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​​“It takes a village to raise a child.”
​​Consider Safe Baby Monitor as part of that village.
​​As parents ourselves, we understand how daunting parenting can be. Good thing Safe Baby Monitor is here to accompany you on this journey, making it an enjoyable and rewarding experience!
​​Safe Baby Monitor is the ultimate one-stop shop for your little one’s needs. We aim to empower all parents as they venture into all stages of building a family. From parenting advice, infant sleep training, baby care apps, baby essentials – and everything in between – Safe Baby Monitor is here to support and inspire you every step of the way.
​​You can rely on our team of experts, writers, and physicians to provide only the highest quality content and products designed to help you make smart parenting decisions. With Safe Baby Monitor, you can put your worries to rest because your baby’s health and safety are our top priorities.
​​Trust us when we say we’re the best parenting partners you could ever ask for.

Meet Our ‘Momspirational’ Author

Julia Tanaka 
Family health expert, consultant, content creator, author and editor of a publishing company
“Can you see the ‘certified mommy-writer’ badge etched all over me? Let me show you.”
A little sneak peek into my life 
A happy and proud mom of two, I am no stranger to the whole parenting ride. Trust me, I know exactly all aspects of it – both the good and the bad. And having gone through the joys and struggles of raising kids, I know that having someone or a community to count on can make a huge difference. It can lift your worries and help make you feel that sense of belongingness. 
And that’s where I’m directing my mission – to use my background in research and writing to create a family-friendly sphere where parents can share, seek advice from, and connect with other parents. And I’m glad I get to do that here at Safe Baby Monitor. 

Where my passion began

I started creating blog posts and social media content dedicated to expecting moms eight years ago. I graduated from Harvard Center for Developing Child. Being a first-time mom at that time, I initially just wanted an outlet as I was feeling so lost; not really sure if I was doing anything right for my little one.
It started as a hobby until I realized I could use my talent for words for a far greater purpose. So I decided to become a professional family health expert and parenting consultant. I specialize in baby’s health and safety as I believe these are crucial in the first few years of your little one. Not to mention how thinking your kid could be in danger is the number one worry of any parent. 
Aside from writing content, I also conduct in-depth research about baby products and parenting practices. Nothing has been more fulfilling than helping people develop a beautiful family of their own that fosters trust and happiness. After all, we at Safe Baby Monitor believe that it is our duty to make sure the next generations are as healthy and holistically well as they can ever be. 

What I do during my ‘me-time’

Some might be surprised but yes, I make sure to enjoy my alone time despite the busy schedule! I like hiking, swimming, or just about any sports activity that lets me sweat all my stress out. Besides, you got to have that stamina and energy when chasing your toddlers.
Sometimes, my “me-time” also turns into a “time with mini-me”. I never complain because all of us in the family have one thing in common – we all love nature! A quick walk on the beach or camping in the forest has been our own family therapy. 

Quick advice to all parents

Parenting can be challenging – there’s no denying that. But if you can find a guiding light in a world of sleepless nights, diapers, and crying newborns, giving your baby the best of everything is not far-fetched. 
The first step is to find a reliable store for all your baby’s needs, as well as a hub of valuable information about parenting and baby care.
Good news? You no longer have to look! 
Every product and app listed here at Safe Baby Monitor has been under grueling testing and reviewing processes with your baby’s safety in mind. The blog posts we release are also research-backed with the right mix of real experiences from real parents. 
Here at Safe Baby Monitor, we’re willing to do the heavy lifting so you won’t have to!