M6T baby monitor here.

  • Baby monitor with breath monitor
  • High build quality
  • The night light turns on automatically when a baby’s cry is detected.
  • Multifunctionality
  • Has a vibration signal, convenient for hearing-impaired parents
  • The night light also has a starry sky projector, which is very popular with kids.
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Signal transmission range 650 meters
  • The operation of the children’s video recorder is only from the mains
  • Insufficient voice volume

#4 Motorola Baby Monitor VM855

Motorola Baby Monitor VM855

If you want to choose a digital baby monitor with advanced premium features, motorola baby monitor is one of the best options.

A good ratio of the cost of the device and its quality, the presence of many additional functions, and a high level of reliability – all can be obtained by purchasing. The device will also warn you if you go out of its range.

Such baby monitors help parents not only keep the baby calm but also control his breathing, which is especially important at night and during illness.

A good purchase for a caring mother will be this device, which offers a camera with a microphone as a transmitter, and a screen receiver. A distance of up to 300 m is allowed between these components, which is quite enough even for the most spacious modern apartment/house.

Of the innovations, it is worth noting the FHSS wireless technology, communication in both directions, turning on the VOX voice, and night shooting. The display diagonal is 2.4 inches, you can adjust the brightness, and volume, and turn on the network or battery.

The digital zoom has a rotary mechanism, and adjustable sensitivity, and is powered by the mains, and battery. Both blocks provide a desktop arrangement. Additions to the functionality – crying volume indicator, thermometer, notifications, night light. We have the Motorola VM855 baby smart monitor review here.

  • Ultra-precise camera
  • Unlimited working distance
  • Record video, and sound in the application
  • Large screen, clear image
  • The high-quality production of blocks
  • High-tech touch display
  • The camera rotates horizontally and vertically
  • Night vision up to 6 m
  • High-quality 720 HD image without interference and noise
  • Any gadget is used as a receiver (up to 4 devices are connected)
  • Works via the Internet and transmits data to anywhere in the world
  • Play lullabies and voice recording
  • There are no additional cameras included

#5 Project Nursery Smart Speaker with Alexa

Project Nursery Smart Speaker with Alexa

The range of this baby monitor is within the best parameters. So in open space, it reaches 333-350 m. Indoors, parents will be able to hear their child if they are at a distance of up to 50 m from him.

The baby monitor is quite comfortable to use, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. It also differs in that the block on the side of the parents can hold a charge for 24 hours.

This is due to the technologies that are used in the development of this device. An audible signal is used to alert parents.

The constant difference in this measurement is a well-thought-out design without sharp corners, unnecessary details, and protrusions.

The display has a protective coating against drops. Video and sound are transmitted in HD format, and an accurate picture is guaranteed by a camera with a CMOS matrix, ZOOM, and FHD (1080 Pixels) lens.

You can monitor the nursery on your phone or tablet thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. Remote control of the camera, it can be rotated, or tilted. The LLHR standard promises a clear image perception at a distance of up to 300 m.

  • The range of the baby monitor is large enough, which allows parents not to worry and move away from the child at a decent distance
  • The small dimensions of the device make it quite attractive and discreet, which is convenient enough not to spoil the overall interior of the room
  • Interference according to numerous user reviews practically does not appear
  • The battery is equipped with a battery with a high capacity, which maintains a charge for a sufficiently long period of time and does not require, accordingly, recharging
  • Most users note such positive characteristics of this product that there are practically no negative points

#6 Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Equipped with a 2-inch screen, digital zoom, feeding timer, and night illumination. An inexpensive and modern model operates on a Wi-Fi frequency of 2.4 GHz, transmitting clear and bright pictures to the receiver.

The parent unit is connected to the mains, but can also operate on Ni-MH 800 mAh batteries, which allows you to take it with you into the yard or move it from room to room.

The range in an open area is 200 m, but after passing a couple of walls, the signal deteriorates significantly. At night, infrared illumination works, transmitting an image at a distance of up to 5 meters. This is quite enough to sleep separately from the baby and monitor his well-being.

This “smart” nanny will inform mom in time about the decrease in temperature in the room, for which the built-in thermometer is responsible.

Another “bells and whistles” is considered to be a 1.8-inch LCD screen. It transmits an almost perfect picture if this is not prevented by a large number of extraneous devices and thick walls. The signal radius reaches up to 250 m in open areas or in a house with wooden partitions.

Communication with the child is ensured by two-way communication and remote control of the device – you can turn on a lullaby from another room.

The block has the ability to connect four cameras at the same time and monitor the state of the nursery from 4 positions.

A complete set, will cost a pretty penny, despite the low cost of the basic set. So it is better to use it in small rooms where you can get by with one camera.

  • 4 IR diodes provide night vision
  • Feeding timer
  • Sharp image
  • Works from a network and accumulators
  • Digital zoom allows you to enlarge the picture
  • The clarity of the picture is quite high – when you zoom in, you can see how the child breathes.
  • No clip for the parent unit
  • The only drawback of this model is the lack of fastening on the parent unit, because of which it cannot be hang on the belt, and it remains only to carry in your pocket

#7 invidyo WiFi Baby Monitor

invidyo WiFi Baby Monitor

Another worthwhile baby monitor with a 2-inch screen, songs, infrared night vision camera, zoom, and two-way communication.

The signal catches at a distance of up to 300 m (in the presence of concrete walls, the range reduces to 70-50 m) and transmits a color image, but, as the practice has shown, it is not very clear.

You can control the camera from the parent unit, including melodies that play simultaneously with the sounds of nature in the background. The angle of inclination of the lens is also remotely adjustable.

A more functional model. It has two-way communication, but the signal radius is only 50 m. The device has 8 lullabies programmed, and a thermometer monitors the temperature in the room. The transmission sound is clear and loud, the mother can address the baby and hear him, but within the frequency coverage.

At night, the camera turns on infrared vision and transmits the picture to parents in black and white. The block with the screen works from batteries and from a network. There is a wall mount for it in the kit, but it is not so easy to adapt it.

While using the baby monitor, there is an echo and slight noise, but they are not significant, and the picture quality does not suffer. Within the radius of the apartment, the device functions perfectly both day and night, but outside it, the connection is cut off.

The parent unit receives temperature measurement results and a sound signal when the battery is low. With the deterioration of lighting on the camera, night vision is automatically turned on, as well as a backlight-night light for the child.

  • Built-in 8 lullabies
  • Clear picture
  • Voice activation
  • The ability to capture photos
  • Two-way communication with loud sounds
  • Night vision
  • Difficult to attach to the wall
  • The battery drains quickly
  • Only works within a 50m radius

FAQ Alexa Baby Monitor

Following are the common questions asked about Alexa Baby Monitors.

How Does A Baby Monitor Work?

A. Knowing how the baby monitor works were very useful for our comparison test. This technological object works in a rather simple way.

The transmitter placed near the baby has a microphone that transmits sounds to the receiver. The latter is equipped with a loudspeaker (Alexa-enabled smart speaker) allowing you to hear the sounds emitted by the child.

Can Alexa Detect A Baby Crying?

A. Yes Alexa device can identify a child crying, a canine woofing, smoke and alarms, breaking glass, or even somebody hacking or wheezing.

Where To Buy Alexa Baby Monitor?

Looking to buy the Alexa Amazon Baby Monitor, you can check the price in the link below.


So, we have identified a few favorites, but, of course, there are many more good and high-quality models of baby monitors.

A family living in an apartment building should give preference to a baby monitor with the most stable connection. The 120-channel model is ideal for them, which will minimize the mutual influence of various wireless electronic devices, including neighboring ones.